Isekai Yururi Kikou – Chapter 147

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Armored Buffaloes
「This is it」

The grassland of our objective was truly just within a stone’s throw away from the Capital. That’s because we reached our destination in less than an hour even without getting on Joule and others’ backs.
Rather, although they have no intentions of attacking, I feel that having a group of B-ranked monsters this close to a town would case a great ruckus…
Was there actually a ruckus and I just didn’t know about it? Well, it can’t be helped that I don’t know the things around here much~

“Oh, you are right. Erm… that’s about fifteen?”

A pitch black cows that were much thicker and larger than the cows I know of were greedily devouring the grass of the grassland.
We will be subjugating those cow now, but there is something I have to say first.

“Allen, Elena. The heads and backs of those fellows are extremely tough, so you mustn’t kick them there, all right?”
“”Got it~!””

When I cautioned the children to not kick the hard parts so their legs don’t hurt, the two returned cheerful replies.

“”Hmmm, hmmm~…””

Then, the two folded their arms and seemed to be pondering about something.

“Can kick the belly~?”
“Hmm? Yes, kicking near their bellies is fine.”
“That’s right, using magic would be good too.”

Allen and Elena each came up with methods of fighting the Armored Buffaloes.

“So, which will you use?”
“Haha, both, huh?”
“Let’s see~ Oniichan wants to fight too, so let’s try defeating each animal differently!”
“”Yeah, okay!””

That being the case, we divided the Armored Buffaloes between us and decided to defeat them.

“Allen, is first!”
“Ah~ not fair~ Elena is first too~”

Then, they began scrambling for the order, which is unusual for them.

It seems to have been caused by me when I said that “I will defeat five of them.”
They are apparently thinking that we will be taking turns instead of each defeating five while acting together.
But, I wouldn’t have to take my eyes off of the children with the former method, so I would be more thankful with that.

“Yesyes, stop! The Armored Buffaloes noticed us.”

As the two were quarreling “That one is Allen’s!” “That’s Elena’s!”, the Armored Buffaloes came rushing at us.

“Look, there’s two, so each of you take on one.”

The two immediately stopped and stared at the Armored Buffaloes merrily.

“By the way, have you already decided whether you will be using hand-to-hand combat or magic?”
“The two that are approaching are already relatively close, so both of you using magic when there’s someone beside you might be dangerous, no?”

I don’t think the two would attack each other even by a mistake, but when I tried asking just in case, the two raised their voices as if they just noticed.


Allen and Elena looked at each other, and tilted their heads in puzzlement.

“”Hmm~ let’s see… — Kick~!””

Then, the answer they came up with was “Kick” — a hand-to-hand combat.
As I thought, the two prefer moving their bodies around~

“I repeat, don’t attack their heads and backs, okay?”
“”Yea! I am going~!””
“Yes, be safe.”

Allen and Elena broke into a run, straight towards the Armored Buffaloes.
The two charged straight at the Armored Buffaloes and slid under them at the last moment.

“”Take this~!””

And then, they kicked up with both of their legs.
The Armored Buffaloes didn’t rise because of their weight, but they lost their balance and toppled over—Thud, a heavy sound resounded.

“Ehh-!? That’s dangerous!”

Allen and Elena skillfully evacuated from under the two animals, but that was quite a dangerous attack. If unlucky, they could have gotten squished under the Armored Buffaloes.


Immediately after, the two threw ax kicks aiming at the throats of the fallen Armored Buffaloes.
The Armored Buffaloes cried for the last time as their movements stopped.


Allen and Elena run back with smiles as if saying “we defeated it,” but… —

“Allen! Elena!”
“The way you fought just now was way too dangerous!”

I immediately warned the two upon their return. But, the two looked at me with incomprehension written on their faces.

“If you miscalculated the direction of the falling Armored Buffaloes, they could have fallen right onto you two, you know!?”

I explained them the worst case scenario, but the two seemingly didn’t understand me.
But, because the two Armored Buffaloes were defeated, the others took battle-ready postures, so I have to leave this conversation for later.

“First of all, hand-to-hand combat is prohibited for today. We will defeat them with magic!”
“”Got it~!””

Telling the two to not use the same method again, we confronted the rest of the Armored Buffaloes.

“Water Cutter.”

Taking the lead, I aimed a blade of water at the Armored Buffalo’s neck.

“… Huh?”
“”Oh~! So cool~!!””

The blade of water splendidly cut the Armored Buffalo’s head off.
As expected, I was startled by the sharpness of my attack, but Allen and Elena were extremely pleased.

“Allen will do it too~! — Water Cutter~”
“Elena too~! — Water Cutter~”

The two immediately fired the same magic and defeated the Armored Buffaloes one after another.


And then, in the blink of an eye, the rest of the Armored Buffaloes were defeated.
Allen and Elena became too absorbed, so when they finished, they looked at my face and smiled “Tehe.”

“”Defeated them~””
“Indeed, you defeated them all.”
“”Ehehe~ sorry~””
“Oh well. Will you let Oniichan do his best the next time?
“”Un, got it~!””

In the end, I defeated only one animal, but we obtained a great amount of beef of excellent quality, and the two intend to leave the next opportunity to me, so let’s leave it like that.

“Then, shall we collect the Armored Buffaloes and return?”

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