Mezametara Chikashitsu!? – Chapter 109.5

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“Obasama, do you know something about Shelly’s family?” (Nathan)

“Why do you ask?” (Charlotte)

“Your eyebrows were wrinkling.” (Nathan)

“How sharp…… do you guys know about the kidnappings that frequently started occurring in this country?”

“Yes, I heard that several culprits have been apprehended.” (Nathan)

“I heard from Rufina that the method of the kidnappings are done by torturing one of the adults before the family and then taking the children from the women who lost their will to resist. Don’t you find it similar to this incident?” (Charlotte)

Everyone was at a loss of words because of Charlotte’s words.

“And the search?” (Miguel)

“They have not been found yet.” (Charlotte)

“Then, first of all, let’s heal Silva-dono’s injuries.” (Miguel)

“That would be impossible. There is nothing we can do about that which has been lost.” (Charlotte)

“I have a magic tool that is capable of doing just that.” (Miguel)

Miguel said so and removed a pendant from around his neck.

“What is that? I never heard of anything like that.”(Charlotte)

“The hell is that!? You had something like that?” (Katie)

“Calm down, Katie. That’s not all there is to it, right?” (Monet)

“I received this from a friend. Please, let me try.” (Miguel)

“Obasama, the friend Aniue is talking about has healed Angela Obasama’s body. The number of your nephews has increased by one.” (Nathan)

“What!? Healed Angela? Is that so…… she gave a birth…… got it. Give it a try.” (Charlotte)

Charlotte opened the curtain and let Miguel inside.
Under the sheets laid the bandaged Silva who lost his eyes and all of his limbs.
Miguel frowned and secured the pendant around Silva’s neck.

“Transfering ownership from Miguel to Silva.” (Miguel)

The moment Miguel said that, the pendant started shining and wrapped Silva’s body in a faint light. The limbs he lost started recovering.

“This is seriously unbelievable. Just whom did you get it from?” (Charlotte)

“I will introduce you the next time. With this, we might get to know something when he wakes up.” (Miguel)

While Miguel was talking with Charlotte, Katie and Monet were talking with Nathan.

“If I’m not mistaken, the one who healed Angela-sama was Sayo-sama, no?” (Katie)

“Can he be healed with the magic sealed within the magic tool?” (Monet)

“That’s right. The wounds will be naturally healed and the parts he lost will be recovered.” (Nathan)

“This is seriously out of the common sense.” (Katie)

“That too, but Miguel-sama is incredible for using such precious magic tool on a stranger.” (Monet)

“Indeed.” (Feli would act herself if he didn’t do it after all. Besides……)

A distance from Nathan and others, Felice and the rest were talking.

“As expected of Niisama. He understands you well, Feli.” (Albert)

“I ought to give him a new one later.” (Felice)

“Anyhow, does Niisama like Shelly?” (Albert)

“Hmm~ I can’t tell just yet whether he’s conscious of her as a little sister or a woman.” (Felice)

“…… Even though you guys are sharp when it comes to others, why are you so dense about each other’s feelings?” (Gai)

“”Eh?”” (Felice & Albert)

“No, it’s nothing.” (Gai)

After looking at Gai wonderingly, Albert spoke to Charlotte.

“Hey, Obasama. Why did you go traveling?” (Albert)

“To study. I left my home to be a Healer, but I could feel my lack of ability. I went to various places for the past three years.” (Charlotte)

“Lack of ability, you say…… are you perhaps talking about Angela-san?” (Felice)

“Yes. But, in the end, I couldn’t find the power to heal her. That’s why, that child Sayo, who healed her…… I have a great interest in her.” (Charlotte)

Felice secretly shuddered after seeing Charlotte’s gaze that was like that of a predator.

(Scary!? What will I do if I get exposed!?)(Felice)

(Uwaa…… she’s like Tousama when he looks at Gai)(Albert)

(They look so unnecessarily alike…… do your best, Felice)(Gai)

While they were talking with each other, both Shelly and Silva woke up.

“Huh? When did I……” (Shelly)

“Ah~ I slept well~” (Silva)

The two woke up looked up and their eyes met.

“Good morning, Otousan.” (Shelly)

“Morning, Shelly.” (Silva)

“……… Otousan!? Otousan!” (Shelly)

“Uoh!? What’s wrong, Shelly! Are you crying!? Who made my daughter cry! Was it you!?” (Silva)

“Eh? N, no, you are mistaken!” (Miguel)

Silva who held his daughter in his arms flared up at Miguel.

“Calm down. You are the cause of Shelly’s tears. Well, this fellow made her cry too though.” (Charlotte)

“Obasama!” (Miguel)

“You are?” (Silva)

“I am a Healer, Charlotte is my name. You were treated by me. Do you not remember anything?” (Charlotte)

“Healing…… right…… my limbs…… why are they there!? I can see! Were you the one who healed me?” (Silva)

“I only kept you alive. The reason your limbs and eyes are healed is because Miguel over here used a precious magic tool on you.” (Charlotte)

“”Eh?”” (Silva & Shelly)

Silva and Shelly who heard the full story from Charlotte were stopped by kneeling before Miguel.

“There’s no need for that.” (Miguel)

“However!” “But!” (Silva & Shelly)

“In that case, won’t you think about the future positively from now on?” (Miguel)

“”Eh?”” (Silva & Shelly)

“A message from my Father, Claude Faust. “Shelly-dono, your magic and combat abilities are admirable. Currently, our country is putting effort into cultivating a force of royal court magicians, and thus we established a trainee system. I would like to see you participate by all means.” That’s it” (Miguel)

“Faust you say, the Prime Minister!?” (Silva)

“A magician’s trainee?” (Shelly)

“Of course, the studies take priority, so the courses would be after school and during the holidays. It will be difficult, but you have much to learn, right? There’s no need to give an answer immediately, so make sure to think it over carefully.” (Miguel)

“I was invited too. I plan on taking a part in it.” (Katie)

“I also thought it was a valuable experience and planned on participating.” (Monet)

Miguel spoke to Shelly and patted her head when she was pondering about Katie and Monet’s words.

“No need to be flustered. Various things happened and you must be tired. Rest slowly.” (Miguel)

“Miguel-sama………” (Shelly)

Shelly who looked into Miguel’s face quickly jumped up as she covered her face that turned bright red.

“W, what was I thinking! …… Wanting to embrace him!” (Shelly)

“O, oy, are you all right? Your face is red, do you have a fever? Obasama, quickly look at her.” (Miguel)

“She has an incurable illness. I cannot cure her, but it will heal on its own.” (Charlotte)

“Hah? An incurable illness that will heal on its own?” (Miguel)

“Don’t worry about it.” (Charlotte)

Katie and Monet watched their exchange while grinning, and Silva looked on with a complicated expression.
As for the members of the Faust House.

“Are you fine with that, Nathan Oniisama?” (Felice)

“With what?” (Nathan)

“I mean, don’t you always drive women who approach Miguel Oniisama away?” (Felice)

“I certainly remove stupid women with doubtful origins from his presence, but she should be fine. Besides……” (Nathan)

“”Besides?”” (Felice & Albert)

“Looks like I could tease him about this.” (Nathan)

“”Is that so……”” (Felice & Albert)

“Still, Aniue is quite dense, isn’t he?” (Nathan)

“Unexpectedly~ it seems that it will take time until he notices.” (Albert)

“Even though Oniisama is usually so sharp. Are people like that dense when it comes to love?” (Felice)

“Eh…… you are going to say that? You guys are saying that?” (Gai)

“”What?”” (Felice & Albert)

“Isn’t it fine, Gai? You should just watch over them with a grin.” (Nathan)


Just as Gai sighed, Rufina who was knocking on the door came in.

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