Isekai Yururi Kikou – Chapter 181

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Huge Animals Dungeon 7
Thanks to Allen and Elena being in high spirits, we have favorably advanced through eight, ninth, and even tenth floor and obtained a large amount of meat.
Well, my turn did not come up even once, though.
And so, along the way, we have found rooms with several kinds of herbs growing in them so we collected them, but it seems that there are no rooms such as these along the normal route.

“Hoh~ this is the door to the room of the floor boss, huh.”

Al-sama was observing the door of the tenth floor’s boss room with admiration.

“This is quite elaborate design, isn’t it~”
“Ah! Your Highness, you mustn’t tou…”
“——… Ah.”

At that time, Al-sama spontaneously touched the door which then slowly opened.

“S, sorry. I touched it.”
“I see that you also have times you act carelessly, Al-sama. Anyhow, we have to go through this room eventually, so isn’t it just fine?”
“”Yup, is fine~””
“… T, that so?”

Allen and Elena spoke to Al-sama encouragingly.
I don’t know whether the children’s response was effective, but his eyebrows still seemed troubled.

“Shall we go, Al-sama?”
“… Yeah, let’s go.”

Leading the perplexed Al-sama, we entered the boss room.
And then, the door closed shut, the center of the room lightly shined, and shape gradually took a form.


When the light faded, a light blue monster——Water Horse, appeared.
Well, it was slightly larger than the horses I know.

“Oh, it’s a Water Horse. I thought a different monster would appear, but it’s the same one.”

It appears that Water Horse is a boss even on the normal route.
Does that mean that we are merging back on the normal route from here?

“Does the room look the same as well?”
“N? Yeah, now that I look carefully, it does look the same.”
“Certainly, I don’t spot any difference.”
“Ahh, as I thought.”
“What? Does the secret route end here or what?”

When I questioned the knights whether the place is the same as the one they were at before, Al-sama noticed the reason I was asking.

“I was thinking that might be the case, what about you guys?”
“It’s not impossible~”
“Yes, indeed. However, this is our first time on this secret route, so verification is necessary.”
“Do we, the knights, carry the verification ourselves?”
“We should talk to the Adventurer’s Guild about this…”

Kevin-sama and Claudio-sama began a serious discussion.

“It won’t be late to talk about it after we return to the castle and inform Elder brother, no?”

Err… cases like this should be reported to the knight commander Felix-sama first, right?
It’s certainly as Al-sama said. It wouldn’t be possible to conclude who should carry the verification out in here.

“By the way…”

When Al-sama said while taking a glance at the center of the room, everyone looked at the center.

“They are playing, aren’t they~”
“Indeed, they are.”
“They seem to be having lots of fun.”
“That’s quite a dangerous playmate they have, though~”
“… Right.”

Following after Al-sama, everyone gave their honest impressions. Additionally, I felt a bit guilty.

“I am sorry. They have totally entered the playing mode.”
“Well, I don’t mind that. We are also only watching from the side, after all.”

The reason we were able to talk leisurely like this even after the boss appeared is because Allen and Elena were playing with the Water Horse.
They got on the back of the thrashing horse, clinging to it so they wouldn’t fall off——they were basically doing rodeo while merrily giggling “kya, kya”.

“… Allen, Elena, you better take it out soon.”

Allen and Elena who replied to my words safely stood up on the horse’s back and jumped high in the air.

“”Take thiiis~——… Huh?””

Then, they came down with a vigorous force doing an ax kick, but the Water Horse dodged and Allen and Elena cracked the floor under them instead.

“Are your feet okay, you two?”
“”Is fine~””
“Then, do you have any intentions of switching with me?”

Thinking to switch with the children, I notified the children, but the two had no intentions of yielding their position to me.

“Can’t I?”
“… I see.”
“Will defeat~”
“In no time~”

Thinking that I will defeat it if they don’t hurry, Allen and Elena rushed at the Water Horse.
On the other hand, the Water Horse struck the floor with its front legs and laid in wait to rush out at any time.


The Water Horse collided head-on with Allen and Elena who aimed their kick at it.


The Water Horse’s neighing turned into cries.
It appears that Allen and Elena were victorious in the contest of strength.

“… Hihii.”

After Allen and Elena followed-up on their attack, the Water Horse feebly collapsed to the ground.


Allen and Elena returned holding the Water Horse meat that dropped.
That meat had a bone across and looked just like a lump of meat that appears in a manga. Allen and Elena each held the meat by the bone from each side and brought it to me.

“That’s so big~ isn’t it too heavy for you?”

The meat was so big it could nearly conceal both of the twins’ faces.

“A bit.”

… So it is heavy.
I immediately took the meat from the two.

“I, it really is heavy. Rather, you did well bringing it over, Allen, Elena.”

The lump of meat was far heavier than I thought when I received it.

“… Buh.”

Hearing Allen and Elena’s words, Al-sama burst into laughter.

“Do you laugh~?”

Looking carefully, the three knights also averted their gazes with trembling shoulders. Apparently, they were holding back their laughter.

“S, sorry. I see, you guys ‘somehow’ managed to bring it?”
“”Yeah, somehow~!””
“I, I see, that’s amazing~”

That certainly was a response Allen and Elena wouldn’t normally say, but… was it that weird of a remark?
Anyhow, it seems that I am not used to the humor of Al-sama’s group.

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