Child Rearing Hero and Children of the Demon King – Chapter 47

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Not good, I thought.
As the days passed, the Princess continued assaulting Iric, while the mature beauty continued her violent attack of wanting me to hand over the children to her.
The investigation of the Demon King’s castle has progressed considerably and the Demon King’s death has been mostly confirmed, so I who was in my room thought that my work here was finished as well.
Therefore, I was in the process of leaving. Brining Iric and Ilya along, I was escaping from the Princess and the mature beauty today as well.

I did consult with His Majesty, but he muttered “Our daughter is already… like that, you know, what do I say, like that, so… “ quietly, he was speaking fondly of the mature beauty who became his wife though.

This country is done for, I thought. His Majesty is a good person, but there are many things going on. I had thoughts of escaping through the corridor at the edge of the castle and returning to my parents’ home, but it would become troublesome once I have returned.
That’s because the ones I am bringing along are the Demon King’s children. I don’t think I would be persecuted, but I would be beaten up.
Both my grandparents and parents are open-minded, but great-grandparents are scary in various ways.
They are master magicians, so they might want to experiment on the children. I would like to avoid that.

“… As I thought, we have to escape at night…”

There are many things to be scared of, but escaping first and guaranteeing the safety of the twins might be the best option.

“Are we going to escape, Onii~san?”

Ilya looked up at me with an innocent expression.

“Night fleeing! Great! I have never done that before!”

Iric was delighted for some reason.

“Yes. I would feel a bit sad if you did that before.”

If the Demon King’s children had experience in fleeing at night, I would be scared in a different kind of meaning.

“Sounds fun. How do we escape?”

Ilya was apparently excited too. She has grown tired of the mature beauty’s “Please become my adopted children.” attack, so she might not be in a mood to accompany her antics anymore.

“Let’s see… anyhow, there are many things to think about.”

Anyway, this is a castle. There are strong security precautions and a strict guard.
Breaking through the defenses wouldn’t be impossible for me who stormed the Demon King’s castle by himself, but I would like to avoid being a wanted man.
Therefore, I would like to slip out peacefully.

“… Is there no secret path or something?”

I wonder if there’s a royalty-only escape passage or something.
I want one to exist. I would like to stealthily escape from there.
Anyhow, I was tired.

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