Akuyaku Reijou ni Nanka Narimasen – Chapter 85

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Knights, Spirits, and documents.
Today, I went from school to the Knights Order too. I moved via the teleporting magic circle. Today, I am already wearing the Knights Order’s clothes. When everyone gathered, we were given an explanation of today’s plans. Training in the morning, and divided into certain posts to patrol in the afternoon. I trained normally in the morning and then I got to know at the lunch that Dirk will be participating in the patrolling as well.
I thought I would be making rounds with Dirk, but…

“No, I guess this is your fate.”

“Curtis, you will meet with a bad ending if you don’t speak truthfully.”

“These are the results of Hugh winning the Knight’s dormitory’s poker tournament! I spoke truthfully so please don’t strangle me!”

“Oh my, my, ufufu. Best regards then.”

I will be patrolling together with Curtis, Hugh-san, and Adeil-san. As for why Dirk is not joining us, I know that very well. Dirk is the type that easily expresses himself, so poker must be his weak point. He’s also very honest, so he probably can’t even bring himself to cheat.

Adeil-san is a capture target too. His tone is elder sister-ish, but his personality is manly. He was quite a beloved character. He is a great noble who finds dealing with women that woo him troublesome and looks like Hugh-san’s elder twin brother. It’s on such level I would think they are twins unless told otherwise. In contrast with Hugh-san’s brown hair, his is black with a pink mesh, he wears a proper make-up and his nails are done nicely… I feel outmatched in the feminity department, you know? His nickname was Fake Sissy Knight.


Aldin = Stupid-dono
Alphage = Malicious-sama
Curtis = Sillydog
Elder brother = Easy Ru
Hugh = Playboy Knight
Adeil = Fake Sissy Knight
Jend = Yandere Shota

The nicknames of the capture targets are seriously no good! Especially Jend’s! The variety is good, but there are no decent men, huh! Approximately an hour passed during my administrative thinking.
While I was thinking such, Adeil-san spoke to me.

“Make sure to tell me if Hugh does something to you, okay? I will end him.”

“Thank you very much. I appreciate your consideration. I will certainly consult with you when troubled.”

“Leave it to me. Are you fine with strangulation?”

“Most definitely!”

“Eh? Did I just receive advance notice on my murder?”

As I thought, everything except your tone is manly about you, Adeil-san. Curtis is laughing too much. I replied to Hugh-san that he won’t be ended if he behaves obediently. With the tension untied, we went to make our rounds.




Today’s patrol route was the main shopping district of the outskirts with a relatively good public order.

“Rosarin-chan, Hal-kun came the other day and carried my baggage. This is my thanks, okay?”

“Ou, Rosarin-chan. Sui has fixed my shelves the other day. A gift for you, take it.”

“Ah, it’s Rosarin~ is Kou not with you today? You see, Kou got angry at a bully for me!”

“Rosarin-san, Alissa-chan has cured my illness the other day… thank you.”

My spirits are apparently hard workers. While walking through the shopping district, both of my hands got filled with gifts. Additionally, they got plenty of information too. Once my spirits return, I intend to ask them in detail. Let’s praise them all.

“Err, Rosarin-chan was a lady from the Ducal household… right?”


“Aren’t you too familiar with them?”

“I am aiming to become the lady of commoners.”

“… I now understand that you are weird.”

Curtis and Hugh-san burst into laughter. Isn’t that just fine, though? I am following the etiquette properly. Storing the gifts into my high-capacity bag, I inquired for more information from the townspeople.




First and foremost. Kidnappings have been apparently happening recently.

“Shall I be the bait?”
“No hesitation whatsoever, huh.”

“Fishing is my specialty.”



With the illusion magic, I changed my human ears into Rabisha-chan’s. Then, I coweringly entered the back alley…

My head was covered with a bag and I was struck with lightning magic. Owow. One would normally faint, but I didn’t because of my earrings’ effect.

There were many girls in a hideout-ish place I was taken to. About fifteen. They were not restricted. Before long, one of them called out to me.

“Are you okay?”

“Yep, thank you for your concern.”

I confirmed the surroundings. Is this an abandoned house? The presences I feel… there are about thirty in total. Just in case, I erected a soundproofing barrier.


“Fumu, you called?”

Buoyantly, Darkness-sama appeared. I thought the girls would scream, but they froze in place.

“Please put everyone except the people in this room to sleep.”

“Fumu. Leave it to me. That’s an easy task.”

“Now then, Curtis~”

When I activated the communication tool, I promptly got a reply.

“I’m here~”

“I have secured the kidnapped girls. There are about fifteen girls here, can you get a carriage or something? Borrow one and let’s get back to the Capital. The bandits won’t wake up until the morning.”

“Roger that.”

“Thank you very much, Darkness-sama. Your greatness precedes you.”

“Umu, umu. Something like this is an easy task for me. You may call me again.”

“T, thank you very much.”

“Th, thank you very much for saving us.”

“I, I only did what Rosarin has asked of me. W, well, I shall accept your gratitude.”

Darkness-sama, you were a tsundere? It seems that he was bashful from getting caught in the gratitude of the girls.
I opened the door and walked out. The girls must have made up their resolves as they followed after me. When we left from the building, Curtis, Hugh-san, and Adeil-san were waiting for us.

They skillfully led the girls onto the carriage.

“Now then, Rosarin-chan and I will report to the Knights Order to report. I will have you two stand here on the lookout, Curtis, Hugh.”

“Ah, that’s fine with me.”


“You were quick, Dirk.”

“You can’t do something dangerous as acting as bai- “We already caught them.”

When I tehepero’d, Dirk crumbled down.

“Are you okay?”

“You work too fast!”

Ah, the knights whom Dirk was grouped up with followed after him too, I see. They are exhausted. I’m sorry about that. I elevated their fatigue with recovery magic.

“I have contacted DIrk with the communication magic tool.”

“This thing is truly convenient~ isn’t it?”

“I wonder if it could pass the equipment application.”

While having such a conversation, the diligent knights tied up the bandits.

“Umm, they won’t wake up no matter what we do…”

I explained the situation to the bewildered Mr. Knight.

After that, we joined up with Dirk’s unit and also arrested the slave trader who planned to buy the girls from the bandits.
We returned to the Knights Order, we did a report, finished the protocols, etc… so knights don’t do only the arresting, huh.
I have learned.

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