Isekai Yururi Kikou – Chapter 197

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Speaking of Mochi
After receiving lots of Red Wheat from Vivian, we resumed our town strolling, but… at that time, I suddenly remembered.

“Speaking of mochi, I will need a mortar and a mallet, won’t I~?”

This time, I have used only a small amount of glutinous rice, so I had no problems pounding it with a stick, but that would be a bit difficult once the amount increases.
I originally thought that I would have Grandpa make me a magic tool, but… I have already ordered so much from him, so it’s quite difficult asking him again.

“They are tools for making mochi.”
“”Let’s buy~!””
“N~ I don’t think they are sold, you know?”

The children showed interest and desire from my mutter, but they let out dissatisfied voices when I replied to them.

“”Then, let’s make!””

However, the children immediately came up with a different idea. It was very appropriate idea.
I think a magic tool would be convenient, but even the children could try making mochi using the traditional mortar and mallet, so I approve of that idea!

“Indeed. Let’s have it made!”
“Then, we need to find a workshop that handles wood. Shall we go?”
“”Let’s go~!””

That being the case, we decided to look for a woodworking shop.

“Yeah, they are a store that deals with furniture, but let’s try asking here.”
“”Let’s ask~””

And so, when we decided to enter the first shop we found, Allen and Elena strived to enter first.

“My, oh my, what adorable customers we have here~”
“Yes, welcome.”

When we entered the store, a middle-aged woman with a good physique greeted us with a smiling expression.

“”We have a request~””
“My, oh my, you have something to order?”
“”Yeah, an order~!””

Whether it was because the woman had a good social disposition, Allen and Elena spoke to her without hesitating.

“Excuse us. Do you receive custom orders here?”
“Of course. Is it furniture?”

There should be stores that do not receive custom orders. Therefore, I decided to confirm that first.

“They should be considered tools? I need a largish container in the shape of a bowl and a wooden hammer.”
“My, that won’t be a problem then. If you are talking big, you need it to be made from a tree that’s at least as fat as me, right?”

There was no problem with placing a custom order, but… I had a difficult time replying to the woman.

“Now, now, you are making it difficult for the customer to answer.”

While troubled about how to answer, a middle-aged man came out from inside the store.

“Oh my, Dear, you came just at the right moment. The customer has a custom order to place, so I was just about to go find you.”
“… Are you ignoring me?”
“N? I will leave it to you then~”

The person was apparently the woman’s husband, but she completely ignored his chiding.
The husband seems to have his hardships too. He’s currently hanging his head down as if wanting to hide.

“… Customer, sorry for making you wait. Let me hear your order.”
“… Please.”

The woman returned inside the store after leaving things in her husband’s hands, so when he asked about the order again, I explained about the mortar and mallet to him. Then, the man told me that he won’t have any troubles making them, so I decided to place the order.

“The problem would be which materials to use.”
“Something tough and solid would be preferable.”

Materials that wouldn’t break when Allen and Elena use them would be nice, but… yeah, I have a feeling that ordinary tree wouldn’t be good. It would definitely break. It has to be truly solid wood!

“How about this?”
“”Gaya tree~?””
“Oh, you got it, Allen, Elena~”
“”Got it~!””

I took out Gaya tree from my Infinite Storage. It was just the right thickness and was cut short.
Allen and Elena immediately recognized what kind of tree it was.

“Oy, wait a moment!? T, this is Gaya tree!?”

The man opened his eyes wide in a shock after hearing the children’s words and started inspecting the tree in a fluster.

“Uoh! It’s the real thing!”
“Ah, but, being a good quality wood doesn’t mean it’s necessarily solid, is it?”

Is there good quality, soft wood as well? I thought that Gaya tree’s wood is hard out of my own convenience, but how is it in reality?

“As a material, it’s enough. Too much, actually!”
“Really? I am glad to hear that then.”

Yep, it seems to be fine.
Looks like Gaya wood = solid was correct.

“Nonono, Gaya wood has better for other purposes, you know!?”
“Other purposes?”
“Gaya wood is mainly used for propping buildings and making furniture!”

Which reminds me, I thought of asking about Gaya wood furniture.

“How long would it take to have furniture made out of Gaya wood?”
“N? Let’s see~ something simple would take as long as a month. Several months would be necessary for something with fine craftsmanship.”
“It takes that long?”

As I thought, working with Gaya wood takes time.
Several months. That’s a period that’s making me hesitate to order.

“Then, how long would it take for the items I ordered?”
“Those are simple to make. I, more or less, only have to carve them out, so… let’s see~ about ten days?”

It takes ten days even though it’s simple to make? Gaya wood must be just that tough.
However, I have no other choice to make the mortar and mallet.

“Anyhow, I would like to go with just that.”
“Not the furniture, but the container!?”
“Yes, that.”

Rather than the furniture with no place to put them in mind, the mortar and mallet take priority.

“Mortar, please~”
“Mallet, please~”
“… I have no idea what mallet and mortar are, but… leave it to me.”

After making doubly sure, the man nodded to Allen and Elena and hung his head, but it seems he will undertake the task, so I decided to order without a reserve.

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