Akuyaku Reijou ni Nanka Narimasen – Chapter 81

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Cheating and shopping date.
The day after the Country Foundation Festival, Dirk had a day off so we decided to go on a date.

Dirk in civilian clothes is so cool! I was frolicking. It was all normal up to here, but…



“I smell another man on you.”

“… Excuse me?”

Struck with an idea, I recalled Jess after a short time.

“… I, I only mofued him.”

“… Who?”

“A Beastman child named Jess whom I played with after getting lost at the festival.”

“… Child? From the smell, he was probably of age…”

“He looked about thirteen… I think.”

Dirk smiled. His eyes weren’t smiling at all, though. He lifted me up and we returned back to my room. He casually opened the door with a key!

He pushed me down on the bed and I recalled the mofumofu incident with Mole-san. I wonder why I can’t learn!

“Rosarin, look here.”


“I know that you love patting Beastmen. But, what if I did the same thing?”

“The same… thing.”

I imagined Dirk patting and mofuing Rabisha-chan.

“… That’s cheating, isn’t it? And I have also cheated this time, didn’t I? I am sorry.”

“I can tell that you only patted him this time. But I dislike even that. I will Beastify whenever you want, so please mofu only me. This might be partially impossible, but… to say the truth, I don’t want you touching Sacred Beast-sama either.”

Dirk grieved without showing anger. I did something really terrible, I reflected from the bottom of my heart. I didn’t reflect much after his licking assault the last time, but I should not be making Dirk this sad.

“… No matter how much I want to pat and mofu, I will do it only to you from now on. I will endure. Please take care of me if I get mofumofu addiction.”

“… Really?”

Dirk opened his eyes wide in shock.

“If it makes you this sad, then I will endure. I wasn’t thinking before.”


Dirk hugged me tightly in delight. When I patted his tail that coiled around my legs, Dirk stiffened.


“I don’t deny that I was at fault this time, but you will let me mofu you enough to pay for other people’s share, right?”

“Y, yeah…”

The bashful Dirk looked like a maiden.

“Your tail in its entirety too, right?”

“Yea… eh!? T, the tail is…”

“No good?”

“I… I will preserve. So don’t touch other people.”

As I received his commitment, I somewhat felt like a bad guy.
I am at fault this time, right? To still let me take advantage of the situation, I really believe that I found a virtuous lover.

“Dirk, where’s my punishment?”


“Those at fault ought to get punished.”

“… Eh? I mean, you are reflecting and also promised me not to do it again.”

His way of thinking is obviously sound. A great difference from me who got mad at him the last time.

“Is there nothing you want to do to me, or have me do? If it’s now, I will do anything you want?”

It seems that Dirk has guessed my intentions. He turned red and got flustered. I wonder what is he imagining?



“Let me lay on your lap.”

“Yes. Bare legs? Or as I am with the skirt?”

“As you are!”

I sat on the bed and beckoned Dirk.


Dirk placed his head on my lap, but he must have been uncomfortable as he was fidgeting. His ears and tail stood erect with nervousness. When I gently patted his head, he snuggled his tail up to me. When I patted his tail, it escaped then drew closer again.



“What kind of reward is this? So cute… I am in a bliss…”

Dirk smiled wryly at the entranced me. Dirk rose up and kissed me.

“Since we are having a date after a long time, shall we go?”

He tidied up my hair and took me out of the bed.

“We will still make it in time if we hurry up, huh.”

After confirming the time on the clock, Dirk lifted me up in his arms and jumped out of the window.

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