Isekai Yururi Kikou – Chapter 155

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Unexpected Encounter
The next day, we went to search for Millet again, but we found it surprisingly fast.
In addition to obtaining White Millet, I was able to purchase more Yellow Millet, and I even came across a grain called Ash Wheat.
The Ash wheat is basically soba (buckwheat). Of course, I bought lots without holding back, but grinding the soba is a little~… I won’t be able to make Udon so easily… I will have to shelve that idea for a while.

“”Sou~p, sou~p♪””

We have gathered all varieties of the Millet, so the children were in a good mood.
I should do my best by making the Millets into the soups for children as promised.

We still had time since we found what we were searching for so fast, so we strolled around the town.
However, at that moment—

“Move it——!!”

I heard an angry voice from the front and then, I heard a scream.
Taking a look, I saw a middle-aged man holding a knife, pushing a woman away.
It seemed to be a purse snatcher as the man grabbed the woman’s bag.
The people in the surroundings distanced themselves from the danger one after another, and the crowd in the main street was sent into a confusion. Isn’t that very man with a knife running towards us?
I thought of distancing ourselves so we don’t get rolled up in the matter just like the surrounding people, but thinking that it wouldn’t be good for an A-rank adventurer like myself to step away like the common people, I decided to stand my ground.

“… Can’t be helped.”
“Beat him~?”
“It’s necessary to hold back so leave it to your Oniichan. You guys wait for me here.”
“”Got it~””

The opponent is a human. I would be troubled if the children couldn’t hold back even by a chance, so I cannot leave it to them.
I separated a little from Allen and Elena and waited for the man to approach me.

“Move away-!!”

In just a little while, the approaching man thrust his knife towards me who was obstructing his way.
I heard the sounds of men holding their breath and screams of the women.


Just before the man was about to stab me, something hit the man’s face which made him falter.


Taking that opportunity, I turned over the man and grasped the wrist of the hand he was holding the knife in behind his back, making him release it from the pain.
Then, I swept him from his feet and applied pressure on his back, making him fall on the ground.


The man who was pushed to the ground fainted from the impact.
The crowd of people stopped and stood in silence.

“Err… excuse me. Does anyone have something to tie this guy up with?”
“I, I will prepare it immediately. Wait a moment!”

I have a rope in my Infinite Storage, but I can’t take it out with so many people watching, so when I asked the surroundings, a nearby store’s shop assistant entered his store in a hurry.

“Also, can someone call the patrol?”
“I will go.”

Next, I asked someone to call the patrol. A man stepped out from the crowd and ran to get the patrol.

“How about the woman? Can someone check whether she was injured?”
“Leave that to me.”

When I asked about the victim and elderly lady hurried to take a look at her.
The rope I asked for has arrived in the meantime, so I tightly tied up the unconscious man.

“Alright, this should be fine.”

Satisfied with my work, Allen and Elena trotted over and pointed their fingers at the unconscious man.


Has the children’s meaning of “defeating” took on the meaning of “killing” by any chance?

“It’s slightly different from defeating him? He only fainted.”
“What’s that~?”
“Ah~… he’s sleeping.”
“”I see~””

The two found the word “fainted” curious, but they nodded in consent when I corrected myself.
And then, they pointed at the silver coin on the ground.


This is that, right? The thing which hit the man’s face when he was about to stab me.

“Allen, Elena. Can you return it to its owner?”
“”Yeah. Can~””
“Then, I will leave it to you.”

After Allen and Elena gave cheerfull replies, they picked up the silver coin and ran to a certain people among the crowd of curious onlookers. It was a duo of a blond-haired and red-haired youths.
It was that red-haired youth who precisely threw the coin into the man’s face when he was about to stab me.
Being able to hit a moving target so precisely, that red-haired youth must have quite the throwing skill. Moreover, he has the aura of a martial artist. If I had to choose, then I would say that he’s proficient with a sword.
But, who I am curious about the most is the blonde-haired youth.
That person was unexpectedly the third prince Alfried-sama.
Alfried-sama resembled Tristan-sama quite a lot, so I was able to make that connection immediately even without using Appraisal. Well, even so, I confirmed it with the Appraisal anyway, so there’s no mistake.
Even though this is the first time they see him, Allen and Elena were able to go return the coin without hesitation most likely because he looked exactly like someone they already know.
Nevertheless, for His Highness to be in a place like this, is it that, after all? The standard… walking around the town incognito?
If that’s the case, then the red-haired youth must be a Knight, and most likely His Highness’ guard or something~

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