Akuyaku Reijou ni Nanka Narimasen – Chapter 95

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Mind and heart don’t match. 
Once upon a time, Rin heard from someone that even if the mind understands, the heart might not accept it. Rin was wondering about that since she thought that reality is a reality.
At present, she can believe those words.




I approached him knowing about it from the very beginning.
—But it might be different now—

A lot of evidence has come out.
—No, let’s investigate for a little longer… a different truth may come out—

I have no doubts. That fellow is my enemy.
—You are wrong, that fellow is my friend—

I told Dirk to not trust him too much.
—And yet, I can’t doubt him myself—




I want to believe. I want to believe in him. But, only intel that tells he’s an enemy comes back. Not being able to handle the emotions, I could only cry to Dirk.

After that, I was able to calm down thanks to Dirk, but I still couldn’t accept my changing heart.

The reason I was sent to general affairs was the result of talking with Rudolf-san in advancement. It was unexpected that the work in general affairs was so absurd, but I had a leeway now.
With the help of the cacti, I was able to hunt the parade of muscleheads and appeal them to work. As a result, all of the organized paperwork could get a free pass during the check.
I put the papers on my desk. Those papers had the birthplaces of the knights written in them.

The door of the room opened. The dim room became bright.
He asked me what I was doing. I replied that I was filling out the documents. When he peeked into the documents… he smiled as if crying… a complex expression arose on his face.

When I tidied up the papers and was about to leave the room… he used his hand to chop at the back of my neck with no wasteful moves.
Normally, I would faint here, but thanks to my earrings, I only felt pain. Not telling him about the earrings was the right choice, it seems. When I pretended to faint… he… Curtis Blanc kidnapped me.




Before long, I was laid on a bed.

“You are awake, right? Rosarin.”

It appears that he noticed. I opened my eyes. It’s dark… is this some kind of a vacant house, perhaps? I don’t feel the presences of other people.

“When have you noticed?”

“About in the middle of carrying you. Strange, I have never failed in my job.”

Curtis restrained my mouth and swung a knife at me without hesitation. However, the knife did not reach me.

“… Why?”

Curtis’ trembling was transmitted to me. All this time, he had that smiling while crying expression.

“… Why don’t you resist!? Why do I have to kill you!?”

Curtis shouted while panicking. He swung his knife at me for the second and third time, but he was hopelessly inaccurate.


At last, the knife dropped from his hand. I extended my hands towards his cheeks and securely fixed him in place.




Then, I head-butted him with all of my might.

“The reason you can’t kill me, that I don’t resist, is because I am your friend!! You fooool!! You are not an assassin anymore! You are Curtis! You idiooot!!”

“Frie… nds?”

Curtis showed a bewildered state.

“Dirk and I are your friends!”


“Do you think you could act normally around Dirk after killing me?”

“… I… couldn’t…”

“In that case! Quit being an assassin!”

“If I quit… just what should I…?”

“Become Curtis and just stay with us as a Knight! Choose us! Curtis!!”

“… Become Curtis?”

“I am telling you to abandon the Assassin’s Guild and stay with us! Please… don’t… make me kill you!!”

I yelled as if spitting blood. Knowing that Curtis is an assassin, a spy from Wolfanea, I still emotionally shouted that he’s my friend. Curtis can’t kill me and I am not able to kill him myself. At the present time, I am not able to point a knife at him.
I was thoroughly moved by Curtis who enjoyably ate the snacks he coaxed from me.


Curtis laughed. Not the smiling while crying one, but with his usual smile. No, okay, he says… huh?

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