Akuyaku Reijou ni Nanka Narimasen – Chapter 65.5

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Rosarin’s day off. 
“Jend, which way!?”

“Probably that way! I feel something unpleasant over there!”

I ran through the gloomy forest earnestly. Although Kou is not with us, there were no monsters attacking us on the way. The forest was silent, which is strange.

Having an idea, I activated the communication magic tool.

“Forced start. Target: Dirk, Curtis. Maximum volume, ringtone activate!”

A piercing bell noise resounded through the forest. There are no doubts about the direction now. Moreover, it doesn’t seem to be too far.

“Ringtone stop. Forced call.”

“W, what!? Is it broken?”

I heard a panicking Curtis and the sounds made by swords.

“It’s not broken.”

“Curtis, I might not be able to hold on anymore. I heard an angel’s voice. I wanted to see Rosarin for one last time…”

“Nono, I am the real deal, alright? Rather, what? What angel? Is my voice supposed to be the angel?”

“The help is arriving so do your best! Show Rosarin your cool side!”


“I will save you right away, so hold on tightly, Darling!”
“… Yeah!”

When we joined up with Dirk and others, it was quite the melee. Dirk and Curtis were standing back to back, completely surrounded. This looks certainly like something that would prompt you to try escaping from the reality.

I activated the magic I prepared in advance.

“”Purification of Greenery!””

The Knights flappingly fell to the ground. Dirk and Curtis too, had wounds all over their bodies.


“Ah~ I am fine. They are not fatal wounds. Just some grazes.”

Although he said that, I exercised healing magic. His wounds certainly are trivial, but his fatigue is terrible.

“Rosarin, me too~”

I also cast healing magic on the dead tired Curtis. Curtis was in the similar condition too. For the trained two to be this exhausted…

“Curtis, did your intuition not tell you anything?”

“… I felt something, but I felt it should be alright~ It might be because you were unexpectedly close by. If not, we would be in serious trouble.”

“By the way, how long were you fighting for?”

“About five… hours?”

Seriously? Dirk’s stomach rumbled loudly. First of all, I handed the two my share of baked sweets and then I spoke to Jend.

“Jend, do you still have the unpleasant feeling?”

“Yea. That way.”

Dirk and others were apparently notified of a monster plague and they went to deal with it early in the morning. A large number of monsters with mushrooms attached to them appeared, and when they were about to defeat them all, their comrades got infected with the mushrooms too…

“Their blank gazes were scary and although they had troubles walking in a straight line, they were bizarrely strong…”

“Moreover, there were so many yet it’s not like we could cut them down…”

Apparently, just when they thought all the doors were closed, I came.

“Oneechan, something is coming!”

Jend showed me the way and I ran.
Uge, Rudolf-san is there too. Monsters in large numbers as well.

“Jend, defeat the monsters! Stop them from approaching Dirk, Curtis, and the Knights!”

We cannot keep dealing with the small fries. I searched for the source of the magical power.

“A, agaaaah!?”

The monsters and Knights that had mushrooms attached to them all begun to suffer at the same time.

“Ah~ test, test. Rosarin, can you hear me?”


He was probably borrowing the wavelength of my magical power.

“Yeah. Glad you could recognize me. I was too bored at the other side, so I tried intervening the mushrooms, and I succeeded.”

What a cheat. He apparently snatched the hegemony from the curse.

“The curse’s source should be nearby. These seem to be the last ones who got cursed. Do your best.”

“Roger. Thanks. I will make as many of your favorite sweets as you like tomorrow.”

“Yay. I am looking forward to it.”

Now then, I have to find the source. I promptly got rid of the mushrooms in the surroundings with the purification and searched for the presence in the surroundings.

“Oneechan, over there.”

“Rosarin, there.”

The monster the super-intuition two pointed at was a fully mushroom monster.


I could see something around the mushroom. Chains? A type of a curse, perhaps?

“Alissa, can you undo those?”

“Probably can!”

With Alissa’s light, the chains vanished. Then, the mushroom crumbled and turned into a mole. No, that’s huge! It’s a bear-sized mole! A mole monster… don’t exist, so a Beastman?

“I am saveeeeed! You are my lifesaver~!”

The Mole-san which had round and cute eyes burst into tears. N? What is this about?

According to Mole-san, Mole-san is an Earth Spirit, who got cursed while taking a nap. His magical power was sucked, and he was left only with the curse spreading through his body. He couldn’t even let a voice out. Even while crying for help, the magical power from his tears wasn’t spared and he was turned into a mushroom. S, so pitiable… what a horrible curse…


“N~ let’s have this mushroom examined by the Magic Institute. Mole-san, I am sorry but we will have to bring you along as a witness. Don’t worry, we won’t treat you poorly.”

Dirk smiled at me. He wrapped a mushroom in the sealing cloth. I also collected one just in case. I should bring it to Jiisama to examine.

Mole-kun bowed his head to Dirk.

“Yesss, I have to apologize to everyone for causing trouble.”

Unfortunately, Mole-kun didn’t remember anything about the culprit who cursed him.

When we returned to the hill, the monsters were cleanly dismantled. Ordo and Sui apparently judged that there was no more danger.

We had a barbecue once again. We decided to treat the Knights who were working since early in the morning as well. I earnestly made the preparations, the children helped me, and Kou was grilling.

I, who got tired from cooking or whatever fell asleep like a log on Dirk’s lap and before I noticed, I was back at home.

I spoke to Elder brother who didn’t know anything after he returned from the school.

“Niisama, I went for a picnic with the children today.”

“Did you have fun?”

“Yes. It was a picnic until halfway. Halfway in, it changed into hunting and barbecue, then we were attacked by mushroom monsters, and then we saved people from the Knights order.”

“Is that really a smiling matter!?”

Truly. My heart fell at ease from Elder brother’s interjection.
It was supposed to be my day off, but I got exhausted more than usual for some reason.

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