Isekai Yururi Kikou – Chapter 166

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“Thank you for coming, Takumi-san.”
“No, thank you very much for inviting me.”

Today, I was invited to a tea party at the castle.
I was informed that in addition to the evening party the other day, many noble households had sent invitations for salon and tea parties to me. And I also knew that I will have to attend some of them. I knew that, but… one of the invitations was apparently from Grace-sama.
I left the selection of the parties to attend to Rebecca-san, so I did not see whom the invitations were from~
Today, I decided to check the invitations, including the ones that were refused, upon returning to the mansion.

“You came, Takumi.”
“Tristan-sama is attending too?”

It seems that besides Grace-sama who sent out the invitations, Tristan-sama, me, Allen and Elena, an elderly couple and ladies with their daughters were invited. The genders and age range were all over the place.
But, they were all who received Pastel Rabbits from me.
The room where the tea party was held was closed off so the Pastel Rabbits wouldn’t escape as the multi-colored rabbits were released in the room.
Is this perhaps a “Pastel Rabbits Enthusiast meeting”?
Ah, Lilika-sama and Sistina-sama——the young ladies who were keeping the Pastel Rabbits I brought from the forest are here too.

“”So many~!””
“Truly. You guys go play with Shiro and others too.”

Although there are many Pastel Rabbits here, they all have different colors and collars, so we wouldn’t lose sight of our own pets.
When I released five of our Pastel Rabbits, Allen and Elena took them to the group of other Pastel Rabbits.

“Still, it’s overwhelming seeing so many in one place~”
“Fufu, aren’t they adorable.”

Grace-sama patted an orchid-colored Pastel Rabbit that was on her lap while smiling.

“I heard that Pastel Rabbits were popular as pets, but seeing them like this, I now realize just how popular they are~”
“My, but you see, Takumi-san. I invited those who keep Pastel Rabbits this time so there are lots of them, but there are many more who want to keep them but cannot, you know?”
“Eh? T, that many?”
“Yes~ I also thought of buying one, but I don’t think I would be able to get one right away. That’s why I quickly jumped on board when I heard that you brought several Pastel Rabbits with you, Takumi-san.”

Pastel Rabbits are truly difficult to capture, Grace-sama explained, but to be honest, I don’t believe that story a single bit. That’s because they approached us on their own and even on the converse, they didn’t want to separate from us.
Saying that they are cowards who escape at the first signs of human presence is unbelievable.

“Welcome back, Allen, Elena. Are Shiro and others getting along with the other children?”
“Yup, they are playing~”
“Also, you see~ they are eating~”

While doubting the ecology of Pastel Rabbits, Allen and Elena returned.
Shiro and others are apparently getting along with the other rabbits.
Is it because they are domesticated that they don’t run from other people that are not their owners? Ah~ I think I see a few rabbits hiding?

“”Ah! It’s the purple child!””
“You remember it? This is the child I got from Allen-kun and Elena-san.”

When Allen and Elena noticed the orchid Pastel Rabbit, they approached Grace-sama and patted it.

“”Name is~?””
“Fufu, this child is called Tolly.”
“”Tolly! How cute~””
“Thank you.”

It appears that Grace-sama named her Pastel Rabbit Tolly… no need to guess, the origin of the name comes from Tristan-sama, doesn’t it? I feel that Tristan-sama averted his gaze a bit when he heard Allen and Elena calling the Pastel Rabbit.

“What is it, Takumi?”

Tristan-sama who noticed me and realized what I was thinking smiled at me threateningly.

“………… It’s nothing.”

I felt like that smile was telling me “don’t dwell too deeply into it”, so I decided to keep quiet.
But, I also felt that I was correct about the name.

“My, my, what are you talking about?”
“What, it’s between two men.”
“Oh my, is that so? Rather than that, Takumi-san. Those young ladies seem to have a business with you.”

When I turned around after Grace-sama pointed it out, I caught a sight of Lilika-sama and Sistina-sama who were peeking this way.

“With me? Not with Tristan-sama or Grace-sama?”
“It’s probably you, Takumi-san. But, they can’t call to you while we are here, so why don’t you try going away for a little, Takumi-san? If they have a business with us, you can bring them along instead.”

I am most familiar with Tristan-sama and Grace-sama in here, so I stayed with them after giving my greetings, but… you normally can’t talk this intimately with the King and Queen, can you?
I am acquaintances with both Lilika-sama and Sistina-sama anyway, so let’s go greet them.

“Indeed. I shouldn’t stay here all the time, so I will go. Allen, Elena, let’s go~”
“”Yeess~ see you~””
“Fufu, take care.”

After separating from Tristan-sama and Grace-sama, we went towards Lilika-sama and Sistina-sama.

“Lilika-sama, Sistina-sama, long time no see.”
“Takumi-sama, long time no see.”
“It has been a while!”
“Allen-kun, Elena-san, have you been well?”
“”Yup, been well~””

When I greeted them, they returned the greeting with smiles.

“Hey, where is Fleu~?”
“And Lian~?”
“You remember him! Fleur is doing well. He’s currently playing over there.”
“Fufu, Lian is also playing with her friends.”

Allen and Elena apparently remembered the names Lilika-sama and Sistina-sama gave their Pastel Rabbits, and when they asked about their whereabouts, Lilika-sama and Sistina-sama happily pointed in the direction of their rabbits.

“Green~ there!”
“Yes, that child is Fleur.”
“Orange~ That child!”
“Correct. That is Lian.”

I could see Lilika-sama’s light green Fleur and Sistina-sama’s orange Lian mingling with other Pastel Rabbits. They seem to be doing well and it seems that they have grown since we have brought them from the forest.

“”U, umm…””

They are being properly taken care of~ while thinking something like that, Lilika-sama and Sistina-sama called out to me at the same time. Then, the two exchanged glances and after nodding to each other as if confirming something, they looked at me with serious expressions.

“Yes, what is it?”
“We have.”
“A request for you.”
“A request, is it?”

I waited for the next words of the two who wore very serious expressions.

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