Akuyaku Reijou ni Nanka Narimasen – Chapter 85.5

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Knights, Spirits, and documents.
Reaching the point where they could take a break, the three knights collapsed on the desks in the room of the Knights Order headquarters.

“I recently don’t even have time to hit on girls… I wanna sleep.”

“I am exhausted~”

“We worked hard, didn’t we…”

“Thank you for your hard work~ here you go, tea and sweets.”

I was able to deal with the documents quickly, so I served tea. The sweets were given to me by the Head Chef of the Knights Order whom I am on good terms with, so they are freshly baked. I cheekily put aside some for Dirk’s unit too.

“””How are you so energetic!”””


“I’m going to hit you.”

“Owowow! I am sorry for being cheeky!”

I received Adeil-san’s rockhard blow. It was painful…

“Isn’t it because I only get myself captured and then I observe the post process?”

“Rather than that, what the hell is that! Rosarin-chan’s encounter ratio! You normally wouldn’t arrest criminals so easily, okay!”


Rin also has some kind of Revelation. A revelation that makes me feel uncomfortable when I come across troublemakers or something.

“Curtis, Hugh, Adeil. Write up today’s report please.”

My beloved darling has arrived, but this timing might not be good.

“… You write it, Dirk.”


“Noooo! Even though I thought it already endeeed!!”

Adeil-san has gone mad!? Does he hate documents that much!? Dirk took the documents on the desk in his hands.

“… Did you catch someone after that aga… the bandits’ slave trader!? Eeeeh!?”


“Rosarin, you can’t be this rash! Can’t be helped. I will write down the main points, so sign it for me. Rosarin, explain.”

Dirk thought that this was caused by my rashness and decided to help. I might be rash, but these accidents don’t occur because of me. But, rather than troubling Dirk, I can… signing it wouldn’t be possible, but I can at least write the report, no? I saw how it’s done, so it should be all right!

“Can’t I write it myself and have Adeil-san or someone sign it? I witnessed the events myself, wouldn’t it be better for a related party to write the report anyway?

”Can you do it?”

“I am, more or less, the ex-secretary of the Prime Minister.”


“Although I was only a temporary help since I was three, I did write all kinds of documents before, so I will be fine.”


The three knights were shocked… while being reminded that Curtis also didn’t know where I worked before, I promptly wrote the report. Dirk has kindly explained to me the little details of writing a report. Umu, it turned out well. I handed over the documents to Adeil-san.

“… It’s perfect. You did it better than Curtis and Hugh ever did.”

Adeil-san, you are casually belittling Curtis and Hugh-san, you know?

“I would like to simplify these documents. I will make a draft and make a request to Father.”

“… How?”

“Mainly filling the blanks and circling the crimes. If the crime is missing, make a field to write in the details. A column for the date and time of arrest, and a place for the full name of the one who filled the document…”

It’s a bit rough, but I made a simple draft. This should be fine as a foundation. I handed the draft over to Adeil-san. He swiftly checked it.

“… You are a genius! Well done, Rosarin-chan! I will talk it over with Commander!”

“Eh? I’d like to make it more carefully then… wha, so fast!”

Adeil-san swiftly left the room. Wasn’t he tired?

“You are great, Rosarin-chan.

“I knew you had a good head on your shoulders, but it’s funny how beyond that the truth goes.”

“Hugh-san aside, what do you mean by funny, Curtis! You are making a big mistake if you think that I will forgive you for everything!”

And thus I have begun chasing after Curtis, but Curtis collided with the son of Marquis Roswayde and the two of us got scolded.
Moreover, Adeil-san returned at that time and,

“Rosarin-chan is amazing but disappointing at the same time, huh.”

I was told such. Elevating then dropping someone’s feelings is fundamental, right! I see now.


Then, Hugh-san who got revived burst into laughter.
Dirk soothed the son of Marquis Roswayde with a wry smile.

Like this, my second day at the Knights Order has ended.
Author’s notice:
I added this here because I didn’t know where to put it.

In fact, all of Rosarin’s spirits would die without Rosarin’s interference. Incidentally, the script would go like this:

Kou ⇒ subjugated by Dirk

Hal, Sui, Alissa ⇒ Several years later, Hal and Sui would die from magical power deficiency after using the Magchelia to help the weakening Yggdrasil who was reaching its limit to the curse. Magchelia who was used to help Yggdrasil would wither away. Alissa who was born from the Magchelia would wither away together with it.

Actually, Rin did see their graveyards in the Elven Village in game, but because their tombstones said “Nameless heroes rest here” she was not aware of this.

Haku ⇒ Overcome with the curse and died to magical power deficiency. The curse remained and the cursed mushroom would appear again according to the script, but they would appear in a different town, not near the Capital, so that’s why Rin didn’t notice this.

Additionally, the future of these characters was changed:

Jend ⇒ The abused Jend who had a distrust of humans avoided living in a brothel.
Lumia ⇒ Avoided passing away from overworking herself.

More info about the Hero will be coming soon.

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