GMs, QA Your Worlds First! – Chapter 3

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The Princess Rebellion (3)
After seeing the teary-eyed Camael off, Nier who was left in her room by herself was pondering about the course of her next actions.

“I take it that you have no information that could help me skip the bothersome information gathering?”

(No, Madam user. Many information about the happenings of the world are deliberately omitted so that the users could use their own strengths to improve.)

“Why do I feel like not believing you?”

(I don’t know what you are talking about, Madam user.)


Nier said while thinking in her mind that the GMs were just lazy with the backstory.

“I will have to start with the little maid then… what was her name again?”

(Green-eyes, Madam user.)


(The little maid’s name is Green-eyes.)

“Excuse me?”

(Princess Amatiel suffered from severe distrust of people. After being betrayed by a favorite servant of hers, she started dismissing and renaming her servants on a whim. As a form of revenge.)

“No shit… but why Green-eyes? She doesn’t even have green eyes…”

(That should be something you can understand by going over Princess Amatiel’s memories, Madam user.)

“Yeah? Let’s see… hmm…… … I have nothing.”

(Really? If there truly isn’t anything then…)

“Are you saying she forgot why she named someone with eyes that resemble black pears, Green-eyes?”


“Fuck me… this Amatiel really was a stupid chick.”

After cursing the true owner of the body, Nier decided to call for the little servant girl.

“Have you called for me, Princess?”

“Yes, come, do my hair for me.”

“Right away, Princess.”

While having her hair combed, Nier inquired from Green-eyes while watching her reaction in the bronze mirror.

“Green-eyes, tell me, were you with me when I fell into the pond?”

Green-eyes’ hands suddenly stopped.

“You… you don’t remember Princess?”

“I do… but, not really. It’s hazy. Tell me what happened.”

Green-eyes resumed combing Nier’s hair as she spoke.

“It happened on the day Imperial Consort Ning held her weekly banquet. As Princess likes to attend every now and then, you were on your way over to her courtyard. As per usual, you met up with other concubines of His Imperial Majesty who were on their way and decided to join them. However, when you were walking over the pond’s bridge, Princess suddenly lost balance and fell over into the pond. Thankfully, there were many servants accompanying the concubines, so you were quickly pulled out.”

“Hmm… lost balance, huh. Is that how it truly was?”

The hands of Green-eyes stopped once more, large drops of tears suddenly started going down her cheeks as she bawled her heart out.

“No! It wasn’t! That’s only how the culprit wants everyone to think! With such force, there’s no way Princess could only lose balance! Someone has definitely used a lot of force to push Princess off!”

“Do you know who pushed me?”

“It could be anyone. I mean, all of the concubines you were with that day were in the camp of Imperial Consort Ning, who utterly despises you.”

‘Arg, fuck you, Amatiel. Like seriously…?’

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