Mezametara Chikashitsu!? – Chapter 111

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The Ambusher
Just as Albert arrived at the town, Bernardo and Carlotta pursued the Head Maid.

(She hasn’t come in contact with anyone up until now.) (Bernardo)

(She’s going to the auction, so she should have guards with her. Did she perhaps already notice us?) (Carlotta)

(That seems to be the case. We have been successfully led by her. We are surrounded.) (Bernardo)

When Bernardo and Carlotta stopped after noticing the presences around them, the Head Maid who walked in front of them stopped and turned around.

“Come out. I know you are there.”


Seeing Bernardo and Carlotta quietly come out, the face of the Head Maid twisted in disgust.

“I have something I want to ask you. How are you free?” (Head Maid)

“We have no duty of replying to you.” (Bernardo)
“You lowly beast! Answer me!” (Head Maid)

“Lowly beast, huh… you have not changed. We were illegal slaves. That’s why we were released.” (Carlotta)

“During the day… I saw that thing. That thing should have died. Why is it in this country? Did you guys save it?” (Head Maid)

Although the two felt anger swelling in them when the Head Maid addressed Felice is “That”, they replied calmly.

“Although I don’t know what you mean by that thing, even if it was our doing, what is it to you?” (Bernardo)

“If that would be the case, then I would have something to ask you about.” (Head Maid)

“What do you want to know?” (Carlotta)

“That day… the day that thing died, that person’s treasure vanished. An important, precious treasure that would become his trump card. Was it your doing?” (Head Maid)

“Treasure? … I wouldn’t know.” (Bernardo)

“A Black Dragon that was gifted to that person.”

“”Black Dragon!?”” (Bernardo & Carlotta)

“… That reaction… it seems that I was wrong. Cannot be helped. I shall capture that thing and interrogate it.” (Head Maid)

“Stop messing around! I won’t let you hurt that child any more than this!” (Carlotta)

“You won’t forgive me? That thing is my Lord’s property. Moreover, you don’t have the leisure to be worrying about that thing.” (Head Maid)

As the two seethed with anger, the Head Maid raised her hand and the people surrounding them in the darkness came out.

“Slaves, huh… I feel sorry for you, but for her sake, I shall defeat you!” (Bernardo)

“I won’t hold back!” (Carlotta)

“You will protect her? …. Fufufu… how are you going to protect her?” (Head Maid)

“What?” (Bernardo)

“I did have guards with me at first. However, they are working separately right now. Now then, I wonder where my guards could be?” (Head Maid)

“Surely not!?” (Bernardo)

“Now then, you guys! Kill those two for me!” (Head Maid)

“Shit!” (Bernardo)

Just when Bernardo and Carlotta accepted the challenge, the slaves that surrounded them collapsed and the atmosphere changed.
A cold sweat dripped down the Head Maid’s back as she felt as she got locked in a cold, dark place. When Bernardo and Carlotta looked around in relief, they saw Albert standing on the roof of a nearby building with a very cold face.
Even though Albert’s coldness wasn’t directed towards them, Bernardo and Carlotta were sweating from the pressure.

(Whoa… how much did he hear?) (Bernardo)

(I have not felt his presence, but this looks bad. Truly, what kind of person is he?) (Carlotta)

Looking at the dumbfounded Head Maid, Albert spoke.

“You… who is whose property? That child is under my protection… if you lay your hands on her, I will destroy you together with your Lord and your country!” (Albert)

“Hii!?” (Head Maid)

Seeing the Head Maid faltering, Bernardo shouted at Albert.

“Right! Oy, hurry up and return! That child is in danger!” (Bernardo)

“T, that’s right… if you move against me, that thing will be dealt with!” (Head Maid)

The Head Maid looked at the panicking Bernardo with scorn, but Albert replied to her without interest.

“That would be impossible. Because you look down on that child, you have not investigated her situation, right?” (Albert)

“W, what are you trying to say by that!” (Head Maid)

“The place that child is now, is this country’s safest place. Although the people of that house would fall behind the Demons, but they definitely wouldn’t lose to your bunch, moreover, that fellow is by her side.” (Albert)

“Wha, what are you saying?” (Head Maid)

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