Child Rearing Hero and Children of the Demon King – Chapter 49.5

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Run, run, run. The High Priest smiled wryly as the Yuuya ran past him.

“Ahh, she cannot catch up at all… they are so alike.”

His quiet, muttering voice wasn’t caught by anymore.

The twins the youth called Hero was carrying in his hands. The High Priest has noticed their true identity.
The little twins were the Demon King’s children.
The High Priest has also noticed the presence of the dark clouds floating above the two children.
Should he call his friends who moved to the countryside? They are probably worried about their grandchild.
When their grandchild embarked on the journey to defeat the Demon King, he could tell that it was their grandchild on the first glance.
Not being able to leave alone people in trouble, wanting to be of help, he really does have his and her blood, the High Priest thought.
The straightforward thinking of simply wanting to defeat the Demon King certainly comes from his blood.
Meeting many friends, borrowing strength from many people to arrive at the Demon King’s castle, he definitely comes from their lineage.
The Demon King’s children becoming attached to him is also definitely the work of his and her lineage.

He and she, they are people with warm personalities and also the owners of unthinkable strength and kindness. Since he’s their grandchild, the High Priest knew that the Hero was attached to the twins as well.

The Princess whose eyes looked like that of a carnivore stalking its prey passed in front of the eyes of the High Priest who was seeing Yuuya off.

“It might be better for them to run away as soon as possible…”

He muttered with a distant look.

First of all, I think I should consult with their companion who is at the research institute.
The girl the Hero came with is a magician and seems like someone with good ideas.
In order for the Hero to escape from the castle, I should also get advice from my friend, the master of the Thief’s Guild.
Ahh, but above all, I should contact him and her.

With a smile on his face, the High Priest walked to the research institute.
She should be working today as well. Just like her who was advising the magicians, the High Priest was a very busy person.
But still, for his and her grandchild, he will spare no effort.

Now then, let’s borrow a distance communication item.
I want to talk to him and her about various things in a long while.
It will surely become a long talk——and above all, it will be fun.

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