Akuyaku Reijou ni Nanka Narimasen – Chapter 67.5

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Mole-san, Princes, and Dirk.
The next day, I took a break from assisting Father with his work. It would be better to not go for the time being. It cannot be helped, but I want to see Dirk! My blissful mofumofu lovey-dovey timeee! While thinking such, I handed over the lunch boxes for Father, Elder brother, Arc, Dirk, and Holy Beast-sama.

While on a casual walk, I arrived before Yggdrasil. Someone was taking a siesta… no, sleeping in late? on the soft and fluffy first floor of the Yggdrasil.

It was Totoro.
There’s a real-life Totoro. I noticed that Haku resembled him quite a lot. If you replaced his brown color with grey, he would be exactly like him!

I decided to ask Elder brother fenced and hedged tunnel passages in the surroundings of the Yggdrasil when he returns.

While having such stupid delusions, Rabisha-chan who stood behind me before I noticed called out to me. Her ninja skills have improved…! I didn’t hear her footsteps at all!

“Rosarin-sama, you have visitors.”


“It’s Prince Aldin and Prince Alphage.”

“Ah~ it was no good then.”

“What was?”

I told her about my conversation with Aldin-sama. Rabisha-chan tilted her head.

“Should I drive them away?”

“Nono, it’s fine! Your feelings are enough!”

“If they are to trouble Rosarin-sama, I shall do my best even if the opponent is a Prince, you know?”

“It’s fine! Thank you very much! Ah, could you prepare a tea, please? Milk tea would be nice today. Rabisha-chan’s teas are the most delicious after all.”

“I will bring it immediately.”

Rabisha-chan quietly disappeared. And then, when I arrived at the parlor, she waited there with perfect tea and tea cakes she prepared. A ninja…
While feeling shaken up by my personal maid’s steady improvement in her ninja skills, I went to deal with the troublesome visitors.


“Sorry, it was not possible. I will give up on the treehouse, so let me play with Jend at the very least.”

A compromise plan from the very beginning, huh. I believed it would be an impossible feat, so I don’t really mind.

“Well, it’s because I told him it’s not possible. Let me take a look.”

I thought so. This black-belly. Hey, don’t be deceiving Aldin-sama. You are not kindhearted enough, older brother. Is it because he’s the main culprit? Is it because he’s holding back his kindness? Because it’s only natural to follow him like this?

“I have a present you will be pleased with, Rosarin.”

“Oh my, what might it be?”

“Come in.”

The person who entered the parlor was… wearing a Knight uniform, moreover, not the usual simplified one, but covering his entire body, my darling, Dirk-sama!!

Let’s explain! On the ordinary missions, Knights are able to dress informally, except the trousers. They have coats too, but they generally have freedom over their attire. Being able to move freely is of great importance. On the other hand, they dress in full uniforms during the parades or when they are guarding at an evening party. They are rather rare uniforms that are difficult to move in.
By the way, when Dirk wears that uniform… he looks like a Prince. My very Prince!

“Good job, Alphage-sama!! Dirk, you look so cool my heart aches! My, I feel so blessed! Ah, please hug me later! Please!”

“Ehhh? W, what? What’s the matter, Rosarin?”

“Thank you very much for this wonderful present! Whether it be the treehouse or anything else, please help yourself!”

“No, I certainly aimed for this, but… honestly, I didn’t think it would work this well.”

“You are amazing, Elder brother.”

“A, ahahahaha.”

Alphage-sama took a step back, which is unusual for him. No, it’s because I had a shortage of Dirk recently, probably.
Incidentally, Curtis came too. He looked like a proper person.




Joining hands with Dirk, I was in a good mood.

“I will warn you just in case, but please keep quiet about anything you see in this mansion.”

“You mean to keep it secret? Well, sure.”

“Indeed. We have arrived.”

“This… is…”

“Our prided treehouse (probably).”

Totoro… not, Haku who slept here a while ago has already moved somewhere else.

“What a beautiful tree! This is my first time seeing one like this. There really are rooms within this tree? How amusing!”

Aldin-sama laughed innocently. It’s good being honest.


Jend descended from the third floor.

“Jend, you cannot be jumping down.”

“I’m sorry~ Have you come to play, Aldin?”

“Y, yeah… you have become able to talk? I’m glad.”

“Ah, yes. I saved Oneechan from being stabbed by a bad guy and became able to talk again.”


The princes looked at me in silence. I averted my eyes.

“Let’s play, Aldin!”

Jend took Aldin-sama’s hand and broke into a run. His tail was wagging in high spirits. Ah, Aldin-sama got scared by the trampoline.

“… Rosarin.” (Alphage)

“Yes.” (Rosarin)

“If my eyes are not playing tricks on me, wouldn’t that be Yggdrasil?” (Alphage)

I replied honestly to Alphage-sama whose face was cramping.

“It’s our family’s prided Yggdrasil-san. It’s a good child who drops fruit into my hands when I get thirsty.” (Rosarin)

“Didn’t you refuse it about three years ago, though? Did you accept it in the end?” (Dirk)

“… This is the result of me being half-asleep and getting played by Sui. This one is the result of the Elven Forest’s Chief-sama and Yggdrasil’s kindness.” (Rosarin)

“… I got it for the most part.” (Dirk)

“You did well understanding from that explanation. Is this the power of love?” (Curtis)

“Wha, fo-!” (Dirk)

Dirk panicked from being teased by Curtis. Today’s Dirk is adorable as well.

“The Elven Chief is really nice to Rosarin and she has saved the Elven Forest’s Yggdrasil, so would this Yggdrasil be something like its offshoot?” (Alphage)

“Correct. Alpage-sama, since you took the trouble to come, let’s play. You don’t want to just stand and watch, do you? I’m wearing a dress, so I will restrain myself. Nex, Ordo, Mary! We have guests, come and play with them!”


“… (nod).”

“Here I go~”


Alphage-sama was swept away by Ordo. Ah, he was dropped onto the trampoline from the second floor.

“Wha, hey, wait.”



Jend and Aldin-sama whose excitement was maxed out have not noticed Alphage-sama.

“Fu, fuha, ahaha.”

Alphage-sama also dropped his serious act and began playing. Myyy, they played. Until they have used up all of their strength.
As a result of the games I have proposed, such as Statues, hide-and-seek, the children were all taking a nap on the first floor.

“I will be going ahead.”

Holding Alphage-sama in his arms, Curtis left the mansion first. How considerate.



We hugged tightly and exchanged a kiss. How lonesome. I unconsciously caught his sleeve.

“Sometimes, I would like you to say ‘have a good day’ instead of ‘good-bye’.”

“… Have a good day, my beloved husband.”

Standing on tiptoes, I kissed him once more.

“Ah, I, I am off.”

He bit his tongue. As expected of Dirk. He wouldn’t miss it.

“Fuha, ahahaha.”

“Yup, just you laugh like that. My wife.”

Smiling gently, Dirk left with Aldin-sama in his arms.

Oy, what was that just now. He always rejects calling me wife, doesn’t he? Moreover, that gentle, adult-like smile of his.
This was my first time seeing something like that. My heart is aching. My face feels hot.

“He got me…”

I was about to pass out from Dirk’s moe, but noticing that everyone in the mansion was looking at me with warm gazes, I shouted several seconds later.

It cannot be helped, Dirk is just too wonderful!

It, it cannot be helped since I like him! I love him, alright!! I made an excuse in my mind.

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