Akuyaku Reijou ni Nanka Narimasen – Chapter 95.5

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Mind and heart don’t match.
“… Eh?”

Seriously? This readily?? What was I worrying about?

“When did you notice, Rosarin?”


“That I was an assassin and spy from Wolfanea.”

“Ah, before we met.”

“… Eh?”

In fact, I suspected that Curtis Blanc was Wolfanea’s spy and an assassin even before I met him.
Everyone might not already remember, but Rosalia’s third destruction ending was caused by having the tables turned on her. It was a Knight that gallantly appeared before the heroine whom Rosalia tried to kill, but… the three, Curtis, Adeil, and Hugh help the heroine roughly similarly. Rin thought that the game omitted some crucial details, but it she found it strange when thinking about it carefully. Even with Curtis’ Super Intuition, would he be able to save the heroine if he wasn’t nearby? The answer is no.
On top of that, in the ending, the heroine escapes with the Knights to Wolfanea to live happily ever after. I thought the heroine came from Wolfanea, but she did not live in the castle, but in a hut in the forest.

Isn’t that strange?

Normally, you would live in the town, no? There are swarms of monsters in the forest, you know? What is scarier than monsters? Rosalia had an answer to that.

Curtis, Adeil, and Hugh were spies and assassins from Wolfanea. That’s why they were aware that I wanted to kill the heroine they were so close with. Rosalia-san, your way of thinking is scary. In other words, Adeil, Hugh, and Curtis are companions.

“I knew, but your Super Intuition is convenient, so I approached you wanting to find out how involved you were.”

“… If it’s you, you could have caught me much earlier, no?”

“Yeah. I miscalculated. We got along too much and I wasn’t able to stop.”

I said with tears dripping down my cheeks. Curtis was startled and clumsily wiped my tears. That hurt, you idiot.

“I also miscalculated. It’s my first time not being able to kill.”

“What do you intend to do with Adeil-san and Hugh-san?”

“N~ they will probably come soon. If you disappear, the Knights will cause a ruckus, after all.”


“We are already here.”

“Sorry, Rosarin-chan.”

The armed Adeil-san and Hugh-san rushed towards me.

“Dirk! Curtis, don’t get involved!”

Dirk who was apparently lurking in the ceiling jumped down. I called out instinctively in surprise. I did not feel his presence, you know!? Dirk is supposed to be a Knight, right? He is not a Ninja, right?
Curtis seemed dissatisfied with my instructions.


“I am poor at holding back!”

Curtis lost his nerve. Of course, I knew that and wasn’t able to retort. Unlike us, who were fooling around, Dirk who was capable at his work captured Hugh-san in no time. I tied him up so he wouldn’t be able to escape.

“Tch, ah~ geez, if you want to kill me, then do as you please!!”

Sensing the situation, Adeil-san laid down on the floor.

“Then, I won’t decline.”

I swung a knife and destroyed Adeil-san’s wig.

“Just kidding.”

“Stop making fun of me and quickly put an end to this!”

Feeling afraid, Adeil-san cried.

“Eh? Why?”

“… Hah?”

The group of assassins stared at me. Dirk replied while laughing.

“No, killing you would be too wasteful. We are going to work you hard until you die.”

“… Wha?”

“That being the case, Curtis, persuade them.”

“Why me!? Rosarin would be able to win them over easily, right!?”

“Eh? Are you challenging me to find out how far a body can bend? What a novel kind of torture.”

“Which ears of yours heard me say that!?”

Adeil-san was teary-eyed. Ahaha, how desperate. Dirk was smiling bitterly.

“It’s fine, I will heal them afterward.”
“You don’t know the meaning of the word ‘fine’!! Don’t say it’s fine just because you can heal us!”

Myyy, as one would expect of Adeil-san’s tsukkomi. He nicely tore off the big sis skin.

“Now then, Adeil-san, let’s make a deal. In exchange for saving your and Hugh-san’s life, I want your information and labor.”

“You are telling me to sell the others?”

“Curtis is already on my side, so there won’t be a difference if you sell them out or not. It’s only a problem of labor.”

“Let’s me think… I’m good, so Hugh… and Curtis -”Don’t be unreasonable. Adeil-san… if I kill you, Hugh will definitely turn into an avenger and come to kill me.”

“… Naturally.”

The tied up Hugh replied. The union of these twins is strong.

“I will do something about your situation if you work hard, so won’t you do as I say? Curtis, you also want to stay with the two if possible, right?”

“Yeah. Adeil, Hugh, is it no good? I consider the two of you my older brothers. If possible, I don’t want you two to die.”

The two made eye contact and nodded.

“Rosarin… what do we have to do for you to trust us?”

“… We will obey you. Is that fine?”

I smiled sweetly at the twins.

“First of all, please give me information on the traitor. I have a grasp on the situation to a degree, but give me any information that might have escaped me. I won’t let you sleep tonight!”


“So lively…”

The twins hung their heads down. Dirk unfastened the rope around Hugh.

“… Is this fine?”

“Rosarin trusts you. I also consider Curtis, Adeil, and you to be my friends… I am glad that you don’t have to die.”

“… I am, we are enemies who betrayed you, you know that, right?”

“… I knew all along. I heard from Rosarin. Still, the time we spent together wasn’t a lie. You three had protected me from the guys who bullied me, I don’t want you to disappear.”

“You will go through a horrible experience when we deceive you.”

“But, rather than doubting you, I want to believe. Even if you deceive me, even if I am going to suffer, I won’t regret since I made the decision myself.”

Dirk smiled gently. I fell in love again! As expected of my angel!
I nonchalantly grasped his hand. Huh… it’s wet… blood!

“Dirk! Blood!”

“Ah… because I was enduring jumping down. Rosarin, don’t do unreasonable. I will punish you for today.”

“A, au… I think Curtis is at fault this time.”

I healed his hand and wiped the blood off while resisting in vain.

“You got kidnapped on purpose, did you not? You had leeway to use the transmission tool, after all.”

“Yeah, she was conscious when I took her. So you were doing something like that?”

“Suddenly activating that magic tool, do you know how anxious I was… you are way too rash…”

Dirk hugged me tightly. I sincerely apologize for the recurring events. Then I nonchalantly mofued him. His ears are so soft.

“… I am sorry.”

“Are you really reflecting!? Stop touching my ears!”

“I am sorry! I am reflecting, but I can’t endure the charm of your fluffy ears!”


I apologized earnestly to the angry Dirk. Curtis, Adeil, and Hugh laughed.

And then I heard that Adeil and Hugh were considered missing too after going to search for me, and the Knights Order was doing a large-scale search…

“Say that earlieeer!!”

First of all, I struck Adeil and Hugh’s heads, and everyone decided to dash back to the Knights Order.
I decided to keep silent about the true happenings of the incident when I returned home, and got scolded as usual. Although I couldn’t say the truth, I got super scolded because I caused everyone to worry.

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