Akuyaku Reijou ni Nanka Narimasen – Chapter 67

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Mole-san, Princes, and Dirk.
When I returned to the Prime Minister’s office, the people there were startled. Well, anyone would be startled if you brought a huge mole with you.

“Ojousama, throw it away.”

“Why are you making it sound as if I had picked him up!?”




“I, I didn’t pick him up…”


“H, he settled down with us.”

“… Ojousama.”

“Uwaaan! I’m sorry, okay! But, Haku has become my spirit! I had no choice!”


Having no choice, I spoke about the happenings on my day off.

“Ojousama, somehow… isn’t there something on you that attracts trouble? Something like this wouldn’t normally happen on a picnic.”

“I also intended to have a normal picnic…”

“I am sorry… it’s because I was cursedd. Please don’t blame Rosarin-samaa. Rosarin-sama has not done anything wrongg.”

Haku prostrated himself again. He started weeping.

“I implore youu. Rosarin-sama is not at faultt. It’s all because of mee.”

“Arc made him cry.”


“Yep, it was Arc.”

“Aaaahh geez! I got it! It’s not your fault! Don’t mind it! Ojousama, bring Haku and return to the mansion. Introduce him to everyone.”

“I should do that…”

It appears that there are quite a few departments who want to borrow me because of a talent shortage. It might be better to not come to the castle for a while.

While having such a conversation, the inopportune Aldin-sama came.

“Rosarin! I heard you made a treehouse recently!”

He’s quite quick-eared… however, can that thing at our house be considered a tree house?

“Ah~ well… we have something like that.”

“I want to see it!”


There’s no benefit for me, but it’s a good thing for Jend that Aldin-sama gets along with him as his friend.

“Fine, but I have conditions.”

“What is it?”

“Select a few guards. Being too showy is out of the question. Prince Alphage must not be coming with you.”

“… Elder brother, huh.”

This condition will be difficult to fulfill. Aldin-sama might not be able to escape from the black-bellied one.

“I have my reasons for that. The children we look after at our house have been treated horribly by the male nobles, so you who is a friend of Jend aside, they would feel uncomfortable around Alphage-sama.”

“… I will do my best.”

“All right.”

“And so, this huge mole is?”

“My new spirit.”

“… I see. That’s quite a strange spirit again. Are you collecting heretics?”

“I am often asked that by Holy Beast-sama, but that’s not the case.”

After that exchange, I immediately returned home.

When I returned, Elder brother was startled. However, Elder brother apologized to Haku who was apologizing on the floor for startling him. Elder brother is kindhearted.

Our spirits have greeted him too.

“I thought it would turn out like this. Best regards.”

“Your name is similar to mine. Mine’s apparently from pearls though. Regards!”

“Let’s get along.”

While Sui, Hal, and Kou were greeting Haku, I noticed that Alissa was acting weird.

“… Mama, Haku is still cursed. Alissa will do my best, I want to cure him.”

That’s something Alissa would say. I brought the Magchelia from my room.

“Mama, pour your magical power into the Magchelia.”

We were dispelling the curse from Haku. I only thought such as I earnestly poured my magical power into the Magchelia. The Magchelia encircled Haku and touched his chest.

“Ehh!? Is the curse perhaps-!?”

There was a sign of something breaking.

“Hafu~ it was a success, Mama!”

Praise me, praise me! I patted Alissa who embraced me. How cute.


Haku’s appearances suddenly withered and changed into a form of malnourished, about 190cm tall youth. Haku traced his chest many times.

“The slave crestt… disappearedd.”

Although more or less prohibited in Christia, slavery exists in foreign countries. The slaves have a curse called slave crest engraved on their bodies, which apparently even prevents them from committing suicide. This is only what I heard from Jiisama, so I don’t know the details.

“You were a slave, Haku?”

“Yess, I was a slave in Wolfaneaa. I was a slave since the day I was bornn. My parents have passed away, so I don’t know how I became a slave thoughh.”

“I see. Now that your slave crest vanished, you are my spirit and a friend. Using -sama is prohibited! Call me Rosarin.”

“Ehhh!? Thathathat’s impossiblee! Rosarin-sama, you are an important person, aren’t youu!?”

“Nope. No way. Even if it’s not possible now, do your best.”

“Y, yess…”

Finally, I decided to treat Haku as one of our own.

“Yummy, it’s deliciouss.”

Haku ate so much I was wondering where he was storing it in that thin body of his. I thought he might overeat and throw up as Jend did, so I stopped him before it became a problem.

“You will have a meal tomorrow as well. Don’t force yourself to eat.”

“Yess… thank you very muchh…”

“Incidentally, what were you eating up until now?”

“I hunted suitable monsters to eat while my Master wasn’t paying attention.”

“… We won’t be treating you like that here, okay?”

Gator was at his usual. At least cook it first! Raw meat is not tasty! He shouted. Anyhow, I decided to spoil Haku until he gains some weight.

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