Isekai Yururi Kikou – Chapter 152

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Magic Tool Store
“Ah, yes, Stefan-san. Do you also sell magic tools here?”
“I am afraid to say that this store doesn’t sell them, but our company has a contract with magic tool craftsmen, so I could introduce you to that store. You are an adventurer, aren’t you, Takumi-dono? Do you need magic tools for that?”
“No, if I had to say, then I need a magic tools for cooking…”

Right, I want magic tools for cooking.
A mixer, a hand mixer, juice mixer, and also a meat grinder. Anyhow, I need something that will allow me to prepare the ingredients finely and mix them together.
Currently, I am doing it myself in my free time, but to do it when I like, a magic tool would be much more convenient.
I have not seen a magic tool like that on sale before, so I thought of having it made. Therefore, I would be happy to get introduced to some magic tool craftsmen.

“I see, I see. In that case, your affinity with the magic tool craftsman contracted by our company might be good.”
“N? Is the magic tool craftsman an occupation with various specializations?”
“Well, they are not necessarily limited by specializations, but they have tendencies to be good at making different things.”

Certainly. There are many tools I have on me like the barrier stones, a portable cooking stove, ignite beads, and mermaid bracelets. There are many kinds of magic tools, aren’t there~ It might be difficult for the craftsmen to be able to make everything.
I don’t know whether that person will be able to make the tools I need, but I would like to ask, at least.

“Could you please introduce that magic tool craftsman’s store to me?”
“Yes, of course.”
“Thank you very much.”

We left towards the magic tool craftsman store introduced by Stefan-san without a delay, however—

“Uh-oh… is this it?”

The place indicated on the map was in the back alley of the shopping district, it was a store that scored perfect on the worn-out, suspicious scale.

“Is this really the place?”

It’s a magic tool craftsman the Fiji Company has a contract with, so I selfishly thought they would be running a more respectable-looking store, so I was startled for a little.

“”Going in? Going in?””

For some reason, Allen and Elena were making excited expressions.
Does it perhaps feel like a haunted house for the two?

“Indeed. Let’s go enter.”
“Excuse~ me- n? —-N?”

When entering the store, I had an unpleasant feeling.

“… A barrier?”

Apparently, this store has a barrier of some kind cast over it. It had a similar feeling to the barrier spread around the Mermaid village, so I immediately noticed.
Looking over the store one more time, I was startled in a different kind of way.

“Now this was unexpected.”

Unlike the outward appearances, the interior of the store was very beautiful, moreover, it was crowded with magic tools lined up next to each other.
No, were the outward appearances perhaps just the result of the barrier?

“Oh my, my, it’s rare for this store to have customers.”
“Ah, sorry for intruding.”

An elder with a cane appeared from inside the store. Is he the shopkeeper here?

“Are you the shopkeeper here? This store has been introduced by Fiji Company’s Stefan-san to me.”
“By Stefan? How unusual for him to introduce someone to me.”
“Is that so?”
“There are two kinds of stores Stefan recommends to other. Stores he introduces merely for formality’s sake and stores he introduces to considerable guests of honor. The people he introduces to this store are those he is pleased with or absolutely doesn’t want to offend.”

Pleased with? Doesn’t want to offend? Which am I?
If I had to choose, I would prefer the former?

“Still, you did good entering without turning back.”
“Well, I did think the store looked suspicious though…”
“”Looks fun~♪””
“The children were eager to enter… besides, the store was introduced to me. So that means, as I thought, you were using a magic tool to make the store look like that on purpose.”
“Fuo, fuo, fuo. You even noticed the barrier? You are quite good~ I see, I see, I see why Stefan likes you. I am pleased with you as well.”

Apparently, I somehow managed to earn the old man’s favor.

“Now then, now then, what kind of magic tool is that you want?”
“Err, it’s a cooking tool. Something like one with a rotating blade that would finely mince the ingredients?”
“You want something strange. I recall making something like that in the past…”
“You have it!?”
“I sure made it, but it never sold, I think.”

He apparently has a mixer-like magic tool. Rather, he’s biding mixers with something strange.

“Let me take a look, you guys wait here.”
“Yes. Err, can we take a look at the magic tools here?”
“Sure. Go ahead.”

Grandpa went to look for the magic tool in the inner part of the store, so we decided to take a look at the magic tools that were on display.

“”Onii~chan, what’s this~?””
“N? This looks like a light magic tool.”
“”Light~? And this one~?””
“This is a magic tool to start a fire. This one looks like a barrier stone? Somehow, there are many tools that adventurers would use, aren’t there~”

There were many magic tools the adventurers would use such as magic bags, water bottles, and even a single button press tents on the shelf we were looking at.

“Need them~?”
“Hm? It’s not like they really need them, but they are convenient tools to have.”
“Does Onii~chan have~?”
“How about Allen and Elena~?”

When I told them that they are magic tools that adventurers use, Allen and Elena were curious whether we also have them.

“We have most of them. You guys also have ignite beads and water bottles in your magic bags, right?”

When I told Allen and Elena that they have some things too, although not completely same, the two let out voices of admiration.
The two has never used the things in their magic bag, so they seem to have forgotten about it.

“Look, I found it.”

When the two nodded in understanding, the old man returned.

“When you do this like this, this blade rotates like this…”

When the old man brought the thing and placed it on the table while explaining, I realized that it was closer to a mixer than I thought.

“It seems that you are satisfied with it.”
“Yes, I really wanted this.”
“I see, I see. By the way, I also have this one for juicy ingredients.”

The old man even prepared something that resembled a juice mixer.

“I want this as well.”

I replied the moment I saw it.

“At least look a little bit troubled. You are too brave. Recently, there were many fellows who tried finding faults with my products, but you, how do I say it… you are too honest. Seems like there are more tools you want? Tell me in detail. If I have nothing resembling it, I will make it for you.”
“Thank you very much.”

I was shaken up by the words “honest” but I decided to accept the old man’s offer and requested him to make me a hand mixer and a meat grinder.

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