Isekai Yururi Kikou – Chapter 183

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Huge Animals Dungeon 9
We, who had rested on the floor with the transfer device had advanced on the eleventh floor.

“Our objective is the twelfth floor because of the Flamesaurus, but if I am not mistaken, don’t they appear on this floor as well?”
“Yeah, that’s correct. The highest encounter rate is on the twelfth floor, but they do apparently appear on lower floors too.”
“I see. And so, if we encounter a lone Flamesaurus, we should leave it to you then, Al-sama?”
“Please do that. I may have three people following me, but taking on several opponents wouldn’t be possible for me, after all.”

We were approaching the objective at last, so I decided to confirm the course of actions.

“Will collect a lot~”
“Delish~ meat~”

Allen and Elena heard that the Flamesaurus meat is tasty, so they were in high spirits.

“If a Flamesaurus appears, you two have to leave it to Al-sama, okay?”
“”We know~ If two appear~?””
“I’m fine with securing meat only of a single animal, so I don’t mind if you defeat the second one if it appears.”
“”Ya~y♪ Al-sama, you are so futoi hara (fat belly)~””

Al-sama and I opened our eyes wide in surprise after hearing Allen and Elena’s words.
… Futoi hara? Did they perhaps mean——

“… Allen, Elena. Did you mean ‘futoppara’ (magnanimous)?”
“”Ah, that~””

When I pointed it out, Allen and Elena said “Mixed it up” and stuck out their tongues
At the same time, I heard several voices that went “Bufu”. It was Najack-sama, Claudio-sama, and Kevin-sama.
Trying to endure their laughter but failing, Najack-sama and Claudio-sama started coughing violently.

“Your cooking is too delicious, so I have been overeating since entering the dungeon. I thought got fatter because of that.”

Al-sama lowered his eyebrows while patting his stomach.

“Is fine~”
“Al-sama, is thi~n!”
“Ah, yep, thank you.”

With Allen and Elena’s follow-up, Al-sama’s face got increasingly troubled.

“Ah~ Al-sama, the two mean no harm, so…”
“It’s fine. I know that——hey, you guys, stop laughing and let’s go.”
“””Y, yes.”””

Al-sama brought the three knights who were laughing too much, even choking, back to life.
Then, the three put their flustered breathing back in order.

“”That way~””

Allen and Elena’s remark was the reason behind the collapse of the knights, but… the three did not seem to mind it at all as they normally identified the direction.

“… Al-sama, it seems we are going left.”
“Left it is. Alright, let’s go then.”

Well, being laughed at was inevitable, so it couldn’t be helped?
The capture of the eleventh floor went as usual from the very beginning. While Allen and Elena were rushing at the monsters the moment they found them, we quickly advanced. And then…——


An enormous lizard with bright red scales appeared.

“Whoa~ that is a big one, isn’t it~…”
“”So many~””
“It should be considered a good fortune to encounter a Flamesaurus on the eleventh floor, but isn’t there a little too many of them?”
“Nono, Al-sama. You can’t leave it at a little.”

From the looks of it, there’s about ten-odd of them. You can’t categorize it as ‘a little too many’ anymore, right?
Their movements are slow, so there’s no need to panic, but the red wall was slowly approaching us.

“First of all, should I decrease their numbers a little?”
“N? Ahh, I don’t mind, but…”
“I will only decrease their numbers, won’t defeat them all, okay?——Air Shot.”

If I let this opportunity slip away, the level difference between the children and me will only extend. With the intentions of leaving only several Flamesauri in the vanguard, I aimed at the Flamesauri in the behind and fired my magic.
The magic hit nicely just as I wanted, and as I predicted, five Flamesauri were left.

“… This is also a quick defeat~”
“… More terrific than I thought.”
“… It makes you feel that he really is the elder brother of those twins, huh~
“… Yes, indeed.”

But, Al-sama and the three knights were dumbfounded for some reason.
It’s not like I defeated all of the Flamesauri, so there shouldn’t be any problems, right?

“Errr… can we leave the one in the front to Al-sama?”
“… Yeah, got it.”
“Then, the remaining four…——”
“”Can defeat?””
“Sure. But, be careful around the scales, okay?”

As planned, Al-sama was in charge of the one animal in the front, while Allen and Elena rushed towards the remaining four.

“Let us go too!”
“””Y, yes!”””

Following after the children, Al-sama’s group faced the Flamesaurus in a hurry.
I followed after everyone from a position where I could lend a hand immediately while picking up the loot from the Flamesauri I just killed. The loot was, of course, their meat, though~


Before long, Allen and Elena defeated the four Flamesauri and happily ran over to me while holding the meat.

“So many.”

One of the meats looked just like a lizard’s tail that got cut off, but… well, let’s not mind it.


In the meanwhile, the three knights restrained the Flamesaurus’ movements, while Al-sama attacked… they repeated such actions, but their cooperation was splendid.
It went little by little, but Al-sama’s attacks were definitely effective.


At that moment, the Flamesaurus spat fire.
Al-sama seemed to be expecting it though as he easily dodged.


Then, exploiting the opening created when the Flamesaurus ended spitting fire, Al-sama delivered a stab, causing the Flamesaurus to collapse. After that, he let out a big sigh.

“”He did it~””

“I somehow managed to defeat it.”
“Splendid work. With this, you have achieved your goal.”
“Yeah, I can finally feel at peace.”

Al-sama showed relief.

“We had a fortunate encounter, so we finished earlier than expected, didn’t we?”
“Indeed. If we go back to the tenth floor’s transfer device, it won’t take that much time to return.”
“Yeah, I planned on staying here twice as long. Haha, Elder brother will be startled by our fast return.”

Hearing the conversation between Al-sama and the three knights, Allen and Elena let out a big voice.
They were showing whole-faced smiles just a little while ago, but now they looked like crying.

“”Going back-?””
“Ah~ sorry, but that is the case…”
“”Let’s go deeper~?””
“I would like to, but there’s something I have to settle as soon as possible…”

Seeing the children who were about to cry, Al-sama was overwhelmed. However, he accomplished his goal, and he has to return back, so he somehow tried to make the children understand.

“Now, now, Allen, Elena. You mustn’t trouble Al-sama. Let’s go out and send Al-sama back to the castle, we can come here after that again.”
“The next time, you can play with Joule and others to your heart’s content too… okay?”
“”… You promise?””
“Yeah, I promise.”

Holding Allen and Elena up in my arms and confirming that the two consented, Al-sama’s group hurried to the tenth floor from which we returned on the surface, and we safely escorted him back to the castle. With this, the request is pretty much complete.

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