GMs, QA Your Worlds First! – Chapter 4

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The Princess Rebellion (4)
‘Guide… can you tell me how this Amatiel could be this oblivious? Did she really think that all of her attendants acted of their own accord?’

(I am at a loss for words too…)

‘At any rate, I will have to deal with this poison in my body first or I will surely die the next time that foolish Camael comes over.’

After pondering for a while in silence, Nier spoke up.

“Alexa, I have a task for you.”

“Y, yes! … Alexa?”

Green-eyes looked at Nier in puzzlement.

“Yes, Alexa. You don’t like it? Too bad, that is your new name. However, if you want to keep that name for a little longer, you better not have any misgivings towards me.”

“Alexa… No, I like it very much, Princess! I swear to the Heavens that I won’t disappoint you!””

Seeing the eagerness on Green-eyes’ – Alexa’s face, the corners of Nier’s mouth lifted up.

“Good. I have a task for you then. Go and find me a capable commoner doctor from outside. No one must see you, no one must get to know the doctor’s identity, and most importantly, you must keep my identity secret from the doctor.”

“A commoner doctor from outside…”

“Go. Leave right away. Use this opportunity to prove your worth, Alexa.”

“Y, yes!”

After sending the little servant away, Nier was overtaken by drowsiness and fell asleep, only to be woken up by Alexa’s return a couple of hours later.

“M, mistress, I have brought the doctor.”

Alexa gently shook Nier awake.

“Mm… bring him inside.”

“Right away.”

Alexa went and brought the doctor inside, who started working immediately without asking any questions.

“This… please forgive my straightforwardness Madam, but you seem to have been poisoned.”

The doctor spoke timidly, albeit honestly, which was to Nier’s liking.

“Mhm, I know. Can you tell what it is?”

“I, it’s C, Cantarella…”

“Cantarella…? That sounds familiar…!”

Suddenly, the name of one of the legendary poisons Nier heard of only in books flashed in her mind.

“Doctor, you cannot joke about this. Are you sure that what I have been poisoned is Cantarella?”

“It’s still in the early stages, but I am certain.”

‘Guide! In what way is this a fucking tutorial? This body is poisoned with Cantarella! A fucking Cantarella, you know!?’

(No, that is not possible. According to the world information, Princess Amatiel indeed died of poisoning, but the poison definitely wasn’t Cantarella. It shouldn’t be possible. Unless…)

‘Unless what?’

(Unless it’s a foreign disturbance. Someone who doesn’t belong to this world intruded without an authorization. There are no reincarnated or transmigrated people as part of this world’s story, and although that person could have ended up here by mistake, they are still considered a bug that needs fixing.)

‘That is just great.’

Nier sighed and pinned her aching head. After a while, she confirmed her knowledge of Cantarella with the doctor.

“I take it that there’s no cure for Cantarella?”

“No… there’s no cure, but it can be slowed down quite easily.”

“Slowed down, huh… how long do I have, Doctor?”

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