Akuyaku Reijou ni Nanka Narimasen – Chapter 83

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School and measurement.
Although I don’t have to participate in the basics lessons, I am attending today because of the body measurements, physical prowess + magical power measurement.

Earlier today, my height, weight and three sizes have been measured. I am 145cm tall. Weight is a secret. My breasts grew a little. Is this the result of breast enlargement exercises and massages?

Now then, time to measure my physical prowess and magical power. I changed into gym clothes and went to the gymnasium. The gym clothes are a white shirt and navy blue shorts.
Sprint, long jump, repetition of side hops, vertical jump, and forward bending were part of the physical prowess measurement. It was mostly similar to Rin’s world.



Yep. The contents were similar, but the Beastmen were out of the norm. The winners of the Olympics would roll away before them.
Now then, it’s almost time for me to do the sprint. It seems that Aldin-sama is running together with me.

“I won’t lose, alright!”

This is not a match, but now that I was told such, I want to win.

“Teacher, may people who are able to use magic utilize it?”

The timid woman… Mireille, who is the homeroom teacher of my class and unexpectedly also in charge of the sprint measurement replied.

“I don’t mind if you do, but you will have to be measured twice, one with the utilization of magic and one without.”

“I understand.”

“… Don’t use magic, alright?”

Tsk, he read me. I unwillingly took off the weight magic tools I was wearing. Ah~ my limbs feel so light. They looked just like wristbands, so Aldin-sama looked at them wonderingly. I gave them to Teacher to hold on, but because they were abnormally heavy, she nearly fell over. Aldin-sama who noticed that something wasn’t right, spoke to me.

“… Rosarin, what are those magic t ools?”

“Weights that help me with the efficiency of training. It’s 40kg for both hands and legs.”

“… T, that so?”

Aldin-sama has obviously stiffened. No, I don’t have much time to do muscle training, so I came up with this.

“Take your positions! Ready, go!”

While having carefree thoughts about the starting shout being the same, I passed by the finish line by a wide margin. As expected of Rosalia-san. Aldin-sama was teary-eyed. Moderation? Feeling pity for losers is a taboo and going lightly on him would be impolite? Certainly.

The homeroom teacher addressed me timidly.

“Umm, Miss Rosaria… was that magic, just now…”

“I have not used any?”

“………… Is that so?”

Why is the teacher making a complicated expression? By the way, if I used magic, even the people at the Olympics would find my numbers impossible.

“Rosarin, just what is your objective that you have turned out like this!?”

“These numbers are not possible for a Duke’s daughter!”

After the physical prowess measurement, I was being criticized by Aldin-sama and Miss Milfilia. Why is that?

“… My objective is to survive no matter what happens, I would say.”

My goal is to turn eighteen, get married to Dirk and spend a wonderful time with him until we die of old age.

“What are you intending to fight!?”

“In the first place, you are in a position to be protected, no!? This is ridiculous! I don’t understand your meaning behind tempering yourself!”

“… The truth is that tempering myself is my hobby. I want to find out my limits.”

If I am pushed to say, then this was Rosalia’s reasoning, but they have understood it. I was looked at with the eyes of disappointment. Why is that?

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