Isekai Yururi Kikou – Chapter 150

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Before long, when Matias-san entered the room, Allen and Elena were quick to take action and jumped at Matthias-san.

“Ohh, aren’t you two lovely kittens~”

Matias-san who was suddenly hugged by the two was surprised and praised Allen and Elena’s appearances.
As for me, I was watching while feeling nervous that Matias-san would get blown away by the twins, but I feel relieved that it ended well.

“So, what kind of adventure were you on today, my kittens?”
“”N, you see~””

When Matias-san asked about what they were doing today, the two showed a bit troubled gestures.

“You see~ we picked mushrooms~”
“Mushrooms? They are the flavor of the season, aren’t they?”
“And then~ we made friends with birds~”
“You became friends with birds? That’s amazing.”
“”And then~””
“And then?”
“N? Cows?”
“You defeated them?”

Then, Allen and Elena described the events to Matthias-san one after another.
Matthias-san threw in appropriate words for the conversation as he listened to the twins.

“Nn!? D, did you just say Armored Buffalo!?”
“Yea, got lots of meat~”
“Let’s eat together~”

When Allen and Elena guessed that Matthias-san had some questions about the “cows,” they informed him about the Armored Buffaloes and invited him to eat the meat together.

“Oh my, Takumi-san, is what the two are saying the truth?”
“It is. I was thinking of making it for the dinner tonight, but would I be in time?”
“I don’t think there would be a problem…”
“True, I think it will be fine.”
“As you can see… the two are looking forward to it very much…”

Lured by my glance at Allen and Elena, Mathias-san and Rebecca-san turned their gazes towards the two as well.

“My, my. But, isn’t the meat of Armored Buffalo a high-quality article? Did you not sell it to the Guild?”
“I did. However, we defeated several, so we kept some of it for ourselves.”
“Is that so? That’s amazing~”

I did not say precisely how many we sold, but even so, Rebecca-san exclaimed in admiration.

“By the way, do you plan on cooking yourself?”
“No, I thought of eating a common steak, so I thought of asking the chefs to prepare it.”

First, I would like to taste it simply with salt and pepper after all. It would be better to leave it to the chefs then.

“Have you called for me?”
“Ah, Barry. Sorry for calling you at this busy time.”
“No, we began the preparations a little earlier today, so there are no problems. Rather than that Matthias-sama, did something happen? Do you have requests for today’s dinner?”
“It’s actually just like that. Although I say that, it’s the children’s request.”

Matthias-san immediately called over the Head Chef of the mansion.
The Head Chef seemed to understand Matthias-san’s meaning behind his summons.

“Oh my, was that so? Would Allen-sama and Elena-sama tell this Barry what you would like to eat too?”
“”Yup, you see~ Armored Buffalo!””
“Eh? … Eh? Ehh!? Did you just say Armored Buffalo!?”

The Head Chef—Barry-san opened his eyes wide and looked at me, seeking the answer.

“Yeah, that’s correct.”
“I wanted to give you the meat to grill, but……… are you listening?”

Barry-san’s thoughts seemed to go somewhere as he stood in place blankly.
Why? I could understand this reaction if it was something like dragon meat, but isn’t his reaction too exaggerated for the meat of a B-ranked Armored Buffalo?
In cases like this, it’s better to quickly hand over the meat, no?
I am thinking that a sirloin would be the best for a steak.

“Then, I will leave this with you.”

I also handed him a basket with various kinds of mushrooms.

“Wa, wait!? Takumi-sama, t, this is!”

While panicking a little, Barry-san pointed at the mushrooms in the basket.
Apparently, he noticed the three-colored truffles that were mixed among the seasonal mushrooms. Even though it should be hiding under the other mushrooms, how sharp-sighted~

“A, a Crimson Truffle!? Nono, Black, and White are plentily incredible too!? Crimson Truffles aren’t something that you can casually hand over, you know!? Why are you trying to hand it over to me as if it’s nothing!!”

Barry-san who entered a lecturing mode told me over and over how precious truffles are.
When I turned around to seek help from Matthias-san, he returned me a gaze that was saying ‘You are in the wrong.’
After about ten minutes of lecturing later, Matthias-san finally told Barry-san “Shouldn’t you be making the preparations soon?”, so he returned to the kitchen with Armored Buffalo meat and a basket of mushrooms.
I wanted you to say that a little earlier.

— Then, at the dinner.

“Sorry, for having to treat us too.”
“No, please don’t be reserved.”
“How unfortunate for Wald~ To be on duty today. He will feel bitter later when we tell him about it~”
“Nono, Rebecca. It’s Wald you are talking about, won’t he press Takumi-kun later to treat him as well? I think I feel sorry for Takumi-kun.”
“Haha. Well, there’s still plenty of meat which I handed to Barry-san left, there’s plenty of leftovers. Now then, let’s eat before it gets cold.”

Anticipating the actions of their son, the Ruven couple made apologetic expressions, but I urged them to eat the steak to calm them down.

“Indeed~ The children are making ‘Not yet?’ faces anyway.”
“My, my, you are right. Then, let’s eat.”
“”Let’s eat~!!””

Allen and Elena who were waiting for the signal stuffed their cheeks full of the Armored Buffalo steak.


After the two let out voices of astonishment, they started earnestly eating. But, while they were stuffing their cheeks, they weren’t swallowing it whole.

“My, my, looks very delicious.”
“That seems to be the case. Then, shall we eat too?”

We tried the steak too.


Not only me, but even Rebecca-san and Matthias-san let out voices of astonishment because of the undisputed deliciousness.
It was much more delicious than the meat of the similarly B-ranked Orc General. It was much tender than the meat of the similarly B-ranked Silver Python too.
Anyhow, this Armored Buffalo meat was profoundly tasty.
To think a simple salt and pepper steak would have such flavors! It must be even more delicious with garlic or onion sauce. Wasabi sounds good too, but I have unfortunately not discovered Wasabi yet~ Would I find it growing in the wild near clear water?
Also, Sukiyaki, hamburger, beef stew… it would be definitely delicious in various preparations!

I ate everything on my plate in the blink of an eye while having various thoughts. Everyone was the same, so we asked for seconds, but we had the same results.

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