Mezametara Chikashitsu!? – Chapter 110.5

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Albert and Gai walked over to Felice.

“Are you two going away for work now?” (Felice)

“Yeah, we are going to catch a kidnapper.” (Bernardo)

“We have experience in this, so we couldn’t keep sitting in silence.” (Carlotta)

“I see… you know, Shelly-san’s family has also been kidnapped.” (Felice)

“”Shelly-san?”” (Bernardo & Carlotta)

“She’s a student at the Radius Academy.” (Albert)

“Hey Albert, you seem to be well.” (Bernardo)

“It’s our first seeing this child, isn’t it?” (Carlotta)

“I am Felice and Albert’s babysi— buhe!? attendant, the name’s Gai.” (Gai)

Seeing Albert jump and kick Gai in the face and Gai glare back at Albert even without staggering a step back, Bernardo and Carlotta though: ‘This fellow is not normal too, huh’ with a distant look on their faces.

“And so, what are YOU doing!” (Gai)

“You were about to say a babysitter, didn’t you? Besides, you can’t even feel pain, so it’s it fine?” (Albert)

“That’s not the problem here!” (Gai)

Leaving the two quarreling guys alone, Felice waved her hand towards Miguel and others who noticed her and approached.
After they greeted each other, Felice continued the conversation.

“Shelly-san, Bernardo-san and Carlotta-san are apparently going over to arrest the kidnappers.” (Felice)

“You have met with misfortune. I know of Silva.” (Bernardo)

“We will put in our greatest effort to save your family and others who were kidnapped.” (Carlotta)

“Thank you very much!” (Shelly)

“Then, laters.” (Bernardo)

“Have a safe trip! Please, be careful, okay!” (Felice)

Bernardo and Carlotta hugged Felice one more time and ran off.

“By the way, is it good not to stop those two?” (Katie)

“They are just playing, let them be.” (Nathan)

“However, there are showing no signs of stopping. Feli, please.” (Miguel)

“Al~ Gai~ we are leaving~” (Felice)

When Felice called, the two instantly stopped.
Just when they were about to resume walking to the Faust mansion, Felice felt an unpleasant gaze and tightly grasped Albert’s hand.
Albert and Gai who felt it too were vigilant, but the glare quickly disappeared.

“That just now was……… Feli, are you okay?” (Albert)

“Yeah…” (Felice)

“What was that just now… what an unpleasant gaze.” (Gai)

After that, when they returned to the mansion, Samantha who heard the circumstances quickly made sure to prepare a room.
It became a night and the female group was chatting all night, while the male group was also awake.
Felice always goes to sleep at the same time, so she fell asleep together with Albert.
Albert who watched her sleeping face for a while was contacted by Bernardo via telepathy.

(Albert, can you hear me?) (Bernardo)

(Bernardo? Did something happen?) (Albert)

(We have now just arrived at the town where the auction is happening, but that woman was here.) (Bernardo)

(That woman?) (Albert)

(Bailey Household’s head maid.) (Bernardo)

(Wha!? … That glare from before!) (Albert)

(Glare? Did something happen?) (Bernardo)

(After we parted with you guys, I felt an unpleasant gaze. Doubt, hostility, hatred… I have no positive proof, but it’s likely that this glare belonged to that woman.) (Albert)

(What do we do? Her objective should be the auction. Do we catch her before she can report about Felice?) (Bernardo)

(I would like to do that, but… anyhow, I will be going there first. What town is it?) (Albert)

(A town near the Empire, Setty.) (Bernardo)

(I have never been there so a transfer would be impossible. I will hurry, so keep your eyes wide open in the meanwhile.) (Albert)

(Got it!) (Bernardo)

Albert who ended the telepathy quietly stood up so he wouldn’t wake up Felice and left the room.

“Gai.” (Albert)

“What is it? Where are you going?” (Gai)

Gai who showed up after being called by Albert asked wonderingly.

“I am going to meet the owner of the afternoon’s glare. Convey everyone that I won’t be returning until the morning.” (Albert)

“Understood. Explain the situation to me properly later.” (Gai)

“I know. I leave things here to you.” (Albert)

Albert transferred to the royal palace where Claude was.
Claude was in Evan’s office where he was with Evan and Lewis, so they were startled by Albert’s sudden appearance.

“Al, what’s happening this late in the night?” (Claude)

“Actually——” (Albert)

The three whom Albert explained the situation started thinking with serious faces.

“Anyhow, we can’t say anything without confirming first.” (Claude)

“Albert, I will send you to Setty. Let’s hurry.” (Lewis)

“Be careful. I heard it’s a black auction, so there should be many guards. Well, you will be all right since it’s you though.” (Evan)

“Al, contact us as you go. I will come up with countermeasures.” (Claude)

“Got it. Lewis, please.” (Albert)

“Let us go then.” (Lewis)

Albert transferred together with Lewis.
The place of transfer was a back alley-like place with no presence of people.

“I will be returning. Albert, you mustn’t act rashly.” (Lewis)

“Yeah. Thank you, Lewis.” (Albert)

Lewis went back, so Albert changed his appearances to his youth one and went to meet up with Bernardo.

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