Child Rearing Hero and Children of the Demon King – Chapter 48

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Just when I have begun seriously thinking of fleeing, I was summoned by His Majesty.

“The doubts of the Demon King’s death are lost. The monsters have become docile too. You did really well.”

The investigation must have finished. I smiled wryly.

“No, I haven’t done anything in particular, really.”

The Demon King fell to a disease on his own. Recalling the conversation we had, it left me with complicated feelings. I charged to the audience hall with a resolution of having a decisive battle, yet the Demon King lied on his throne, close to death.

“By the way, about adopting the children.”

Here it comes.

My body instantly stiffened. The mature beauty must have complained to His Majesty very hard. That she wants to adopt Iric. Now then, how do I refuse? The mature beauty = queen, so it would end if I escaped from here, but this is the audience hall. It would be extremely rude to escape after being called here by the King himself. I waited for His Majesty’s words while internally troubled.

“You apparently refused repeatedly.”

“…… Yes.”

“Could you please keep refusing like that? For Our sake.”

“Yes… yes?”

I asked again. His Majesty scratched his cheek with a cramped smile.

“It could get really troublesome if the number of our children increased now. Specifically, regarding the throne.”

Ahh, I see. The succession of the throne could turn into a disaster.

“It is like that, you know. Having a young bride alone is troublesome in many ways~ Just convincing the ministers was a bother. Accepting an adopted child on top of that would be… to be frank, We are having a headache.”

You are too honest, Your Majesty. I could only return a wry smile. His Majesty continued with a troubled smile.

“Having a child born the natural way would be good. We are a man as well. We will do something about that. If Our lovely wife really wants a child to love, then We shall do something about it. But, We have a feeling that she doesn’t feel that way towards that child.”

… So sharp.


“Nono, you don’t have to explain the circumstances to Us. It would be better to not ask the reason my monster wife is so attached to them. It would be better that way for you as well.”

He remained smiling. As expected of a nation’s King.

“… I am much grateful.”

I could only bow my head. He declared that he wouldn’t ask for our circumstances. He must have guessed that I have circumstances that I cannot speak about and top of that, he chose not to ask.

Even though they are the Demon King’s children. Existences that might be dangerous for the country.

“Even now, We trust you. You could have said that you defeated the Demon King yourself and yet you reported it honestly to a fault. I find that perfect honesty of yours lovely.”

His Majesty laughed impishly.

“Considering your abilities, We thought of making you the commander of the Imperial Guards, but… it would be better to not do that as well, no? You have children to raise after all. Twins at that. That is double the trouble.”

His Majesty said so plainly, but he seemed to be having fun.

“But, your happiness will be at least quadrupled.”

He said with a very gentle gaze.

Just when I exited from the audience hall, Aura came running over.

“Yuuya-san! Was everything all right?”

“Eh? Ahh, yes. There are no problems.”

She might be worried that I was being poked about the adoption. Aura then spoke in a low voice.

“Umm, I made a tool that would allow us to escape from the castle… it can move us while erasing our figures, sound, and presences. With this, we can flee at any time!”

That must be because I was worried about it recently. She, who is a genius at developing magic goods has created a tool that would allow us to flee. She probably made use of the castle’s laboratory.

“No, we won’t be escaping.”

There’s no need to anymore.


I smiled wryly at the blanked out Aura.

“When leaving the castle, we will grandly report it to His Majesty and leave.”
Because His Majesty will allow us to leave grandly.

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