Isekai Yururi Kikou – Chapter 184

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We, who had returned to the castle after helping Al-sama obtain the Flamesaurus meat in the Huge Animals Dungeon were led to the royalty’s personal salon.
I actually planned on leaving once we sent Al-sama home, but he said he wanted us to go with him for some reason, so we came to the salon for who knows what reason.

“I have just returned.”
“Welcome back, Alfried.”

There was Tristan-sama, Grace-sama, and Austin-sama in the salon, but also an elderly person I was not familiar with.

“Oh, you were quick~”
“Why are you here!”

The moment he saw the elderly person, Al-sama made a displeased expression.
They seem to be acquaintances, but… it’s rare for Al-sama to be belligerent right from the start, isn’t it~

“What~ I heard that my cute great-nephew has gone to a dungeon. I came to confirm the results.”

N? Great-nephew?
So that means, this person is… Al-sama’s grandfather——the late king’s brother?

“Isn’t that strange, though! I came here to report, and yet you are here earlier than me!!”
“I had people at the dungeon’s entrance and had them return super fast after they confirmed that you left the dungeon, so after hearing the report, I immediately left my mansion, that was the plan.”

Wow, he left people on standby at the dungeon all this time? Even though he had no knowledge of when we would be returning?
… Moreover, rather than being worried about Al-sama, he seemed to have done that for his own amusement.

“For what reason!”
“That is, of course, to eat fresh Flamesaurus meat! Since you have returned, it means that you have fulfilled the promise you made to me, no?”

Oh my, the cunning, nagging old man who made Al-sama go obtain the Flamesaurus meat… was this person?
I was imagining a craftier, more sly character, but… it seems that I was totally wrong. If I had to say from his speech and conduct, he seems to be having fun teasing Al-sama.
Well, speaking from the standpoint of the teased party, I wouldn’t be able to welcome it too much either~

“Were you able to complete the errand?”
“What do you mean by errand!”
“I have asked you for Flamesaurus meat, so it’s a proper errand. So, how was it?”
“I have returned because I have obtained it, alright!”
“Hooh~ so you did obtain it? However, it’s not like I could see what had happened in the dungeon. Were you really the one who defeated it?”
“I did!”

While watching Al-sama and the elder quarreling(?) in perplexion, I caught a sight of Austin-sama beckoning me over.

“Austin-sama, just what is this about?”

I came over to Austin-sama’s side and inquired about the situation.

“He’s our granduncle… the late emperor’s little brother, Lionel-sama. He is, how do I say it… very affectionate to Felix and Alfried. This time disturbance was also caused by granduncle making fun of Alfried’s swordsmanship skills.”

Oh well… it was apparently an impulsive decision.
Rather, Al-sama. Aren’t you too easily swayed by Lionel-sama’s words?

“Ah, by the way, he was also ‘affectionate’ to me as well, but because I don’t give such reactions as Felix and Alfried, granduncle started targeting only those two little brothers of mine.”

Ah, yeah… Austin-sama seems like someone who would be able to evade without a flaw.
Although they are quarreling over there, Lionel-sama who can tease Felix-sama and Al-sama to his heart’s content must be having lots of fun, huh.

“It’s all right to leave them alone then?”
“Yeah, they will keep at it for a while. In the meanwhile…——”
“Would you tell us about what happened in the dungeon?”
“Yeah, I would like to hear it as well.”

We decided to leave Al-sama and Lionel-sama alone for the time being, but… interrupting Austin-sama, Grace-sama and Tristan-sama asked Allen and Elena about the events in the dungeon.

“”You see~…””

Allen and Elena happily spoke about how they fought many monsters and obtained lots of meat. Tristan-sama, Grace-sama, and Austin-sama listened to the children’s story-telling with a great interest.
When they spoke about the hidden route, the three who were listening showed expressions of surprise.

“This is quite serious information…”
“No, I think we should have been ready to receive information of such extent once Takumi accepted the request.”
“That might be true. Should I urgently organize a unit?”
“N~… no, we should leave this to the Adventurer’s Guild.”
“Ah, that’s also true. Then, I will contact the guild about this myself.”
“Yeah, I will leave it to you.”

They have decided to entrust the hidden route to the Adventurer’s Guild with Austin-sama in charge.
That is fine with me, but I have a feeling that I will be called over by Andy-san later. Should we show our faces at the Adventurer’s Guild once before we get summoned?

“”And then~””
“We found.”
“Not tasty water~”

In the meanwhile, Allen and Elena’s story advanced and they talked about the Nippy Liquor we found on the hidden route.

“Oh my, not tasty water?”
“N? Not tasty… water? ——Are you speaking of alcohol!?”

Grace-sama looked in wonder after hearing Allen and Elena’s words, but Tristan-sama seemed to somehow understand. He had heard the children talk about “not tasty beverage” before, when I was handing him the brandy, after all~

“Yeah, it’s as you said. We have found a new alcoholic beverage.”

Tristan-sama showed cheerful expression.

“What kind of drink have you found? Something similar to that brandy?”
“It was a different kind of drink. It’s called Nippy Liquor and it’s an alcoholic beverage made from White Wheat.”
“Takumi, have you fetched some?”
“Yes, I did. Of course, I got some for you as well.”
“Ohh~ as expected of you, Takumi. A new drink, huh~ I very much look forward to it!”

At that moment, Lionel-sama who continued quarreling with Al-sama was staring at me.

“Did you say a new alcoholic beverage just now?”
“So, did you?”
“Y, yes, we found an alcoholic drink made from White Wheat called Nippy Liquor.”
“What! That is wonderful!”

Apparently, Lionel-sama is fonder of alcohol than Tristan-sama as he immediately stopped paying attention to Al-sama whom he was teasing up until now.

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