Akuyaku Reijou ni Nanka Narimasen – Chapter 68.5

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A maiden’s heart and honest feelings.
“The way you speak is unfair. I also want to hold your hand. It’s just that you were so cool I didn’t know what to do, so I only wanted to reorganize myself.”

Dirk squatted down. What is it? What’s wrong?

“You are so cute it’s painful…”

Today is quite a day, isn’t it? Did I say something strange again? I just said that I was troubled, no?
For the time being, I waited for Dirk to calm down.

We have then arrived at my favorite general store. They have cute small articles and accessories. I was way too excited, but feeling that Dirk wasn’t too comfortable. However, just when I decided to finish shopping quickly, the uncle who works here as the shopkeeper called out to me.

“Yo, long time no see, Missy.”


“Being so dressed up, are you on a date with your boyfriend?”

“… Yes.”

Dirk apparently looks like my boyfriend! I did it! Thank you so much, Rabisha-chan! I made a guts pose in my mind.
I smiled cheerfully while feeling bashful.

“Bro, you are on a precious date. Why don’t you show your adorable girlfriend how resourceful you are!”

“Bo, boyfriend…!”

Dirk’s tail stood erect as he smiled joyfully. Because of our age difference, we usually don’t look like a couple to others unless we deceive them with magic. Uncle, you are too good at business.
Dirk picked a few hair clips and showed them to me.

“… Ah, this one is cute.”

Dirk chose a cute hairclip with a Lily of the valley motif. It could be surely used even with my current hairstyle. A swaying Lily of the valley has an elegance. Dirk quickly finished the purchase and put it into my hair.

“Yup, it’s cute.”

His satisfied smile was an expression that I was greatly used to.

“You have become able to smile a lot, Dirk.”

There were many things he was bewildered about at first. Yup, mostly because of me. Since when he became able to laugh like this?

“… You think so? It’s probably true. Many things have happened after I met you, Rosarin… every day is fun now, after all.”

Just like before, his lips loosened. Having fun every day is a good thing.




We had lunch and decided to go to the weapon’s shop, but I felt pain in my ankles.
I was compensating for my height with high heels, so my feet got sore. Well, I thought of enduring and healing the injury later, but I was embraced all of sudden.


“Are you hurting somewhere? I smell blood.”

I, it’s the Princess Carry! In public, you know!? Dirk was looking at me worriedly. Gyaaaa! His face is too close! I will die of embarrassment!! I know that this is not the time for this, but my heart is racing…!

“M, my feet…”

When I somehow managed to squeeze my voice out, Dirk spread his jacket on the park’s bench and sat me down. He took off my shoes and socks. Then, he frowned.

“Why have you endured until it became like this?”

Uge. Both the shoes and socks are bloodstained.

“Well, I thought of healing it after arriving at the weapon’s shop.”

“You are always like this.”

Dirk dropped his head on my lap. I felt that he was angry, but when he raised his head, he lifted me up again and carried me to a shoe store.

“She has injured her feet. Please find proper shoes for her. Do you sell socks as well?”

“Y, yes! Right away!”

The shoe store’s uncle brought back several shoes and socks in a hurry. Dirk lowered me on a chair. The sensible uncle brought us a wetted towel. Dirk received it from him.


“U, umm, I can do it myself…”

“I will do it. Stay still. I will lick the blood myself if you don’t stay still?”

“It’s all you, please!”

Sensing that Dirk was being serious, I presented my feet. The injuries have already healed.Ugh… it tickles. So embarrassing! He carefully wiped off the blood and put on the socks on my feet. Dirk then tried the inspected the shoes and chose what he thought would be the most comfortable for me.
Well, this has already turned into a game of shame. I was desperately pinning my skirt down so it wouldn’t roll up.

The shoes Dirk chose were low-heeled pumps of the same color as my dress. Dirk quickly finished the purchase, took my hand and started walking.

“Umm, the money…”

“Let me pay for at least this much. I am your boyfriend after all. Besides, you make me a lunch every single day.”

Dirk seemed to be having fun, so I gratefully accepted without throwing cold water on him.




We arrived at the flower garden in the outskirts of the town. I proposed here three years ago, didn’t I?

“I have something to talk to you about, Rosarin. Could you cast a camouflage and soundproofing barriers around the surroundings?”


I erected the barriers without asking. Dirk kneeled and hugged me tightly. His embrace was like he was trying to hang onto me.

“Tell me everything.”


“You are always like this. You endure on your own and only give.”

“No, I am not such a nice person…”

“I have been given so much by you, that I cannot ever return the favor. I am currently happy only thanks to you. You have matched me with Curtis for my sake, I even know that you have supplied provisions to the Knights Order. And that something is stirring up. Therefore, involve me. Don’t conceal it. No matter what happens, I will be on your side for the rest of our lives.”


I informed Dirk of the present situation derived from Rin’s knowledge and Rosalia’s predictions without concealing anything.
And, since my weakness is most definitely Dirk, I asked him to always accept what I give him for self-defense.

“Got it.”

I talked about many difficult things, so Dirk was brooding over them. At this critical moment, I was observing him. His eyelashes are so long…

“N? Wha!”

He seems to have been startled by the distance that has closed between us. When our eyes met, my heart started racing again…

“W, what is it?”

“Nothing, I was just observing you.”

“Why observing? Oh well, I don’t mind though.”


Dirk who sat down cross-legged placed me on top of his lap.

“Look as much as you want?”

Don’t be unreasonable! Too close, too close, too close!! Please stop rubbing your cheek against mine! I will die of embarrassment!

“A, auu…”

“Rosarin, you are always cute but you are the cutest today… did something happen?”

Seeing the fascinated Dirk, I prepared myself. Certainly, usually, it’s me who is clinging to the other. It’s me who made him uneasy though. He asked me to not conceal things from him.

“The last time, you told me to laugh, but even though I was feeling lonely, I became so happy before I realized and then you called me your wife… because it sounded like it would be only natural for me to marry you, I felt like my heart was being tightly squeezed. We haven’t been able to meet so often recently, I was so lonely and wanted to see you so much… then, after seeing you in a while, I realized how much I love you and got embarrassed… I am no good. I feel embarrassed even now. Dirk, I love you so hopelessly much…”

Dirk-san yo, why have you frozen up even though I tried so hard. I, I am defeated.

“Ah~ gee, this is a foul play! How much do you have to play me to be satisfied! Even though you are normally such a cute bully, your destructive power is way too incredible when you get obediently adorable!! My heart is not able to take it!!”

I tried to hear his heart. Ahh, it’s racing fast just as mine is.


“I also love you, my wife. I have decided, you know?”


“I will pamper you since you are not able to treasure yourself. I will spoil you rotten, so you better prepare for it, okay?”

The impishly winking Dirk seemed cute yet manly… I was debating whether Dirk was trying to kill me with moe.

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