Child Rearing Hero and Children of the Demon King – Chapter 49.6

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The chief of the Thieves Guild who heard the circumstances burst into laughter.

“Ahh~ I see. That Princess would do something like that. Uhahahaha, the Demon King’s child is the Princess’ ideal man. How funny.”

The Chief of the Royal Research Institute massaged his temples.

“… The Princess is a troubling one. I think it would be better for them to escape as soon as possible. Well, I don’t think the boy would become a victim with that child protecting him, but… it’s better to not take any chances.”

The High Priest smiled wryly. He was in agreement with the opinion of his friends.

Before the boy becomes the Princess’ victim, they should leave the royal castle, the High Priest thought.

“Something turbulent is floating above the children.”
“Yeah, I heard. The Soul of the Great Demon King, right?”
“As expected of the children of a Demon and the incarnation of Death. How glad I am that they didn’t inherit their father’s constitution.”

They were aware of the children’s parents. They knew that their father had a very weak constitution too. They even knew who their mother was.

“Wouldn’t it be better for him to return to his home town before encountering difficulties in the Capital?”
“That would be for the best. Everyone is over there after all.”
“There is an opposition here after all. You could just teleport them over there.”

The countryside where the Hero’s home town is. However, that’s where the children’s mother is right now.
The Hero’s grandparents are there too, and the Hero’s Great-Grandmother would surely also come if the Hero returned.
All would be probably settled with that.

“It’s the countryside of the world’s strongest after all.”
“Why are you bringing that up? That place is the world’s most peaceful place.”

That’s because it’s the place where the Chief God and Mother God descended.

“Umu, as I thought, sending them to that place would be the fastest and most gentle way.”
“In that case, I will leave the arrangements of sending them back to you. I will speak with His Majesty myself.”
“I will arrange a secret path from the castle the Princess won’t find.”

The native-born big shots of the castle consulted each other without the Hero’s knowing.

“What’s the matter, Iric, Ilya?”
“Yep, I felt something strange.”
“I also felt something strange.”
“Something strange?”
“… Is it the Princess?”
“Nii~chan, I want to run away.”
“Onii~san, let’s escape.”
“A, alright, how about we escape to the practice grounds first.”
“I, I am going as well.”

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