Akuyaku Reijou ni Nanka Narimasen – Chapter 68

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A maiden’s heart and honest feelings.
I have not met Dirk for a few days after I nearly died from his cuteness.

I have a shortage of Dirk. However, I can’t go to the castle… the officials are still persistent. Holy Beast-sama comes over to play, so I have plenty of mofumofu, but I don’t have enough of Dirk. I send letters with his lunch box, so that’s the only way we communicate. He’s very busy, but still replies to my letters. I can’t be selfish, though. When I enter the school, I won’t be able to see him once again.

I read Dirk’s letter. He invited me for a date during his day off tomorrow!
I can see him!

I had Rabisha-chan deliver a reply of my acknowledgment right away.




The next day. I sensed that Rabisha-chan not only made a progress in the way of ninjas but also in her maid duties.
The pretty girl Rosarin has become even cut… no, prettier. I made sure I look more like an adult, so Dirk won’t feel uncomfortable even if I stand by his side! My hair is done neatly in an adult-like hairstyle. I am also dressed in a calming, wine-colored one-piece dress.

“Thank you, Rabisha-chan! You have done a wonderful job!”

“Rosarin-sama originally looks good, after all. You look dreamy.”


My skirt danced gently as I turned around. We are meeting after a while, so I am totally delighted.

I saw Dirk outside the window. He was fidgeting at the entrance… he looks like a puppy waiting for his master.


Ugh, I was laughed at by Martha. I understand that I should have been waiting in my room until he arrived. But, but I want to see him as soon as possible! Even though we saw each other every single day, we have only exchanged letters for the past week, you know? I don’t think I can help it.

Simultaneously with a knock, the door opened.

“Hello, Rosarin.”

“Ah, hello…”

Eh? Oh my? Even though I intended to hug you, I won’t be able to move if you smile so gently at me.

“Ah, if you’d like… I, I was told flowers are necessary for a date.”

It was bouquet consisting of Riccar flowers and Suzuran (lily of the valley). He properly understands my preferences. Dirk handed me the bouquet bashfully. I clumsily accepted the flowers.

“Thank you…”

No, be happier, me! I am so happy my reaction is not showing up! Uaaaah, moreover, this bouquet is the love call from Dirk!

“You don’t like them?”

Dirk was dejected from the lack of my reaction. I denied in panic.

“That’s not it! I am so happy I don’t know what to do… I am very, very happy. Thank you, Dirk. I will look after them carefully.”

When I raised my face in order to somehow convey my joy, I grinned and showed a smile.

N? Dirk averted his face while blocking his mouth and giggling. Martha and Rabisha-chan were giggling too? Eh? Did I say something strange?

“You are too cute, Rosarin…”

“Ojousama… how lovely you are…”

“Ojousama… adorable…”

“Y, you are wrong! G, geeez! Arrange the flowers for me! Dirk, let’s go!”

I am uncertain what they are wrong about, but feeling too embarrassed, I grabbed Dirk’s hand and left the house behind.




Several minutes after going to the town… it felt awkward. We basically met every single day up until now, so I should have a lot to say since we have not met for this long, but I don’t know what to talk about.

“You look beautiful today, Rosarin.”


“Ah, no… you are always cute, but you look pretty and adult-like today… it makes my heart race.”

“T, thank you…”

Rather, it’s me whose heart is racing! A lot of time should have passed since then, by I have yet to recover from the damage inflicted upon me when Dirk called me “Wife” the last time.


Dirk asked with a worried tone… awawawawa, stop it! D, don’t look into my face right now…!


“Eh? Your face is so red, are you not feeling well, Rosarin?”

“I feel good. S, somehow, my heart is racing… don’t look at me… please.”

I was so embarrassed tears formed at the corner of my eyes. Dirk’s face also turned red as he froze in place.

“Cu, cute…”

Wha, Dirk-san, I asked you to not look, so why are you staring!? You have licked the tears that trickled down!? You did what!?

“Ah… stop it…”

Moreover, again… even though I have not done anything this time, his pheromones have-! I can’t resist! My body is growing weak! I’m dying! I’m going to die from a heart ruptureee!!




“Ugh… Dirk, you bully.”

After that, I was thoroughly bullied and felt dead tired. On the contrary, Dirk was jolly. He was in a good mood as demonstrated by his wagging tail.

“You are cute, but did something happen? Rosarin.”

“I also don’t understand it well.”

I have no confidence I could explain it properly. These emotions are beyond my control. The cue was surely Dirk’s remark. Imagining my future with the gentle him, I get strangely delighted… not good. I’m going to shout if I think about it any more. I’m about to fire in a strange voice.
Escaping from my thoughts, I looked at our joined hands. Trying to slip my hand out because I was bothered by the sweat, my hand was gripped even more tightly instead.

“No way. I want to hold hands.”


“Do you dislike it?”

His facial expressions have become so grown-up before I noticed. Even though he still should be a youth, a young man… Dirk has certainly grown up into a man.

“I don’t. You are unfair, Dirk.”


Dirk who tilted his head to the side was the usual, cute him. I felt relieved by this gesture I was used to.

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