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    Heroine of the Broken Engagement – Chapter 59

    Intermission – Certain Prince’s Recollection — Rishell’s Point of View — Rishell Viaveil. The name of this country’s second prince is well-known all over the country. Unlike the first prince Albert who is widely known for being useless and the first princess Lucretia who is famous as the Tragic Princess, his standing was recognized as […] More

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    Heroine of the Broken Engagement – Chapter 58

    Kissing. “… Oy, what are you guys talking abo… whoa.” Apparently, Lance who couldn’t endure being alone approached us and simply blatantly grimaced when he saw Rishell’s face. “What whoa, what are you whoa-ing for?” “Sorry, your smile was so dark I got startled.” Certainly, his maliciousness oozed out from his smile at the end. […] More

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    Heroine of the Broken Engagement – Chapter 57

    Riajuu. “… Eh? Eeeeeeeh!?” “You are too loud, Olga.” How could I keep calm!? I’m shocked by what you just told me! I heard about what happened after we sent Dante chasing after Eliza yesterday. … It appears that Dante somehow managed to find Eliza after we forcibly kicked him out of the classroom. Well, […] More

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    Heroine of the Broken Engagement – Chapter 50

    That’s heartless. What a heartless way of speaking. You don’t have to be this straightforward in telling me that I am dense. … I certainly do occasionally think that as well though! I am hurt when others say it though! “A, aren’t you way too terrible!?” “Not at all.” … This fellow replied immediately. You […] More

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    Heroine of the Broken Engagement – Chapter 49

    That’s a lie, right? “… First of all, don’t tell anyone about this… especially to Dante… also, please don’t ask Dante things like ‘Do you have someone you like?’ okay?” “… Yeah.” I left the school after given a warning. … Eliza, she strangely has a low self-esteem, doesn’t she? Did something happen to her […] More

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