Akuyaku Reijou ni Nanka Narimasen – Chapter 84

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The Knights Order and me.
Because there are no classes today, I decided to go to the Knights Order. Since the Magic School has a teleportation room from which you can move to the Knights Order, Magic Institution and the Merchant’s Guild, there were many students gathering at the teleportation magic circle.
I have also lined up in the queue and teleported to the Knights Order.

I have safely arrived. I felt that I was being awfully stared at, but I did not mind it. I was given an armband of the Magic Institution and the apprentice knight clothes and was told to change. As expected, I couldn’t change in front of the opposite sex, so I called out to the knight in charge of the coaching.

“Excuse me…”

The knight stared at me for a little, but he promptly replied to me.

“Huh, Rosarin-san? What is the matter today?”

“I was dispatched by the school. Please treat me well.”

I bowed my head. Geh, the other students are beginning to change. Stop doing that in front of a girl. When I tried to explain in a panic that I would like to change in a different room, I got surrounded.

“Oh, Rosarin-chan. Were you doing well?”

“You have grown up~”

I got encircled by knights whom I was acquaintanced with and was strangely looked at by the surroundings. Greetings are good, but I would like to change. What do I do?

“You guys are so noisy~”

The one who came through the group of knights who were encircling me was… Hugh-san, if I am not mistaken. It’s a playboyish guy that is on good terms with Curtis. He was a capture target as well. He was not that liked… I think. I called him playboyish, but he would unexpectedly get serious in the relationship if captured, so he was a character that possessed a wholehearted gap… or at least he should. I have no confidence since I see him only as a playboyish character. He has silky brown hair and blue eyes. Anyhow, it’s of great help that he’s playboyish.

“Oh my, oh my, a sweet flower appeared in this filthy place…”

“You are of great help. Thank you. I want to change, do you have any other available rooms?”

“Before that, let’s cha- “I want to change, do you have any other available room?”



We smiled at each other in silence. The knack for conversations with this guy is to quickly shut him up before he can finish talking.

“If I guide you- “I will give you this cookie as thanks.”

I won’t let you say it, you know? I quickly handed him the cookie.

“… Why did you bring sweets?”

“I prepared them in case my fiancé gets hungry.”

Hugh-san guided me to a different room with his body trembling. His flabbergastation boiling point is low as ever. Just what was the boiling point, I wonder? I heard him giggling while holding his belly even now.

“We mainly ate lunches together, so one time when I heard an unthinkably loud grumble of his stomach… well, he must be starving now.”

“Stop it, my abs are going to explode…”

I finished changing after being guided by the disappointing playboyish knight to a different room. I did my hair into a ponytail.


I joined up with other students and received a simple explanation. Today, we will have a light training session, then a competition against the senior knights to have our strength measured.

First, the training.

“… Huh?”

There were about thirty students, but all of them were exhausted. I was, more or less, tired too, but I can still go on. Having a healthy body is wonderful.

“15 minutes break!”

Since we finally received a break, I decided to search for Dirk. The other knights were also resting. I used magic to create an illusion, erased my scent and sound, and stood behind Dirk. Just when I dispelled the illusion and was about to embrace Dirk from behind and ask him who it is…


Eh? Did I got exposed already?? Good on you, Dirk! Ah, Curtis was here too? When I grinned at him, Curtis returned a wry smile.

“Curtis, I want to see Rosarin…”


Huh? He just said my name coincidentally? I was not exposed? Curtis gestured, telling me to be quiet since it was an amusing situation.

“Yes, yes. Rosarin this, Rosarin that, why don’t you just go see her?”

“I don’t want to be disliked from being too obstinate. But, I want to see her. I want to hug her, sniff her scent… I want to pat her and get caressed… I don’t have enough of Rosarin.”

“Then go see her?”

“That’s… I can’t do that. She just started school, so she’s surely busy.”

“Then, it can’t be helped.”

“Ugh… but I want to see her. I want to be hugged.”

“… You want to be hugged? Isn’t it normally the other way around?”

“… In exchange for her promise to not mofumofu and touch others, I promised her that she can do whatever she wants with me, so the touching part would be probably done on me.”

“… You sold your body.”

“Yes… I wonder if I can endure having my tail touched…”


“The tail is an erogenous zone after all. Coiling your tail around someone you like and then having it touched… I can’t help but feel anxious. However, I am even more anxious about myself wanting to the tail touched. I can’t help but feel uneasy that my reason will escape and I will end up assaulting her.”

“… What about the person herself.”

“She told me that it would be good if I did as I liked.”

“Then, why don’t you do that?”

“As if I could! Besides, I am already guilty.”

Dirk hid his face from Curtis.

“Eh? At last?”

“The last time I drank too much…”

“… Ah~ that time? But, according to what Rosarin said, you did not go all the way, right?”

“I did not but it was completely bad! I thought they were just my wild delusions, but it was all real!”

“… Just how far did you go?”

“Ah… err.”

“As expected, you better not tell him that.”

Dirk turned around like cogwheel and faced me.

“… Rosarin? Since when?”

“Just as I wanted to surprise you, you spoke my name so I got surprised instead. Additionally, Curtis gestured me to keep quiet since he found it amusing, so I was listening in to your conversation.”

“From where were you listening?”

“Since you said you wanted to see me.”

“Isn’t that nearly the beginning!”

The cuteness of Dirk with his teary eyes and red face is stable today as well.

“So, you want to hug and sniff my scent while patting me, right? Feel free to.”

I spread my hands wide and invited him. Huh? Is he not going to come today?

“A, auuuu.”

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