GMs, QA Your Worlds First! – Chapter 2

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The Princess Rebellion (2)
Nier stared into a wall as the man she got to know through Amatiel’s memories was crushing her body in his arms.

Feeling her wet clothes the head of the nation drenched himself with his tears, Nier was completely at a loss for words.

Seeing Nier’s befuddled expression, the Guide did its best to explain.

(Camael Yu is known for his familial love. It is one of the traits the commoners really like about their Emperor.)

‘What do you mean familial love, this is a full-on case of sister complex!’


‘How am I supposed to cope with this situation?’

Seeing the twitching hand that was gradually forming a fist, the Guide quickly informed Nier of the next recommended step she should take.

(Because of her brother’s constant doting, Amatiel was known for being a spoiled little princess. Madam user’s next step should be…)

‘Don’t say it.’

(… To act cutely.)

‘I told you not to say it! Fuck!’

After another five minutes of sobbing beside her ears, Nier finally resolved herself to open her mouth.

“I, Imperial Brother… you are hurting Amatiel.”

Nier said cutely, the corners of her lips twitching.

“Ahh! I am sorry, my Amatiel! Servants! Call a doctor, quickly!”

“… You don’t need to-”

“What are you staring so blankly for! Hurry up!”

“Y, yes!”

The little maid Nier first saw when she woke up ran out of the room in a panic once again.

‘There are limits to a sister complex, no?’

Nier said in exhaustion. Her body hurt all over, she felt very weak, and now her clothes were wet from the tears some man she has never been in contact with shed upon her.

(According to this world’s information, many of the concubines the officials sent to the palace greatly resemble Emperor’s little sister. The most favored concubine, Imperial Consort Ning has been apparently picked up from the streets by the Emperor himself. She shares most of the features with Princess Amatiel.)

‘Please, make it stop.’

Nier prayed as an Imperial Doctor and a female nurse arrived.

“Your Imperial Majesty, Her Highness only needs to rest her body for a few days and she will be back to normal.”

“You did good Imperial Doctor Hu, reward!”

“Thank you for your grace, Your Imperial Majesty!”

Unlike the happy smile Camael showed, Nier was internally frowning. That’s because of what the Guide had informed her about.

(There’s a slow-acting poison currently acting in Madam user’s body. Although it’s a little difficult to detect, it’s not something an Imperial Doctor should be troubled with.)

‘So this Doctor Hu is one of theirs, huh. Well, at least we now know where to begin. Now, let’s hope that Princess Amatiel has at least one servant who genuinely cares for her.’

Nier spoke coldly in her mind while looking at the little servant girl by the door.

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