January 5, 2019

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    Mezametara Chikashitsu!? – Chapter 110.5

    Glare Albert and Gai walked over to Felice. “Are you two going away for work now?” (Felice) “Yeah, we are going to catch a kidnapper.” (Bernardo) “We have experience in this, so we couldn’t keep sitting in silence.” (Carlotta) “I see… you know, Shelly-san’s family has also been kidnapped.” (Felice) “”Shelly-san?”” (Bernardo & Carlotta) “She’s […] More

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    Heroine of the Broken Engagement – Chapter 25

    Noisy. While doing that, Dante knocked on the door and called out inside. “… It’s Dante, Rishell-sama would like to speak with the three.” The door opened and a palace guard came out. “Ha. Understood. Would you like to clear out the place?” Even though you say that, there’s only you inside, right? “… Yeah, […] More