Isekai Yururi Kikou – Chapter 167

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“Erm… what is it?”
“Umm… We were wondering since it’s you we are speaking about, wouldn’t you be able to get your hands on Pastel Rabbits again?”
“Get my hands on them? … Err, are you talking about capturing the wild Pastel Rabbits in the forest?”
“Yes, my cousin is eager to buy a Pastel Rabbit, but… she quite can’t find the opportunity to do so. She frequently comes to play with Fleur, but she cries when it’s time for her to leave…”
“It’s my little sister on my side… she wants to keep Lian herself…”

Is this… an adverse effect of me handing them the Pastel Rabbits, I wonder?

“I did put up a request to the Adventurer’s Guild, however… the receptionist at the Guild told me to not set my expectations too high.”

The requests to capture Pastel Rabbits are low-ranked requests with considerably high remuneration, but the completion degree is quite difficult. High-ranked adventurers seldom accept this kind of requests and low-ranked adventurers accept them after being charmed by the rewards, but they mostly end in failure.

“Of course, we will prepare a suitable reward.”
“We understand that we are being unreasonable, so we don’t mind if you tell us that it’s not possible.”

So said Lilika-sama and Sistina-sama, but their eyes were getting teary, so there’s no way I could just plainly refuse.

“If it’s just taking a look around the forest once more…”

Hearing my words, the two stared at me with sparkly eyes.

“Lilika-sama and Sistina-sama are saying that they would like one more Pastel Rabbit each. We might be going to look for the Pastel Rabbits in the forest again, are you fine with that?”
“Allen, will look~”
“Elena, will find~”

When I informed Allen and Elena that we might be going to the forest to search for Pastel Rabbits again, the two immediately got into high spirits.

“I can’t promise that we will be able to definitely capture them. Additionally, if you are fine with the condition of going to take a look just once, I will do my best to fulfill your request.”
“Of course, we don’t mind!”
“Thank you very much, Takumi-sama!”

Lilika-sama and Sistina-sama were delighted even when I accepted their request with uncertainty.
But, thinking of Allen and Elena’s luck, I believe that the possibility of capturing Pastel Rabbits is quite high~ Well, I don’t want to give them short-lived elevation, so I won’t say anything about that~

“What color?”
“Should we look for~?”
“Color, is it?”

When Allen and Elena asked Lilika-sama and Sistina-sama what color of Pastel Rabbits they should be looking for, the two looked at me with troubled expressions.

“I don’t think we will be able to fulfill even your desired colors, but…”
“I am most aware of that.”
“Indeed. Besides, Pastel Rabbits are adorable no matter the color, so there isn’t a problem.”
“Truly! They are cute no matter the color!”

When I informed them that capturing rabbits of desired colors might be difficult, the two seemed to be aware of that. On the contrary, they engaged in a heated discussion about the cuteness of Pastel Rabbits.

“However, why don’t you tell the children your desired colors just in case? Ahh, of course, if there are colors you would prefer, that is.”
“Fufu, thank you very much, Takumi-sama. —— Allen-san, Elena-san, my cousin loves the color yellow. Please, try looking for one of that color.”
“Allen-san, Elena-san, my little sister likes pink and red colors, so I think she would be happy with any girlish color.”

When Allen and Elena heard Lilika-sama and Sistina-sama’s desired colors, they puffed out their chests out as if saying “Leave it to us.”

“Oh my! I am so looking forward to it~”
“Fufu, truly.”

Talking with Lilika-sama and Sistina-sama a little longer, we then returned to Grace-sama’s place. I could understand that she was smiling at us even from a distance.

“Oh my, are you done already?”
“Yes. It’s as you said, Grace-sama. The two had a business with me.”
“Fufu. Right? Their faces said so.”

It appears that Grace-sama has read Lilika-sama and Sistina-sama’s expressions. She did say that she’s skilled at reading people’s expressions~ As expected of her.

“By the way, Grace-sama. You said that there are many who want Pastel Rabbits, but are there really that many?”
“Yes, there are~ Oh my, Takumi-sama, did the girls perhaps ask about that?”
“Indeed. Well, I did not completely agree, but I did tell them that I will take a look in the forest one more time.”
“My, my, the girls must have been happy to hear that, no?”
“Yes, well…”

Grace-sama told me how kindhearted I am, but I just couldn’t refuse.
Besides, if I really was kindhearted, I would tell them that I will definitely find Pastel Rabbits for them.

“Is it just me who thinks that these guys will definitely find Pastel Rabbits again?”
“No, I think so too.”

At that moment, Tristan-sama who was listening in said so. Grace-sama agreed with his words.
I also thought just a little while “If it’s Allen and Elena…” so I can’t deny or interject.

“Will work hard~”
“WIll find them~”

Allen and Elena who stood by the side of the silent me, affirmed Tristan-sama’s words.

“Ohh, you are fully motivated. Do your best.”
“My, my, do your best, you two.”

Being encouraged by Tristan-sama and Grace-sama, Allen and Elena smiled wholeheartedly.

After that, Allen and Elena jumped into the group of Pastel Rabbits and played with Shiro’s group and the Pastel Rabbits the other participants of the tea party brought.
Before long, the participants of the tea party who came mainly to admire Pastel Rabbits were admiring the Pastel Rabbits and my children who were playing with them.

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