Avoid the Death Route! – Chapter 34

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I became seven years old.
It is sudden, but I, Victoria has become seven years old.
Two more years left until the Otome Game-like events are supposed to start.
Up until now, I was trying to smash the routes that would get me involved.
I can proudly declare that I have smashed the routes with our country’s princes, my elder brothers, and the Count’s second son.
However… as for the rest of routes, I am afraid to say that I wasn’t able to meet their respective capture targets, so I had to put them on hold.
Well, I am not worried about getting involved as we had not met, but… I don’t know where and when something is going to happen, right~
Even so!
Because the engagement didn’t happen in the first place, something like the breaking off the engagement absolutely won’t happen!
Even if the family gets ruined and we get exiled, I have reserves so we won’t have hardships living.
As for the assassination (by poison), I have all kinds of antidotes prepared.

“N~ what else could I do?”
(What are you worried about, Ria-chan?)

My pondering apparently appeared on my face.
Miria responded to my monologue.

“Just a little thing. It has not happened yet, but I was already thinking of the countermeasures~”
(Oh my, we will always be with you no matter what happens, so it’s fine!)
“Yeah, everyone is willing to help me, so I will be relying on you!”
(Fufu, you really are a cutie pie, Ria-chan~ It’s fine to rely on us more~)

I certainly have spirits that you could call overprotective around me, so it would be possible to utilize brute force on anything that slips through.
Well, in that case, I won’t have to be mindful of the nobility.

(Ria~ gimme snacks~)

At that moment, Luke who demanded snacks barged into the room.

(Geez, Luke.)
“Fufu. If you are fine with cookies, then you can eat these over here.”

Luke stuffed his cheeks with the cookies that were on the table.

(Ria, this is yummy!)
“Really? I am glad to hear that. These cookies are filled with lots of berries the little spirits that came over to play brought me as a gift.”
(That so?)

This time, Luke ate the cookie slowly as if trying to savor its taste.

(… Ah, are these berries from the Northern Forest? N? These seem to be from the Eastern Forest?)

Rather than savoring them, he was analyzing.
I would understand if he was a plant spirit, but I find it strange that a wind spirit like Luke is so knowledgeable about berries.
I mean, the existences known as spirits don’t have the need for food, after all~
The reason Luke demands food like this must be only because he likes to taste them.
Huh, wouldn’t it be strange for the little spirits to be so well-informed about food as well then?
The gifts are brought by spirit children of all attributes, after all.

“Luke seems to be, but are all spirits knowledgeable about berries and fruits?)
(N? Oh, I used to be interested in human eating habits in the past. That’s why I can distinguish between what you can and can’t eat. The pipsqueaks are probably able to choose berries and fruits to bring you as a gift for similar reasons.)
“Is that so?”

I see, by observing what humans do, the spirits are able to bring properly edible things as gifts.

(Say, Ria. Are you happy when they bring you berries and fruits like this?)
“N? I am, eating tasty foods makes me happy, you see? Being able to make snacks and eat together like this is also very nice~”
(Is that so? I will bring you something too then~)
“Luke, you can’t steal from stores or other people’s fields, okay?”
(I know that! I will get it properly from the forest! There are more berries and fruits deep in the forest where humans don’t approach than you can eat!)

I was worried a little, but it doesn’t seem like he will embark on the path of a thief, so I feel relieved.
Rather, with spirits around, wouldn’t I be able to eat without worries even if I get ruined without any money in my pockets?
At worst, a slow forest life route may be also nice~

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