GMs, QA Your Worlds First! – Chapter 5

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The Princess Rebellion (5)
“With a healthy body while religiously following the plan to slow down the poison… you would have about three to five years.”

“Three to five years… all right, tell me how to slow down the poison, Doctor.”

“As Madam’s body is still weak, I will write you two prescriptions that you will have to take twice a day. One for your current illness that Madam can stop taking after getting better and another for the Cantarella. Madam also must eat lots of fruit and vegetables. I also recommend taking daily baths and lots of exercises.”

“Mhm. I understand. You did good, Doctor. Alexa, help Doctor leave unnoticed, don’t forget to reward him graciously.”

“Y, yes, Mistress…”

Alexa responded disheartenedly clearly shaken up from what she just heard.
After making sure that Alexa left, Nier turned her attention to her Guide.

“Tell me, Guide. Will I still be able to clear the objective now that my death is certain? From what we know, Camael should crumble after hearing of Amatiel’s passing.”

(The objective should be possible to accomplish if Madam User manages to change Camael’s views. For example, you could try getting rid of his sister complex, or finding someone he would cherish more than you.)

“Both options are easier said than done…”

Nier massaged her aching glabella.

“Let’s put that matter aside for now. I should work on improving my body’s condition first.”

Nier said and went to sleep.

For the next week, Nier drank the medicine the commoner doctor has prescribed for her, she started eating much more fruit and vegetables while spending her days in bed, trying to nurse her body to its best possible condition.

After a week, when Nier began her exercises, Alexa brought in the breakfast.

“P, Princess!? What are you doing…?”

Alexa was startled by Nier who was sprawled on the ground in a weird pose.

“Hnn, this? This is Karnapidasana, a yoga posture.”

“Karnapa… yoga, is it?”

“Yes, it’s a type of exercise. Do you want to give it a try?”

“No, not really…”

Alexa looked at Nier in bewilderement. She believed that she would break her spine if she tried to replicate Nier’s pose.

Nier finished her morning yoga, took a towel from Alexa’s hands and sat down to eat the breakfast.

“Now then, what did you find out?”

Nier asked Alexa while munching on a mango.

“Yes, Imperial Consort Ning appears to be in a very good mood recently. She has been much more gracious towards the servants than before, there are even whispers that talk about how good of an Empress she would make.”

“As I thought, Imperial Consort Ning… huh…”

Nier looked outside the window, a malicious smile on her face.

‘Guide, I know that revenge wasn’t part of the objective, but that does not mean I can’t take one, right?’

(Yes, Madam User. As long as your actions don’t affect the correct flow of the world, you are free to do as you please.)

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