Isekai Yururi Kikou – Chapter 176

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Huge Animals Dungeon 2
Allen and Elena who gotten Kevin-sama call them by their names have changed their thoughts completely and quickly proceeded with ease.

“Uh-oh, a crossroads. Which way do we go?”
“Your Highness, we will turn le…——”
“”That way!””

Allen and Elena promptly decided on the way even before that.

“You said that this was your first time in this dungeon, right Takumi?”
“Yes, that’s correct.”
“Then, how do the children know the way?”

Al-sama couldn’t help but be perplexed about Allen and Elena who advanced without losing their way.

“Recalling the words you guys said, we are definitely advancing, right?”
“Yes, indeed. The children are definitely heading towards the staircase leading to the next floor.”
“Did you guys go to inquire in the Adventurer’s Guild, perhaps~? They are selling information when it comes to the lower floors, right?”
“Even if they investigated beforehand, there’s no way the children would be able to remember it so precisely.”
“Ah, now that you say it. What a great memory! “

Ah, come to think of it, they were selling the map of the dungeon, weren’t they? Unfortunately, I did not think of buying that at all.

“Sorry, the children are proceeding on intuition.”

When I said that, the faces of Al-sama and the three knights alternated between me and the children.
Allen and Elena immediately noticed that and tilted their heads to the side.

“D, did you say intuition just now, Takumi? Do you mean intuition like the instinct?”
“Yes, that very intuition.”
“……… I can’t believe this~”

Al-sama hung his head down in despondent.
Was proceeding on intuition a bad thing after all?

“Errr… I mean, I am sorry. Talking from experience, I don’t think they will lead us the wrong way, but… should I stop them?”
“No, yeah, I don’t mind. If they go the wrong way, one of the three will stop them.”

Al-sama and the three knights sighed.

“To not make a mistake while advancing on intuition… is that really possible?”
“What are you saying, Claudio. Didn’t they actually come this far~”
“That is true, but this is still only the beginning. You could still think that they are only proceeding on a subsequent coincidence.”
“Well~ won’t we have the answer in due time if we keep proceeding?”

Kevin-sama did say that Claudio-sama is a serious person, so maybe he is the type of person who doesn’t believe in intuition?

“Oh, a monster. That is… a Wild Ape?”
“Y, yeah…”

At that time, five Wild Apes appeared and Allen and Elena charged at them.
“Ah! How thoughtless of me! I let them go as usual, but won’t they have difficulties with five apes? Someone, cover fo——”

Al-sama was worried about the situation of the two and requested someone to cover for them. But, Allen and Elena quickly defeated two Wild Apes and after seeing them confront the other three apes, he stopped his words midway.

“… Seems like there was no need to worry.”
“… Indeed.”

Al-sama quietly agreed with Najack-sama’s words.

“However, if we don’t get to guide you through the dungeon or defeat the monsters, the meaning of our existence will be completely lost~”
“It’s still only the first floor. We won’t know until we advance further!”

Kevin-sama entered a slight resonance mode, but Claudio-sama was still eager to accomplish his duty.


Allen and Elena who were unmindful of the Knights sentiments triumphantly returned with the meat in their hands.

“”Hey, hey.””
“Is this~”

Allen and Elena inquired about the Wild Ape meat’s taste.

“Eh? Err… I have never eaten it before. I have no idea about that~”

I have eaten frog and rabbit meat back on Earth, but I wonder about monkey meat?

“Excuse me, have you eaten Wild Ape meat before?”
“I did not.”
“Neither did I.”

Al-sama and Najack-sama returned the words of denial.

“I used to eat it in a bar, but it was too tough and not to my liking.”
“Indeed. To be honest, I do not like it.”

Kevin-sama and Claudio-sama have eaten it before.
Kevin-sama looks like a sociable guy, so I imagined he went to the bar with his friends before, but I can’t say the same about Claudio-sama. Rather than a noisy bar, I would imagine he prefers places like fancy restaurants. Back to the topic——

“Unfortunately, it appears that the Wild Ape meat is not tasty.”
“Ahh, but the bar only grilled it with salt. Wouldn’t it be tasty if cooked properly?”

The children were disappointed that the meat wasn’t apparently tasty, but hearing that it could be delicious if cooked properly… they looked at me with gazes full of expectations.

“I will try making something out of it later, but… don’t expect too much from me, Allen, Elena.”
“”Will be fine~””
“… It will be fine?”
“Is goo~d at cooking~”

I told them not to expect much, but aren’t they expecting way too much!?
Since they said it’s tough, can I consider it being sinewy meat? If that’s the case, cooking it salty-sweet comes to mind, but… do I boil it first and then gently simmer after seasoning it?
I should just try cooking it first~ Ah, let’s try to preserve it as I did with Armored Buffalo too.

“Seems like today’s meal will be something I have not eaten before. I am looking forward to it.”
“Wha, Al-sama!?”
“N? The kids are saying that it will be fine, so it will be fine, no?”
“What kind of reasoning is that?”
“Well, the reasoning that Takumi won’t betray the kids’ expectations?”

Al-sama took advantage of what the children said.
He said that I won’t betray Allen and Elena’s expectations… well, I was planning on doing my best so I wouldn’t betray their expectations.

“Rather… are you intending to eat it even though he said he will give it a try?”
“‘Don’t let His Highness eat weird things’. Won’t the Knights get angry at me?”
“N? What are you saying. Those three will be eating it too, right?”
“His Highness won’t give up once he decided on something, so we will be in your care.”
“I also want to give it a try. Takumi-dono, thank you!”
“I am also interested.”

I thought someone from the knights will try to stop Al-sama, but no one tried.
Far from that, just as Al-sama said, they were fully motivated to eat.
At any rate, there was still time until the meal, so we decided to continue advancing through the dungeon.

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