Mezametara Chikashitsu!? – Chapter 110

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Rufina stiffened in shock after entering the room.
That’s because Silva who was supposed to be in a comatose state was awake.
Moreover, his limbs and eyes were healed.

“Rufina, what have you stiffened for?”

“Err… Silva is…”

“Ahh, that’s—”

When Charlotte explained the situation to Rufina, she quickly understood and spoke about the situation of Silva’s family.

“It will be painful for Silva and Shelly to listen, but…” (Rufina)

“You mean the matter of my wife and children being kidnapped?” (Silva)

“Yes.” (Rufina)

“Wait a moment! What do you mean by kidnapping!?” (Shelly)

“Your family has been rolled up in the kidnapping that has been occurring frequently in this country as of recent.” (Rufina)

“That can’t be…” (Shelly)

“Do you have any clues?” (Charlotte)

“We got a word from the palace. The paper the captured culprit had at hand had information about the kidnapped families, Silva’s household was among them. The rescue party is being organized immediately, a number of people from the guild are participating as well.” (Rufina)

“Let me go too!” (Silva)

“I will go as well!” (Shelly)

“Silva can go, but I cannot allow Shelly to go.” (Rufina)

“But!” (Shelly)

“Shelly, leave it to your father. I will save them by any means.” (Silva)

“Otousan… I understand.” (Shelly)

“However, it has been a week since they were kidnapped, right? Didn’t they already leave the country?” (Miguel)

Rufina replied to Miguel’s question.

“From the intel we got, the kidnapped people are gathered in one place where they are auctioned off. We have verified the place as well.” (Rufina)

“Is that so… Silva-dono, the Faust Household will look after Shelly while you are away. Are you all right with that?” (Miguel)

“Eh?” (Shelly)

“I am, but…” (Silva)

“We will be in their care today as well. We were invited over as an appreciation for the previous matter and to congratulate us on the overall victory at the Resistance War.” (Monet)

“Adam-sama, Dylan-sama and Rousseau will be apparently coming too.” (Katie)

“It wouldn’t be anything like a celebration, but you would feel depressed all alone, won’t you come with us?” (Miguel)

“Shelly, let’s do that.” (Silva)

“Otousan… umm, I will be in your care.” (Shelly)

As everyone came to an agreement, Rufina and Silva left for the standby place of the rescue party while Charlotte returned to the Healers’ place.
Felice and others too went to the Faust mansion from the guild, but Adam and Dylan happened to pass by in a carriage on the way, and they joined up with Rousseau too, so they explained the situation to them.

“Something like that has happened?” (Adam)

“That’s why we thought of changing the celebration day, but will you guys be returning?” (Miguel)

“I don’t mind. The attention will be diverted easier with more people.” (Dylan)

“I’m also not returning. I came here with so much effort after all.” (Adam)

“I will go too.” (Rousseau)

“Say, wasn’t Albert and Felice with you? Gai too.” (Adam)

“Wha? They are behi……… they are not.” (Miguel)

Being asked such by Adam, the others turned where Felice and others were supposed to be, but the three weren’t there.
While Miguel and others were looking around, Katie found them.

“There! Wha, they are getting attacked by a bear!” (Katie)

“Bear? … Ahh, it’s fine. That’s a Beastman they are acquaintanced with. He’s using Beastification, isn’t he?” (Miguel)

What Katie saw was a bear with a good stature tightly hugging Felice close to his chest.

“Beastification you say, isn’t that a rare skill among the Beastman? The one that changes one’s appearances to that of an animal and also increases one’s ability by about five times? W, won’t she get crushed?” (Shelly)

“He doesn’t seem to be using much strength. Felice is smiling too, right?” (Adam)

“Truly. She looks happy… rather, doesn’t she seem entranced?” (Monet)

“Because he’s fluffy.” “Indeed” “Yup.” “Yeah.” (Miguel, Nathan, Dylan & Adam)

“”””Haah?”””” (Katie, Monet, Rousseau & Shelly)

Let’s return back in time a little.

“What’s wrong?” (Albert)

“Have you found something?” (Gai)

“Shh~ … I am off for a little, wait for me, okay?” (Felice)

What Felice was gazing at was a retreating figure of a large bear.
After she erased all of her traces and slowly approached, she vigorously threw herself at the back of the bear to hug him.

“An opening~!” (Felice)

“Bad luck! No opening for you~!” (Bear)

Felice spoke cheerfully to the bear who turned around caught her in his arms without feeling vexed.

“Hello, Bernardo-san!” (Felice)

「Hello. Felice, you have erased your presence so skillfully and yet you spoke so loudly.” (Bernardo)

“Ehehe, Bernardo-san, why have you Beastified?” (Felice)

“I wonder why~” (Bernardo)

“No need to ask, he smelled your scent so he transformed to lure you in.”

Bernardo’s wife Carlotta appeared while hitting the head of Bernardo who tried to play dumb.

“Carlotta-san, hello!” (Felice)

“Yes, hello. Hey, Dear! Stop monopolizing her and separate from her already! Always not playing fair just because you have Beastification!” (Carlotta)

“I got it, I got it!” (Bernardo)

Bernardo handed Felice over to Carlotta, canceled his spell and returned to his original appearances.

“Felice, didn’t you grew a little taller?” (Carlotta)

“Yeah, I grew by 2 centimeters!” (Felice)

“Is that so! Keep eating lots of meat so you will grow bigger and bigger.” (Bernardo)


Behind Felice who was having a warm conversation, Gai inquired about Bernardo and Carlotta from Albert.

“They are quite attached to each other.” (Gai)

“They are the Bear Beastman husband and wife, Bernardo and Carlotta. I told you about Feli’s circumstances, right? Those two looked after Feli when she was a baby. To them, she’s like their daughter. Feli doesn’t know, so keep quiet about it.” (Albert)

“Roger.” (Gai)

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