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    Heroine of the Broken Engagement – Chapter 73

    Is this perhaps an event? What was Lance thinking!? At least use your hands to eat something like Macarons! While reprimanding Lance in my mind, I rudely walked inside the ballroom. … I should have walked in with this expression from the beginning. “What is going on, really…” Both Keith and Lance were acting strangely […] More

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    Heroine of the Broken Engagement – Chapter 70

    Intermission – A certain steward’s recollection Olga-sama was fifteen years old when I began working as a live-in steward of the Rifald Household. My family is of nobility, but because of a poor financial situation, I had no choice but to work. It cannot be helped since we were originally just a small Baron household. […] More

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    Heroine of the Broken Engagement – Chapter 69

    Too unexpected. “Lu, Lucretia…?” Rishell spoke, obviously at a loss of words. … I believe that I was the most confused one though. Even my voice doesn’t come out. Lucretia-sama silently started approaching me. … Lucretia-sama then vigorously hugged me, who was ready to put myself on guard. “”… Wha?”” My and Rishell’s voices splendidly […] More

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    Heroine of the Broken Engagement – Chapter 68

    Meeting the Princess. “… Eh? You must bring your little sister on the next ball…?” “Yeah, that’s right. She ought to looking for a marriage partner soon… although I believe that bringing her along would be impossible.” On a certain day off while I was idling at home, Rishell suddenly came over for a visit, […] More

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    Heroine of the Broken Engagement – Chapter 67

    Inquiring. Part 2 “… What is it? So suddenly.” This was Otousama’s reaction when I walked into his office in desperation and asked him: “Do you know about Celsior and Keith’s beloved?” Well, of course. He would certainly feel strange after being suddenly asked by his daughter about the little brother and the servant’s beloved. […] More

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    Heroine of the Broken Engagement – Chapter 62

    Questioning. Part 3 “… Haah.” For now, I heard Keith and Lance’s love circumstances. Apparently, the two don’t have girlfriends yet. They have a person they like though, so I feel somewhat relieved. Especially Lance, I think that I’m glad that he’s normal… … And so, the problem is Rishell. I can’t imagine that malicious […] More

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