Mezametara Chikashitsu!? – Chapter 112.5

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Don’t Run Away
And then, the next morning, Felice who saw Albert sleeping next to her as usual shed tears.

“Felice, I am sorry about yesterday. I was worked up and said something horrible. I’m truly sorry.”

“Al… sniff… are you not angry anymore?”

“I’m not. That was my fault for not hearing out your feelings. Let’s talk one more time?”

“Yeah. You see——”

Hearing Felice’s story, Albert accepted her proposal.
The relieved Albert was being looked at with sympathetic gazes of Katie and others, so he asked for the reason as he felt uncomfortable.

“Say, why are you looking at me like that? Did I do something?”

“”””No, nothing in particular.””””

He looked at Miguel and others after Shelly and others averted their gazes, but each and every one of them was acting suspicious, so Albert squinted his eyes.

“What is it? Tell me quickly… please… Adam… -sama.” (Albert)

“W, whwhwhy me! Rather, get used to the honorifics already!” (Adam)

“Don’t go off topic… say it… please.” (Albert)

“Al, I recognize your effort, but…” (Miguel)

“I understand. Everyone has their physiological difficulties.” (Dylan)

“That’s so true~” (Nathan)

“… What do you mean by that? Are you saying that I am physiologically hopeless?” (Adam)

“I see. So my elder brothers and Dylan-sama are in cahoots. Hmm~” (Albert)

“Al, why does it sound so natural when you address Dylan-sama? Is it a personal virtue?” (Felice)

The faces of Shelly and others cramped when they heard the mutter of Felice who was watching the conversation of Albert and others.

((((Isn’t this child quite cruel too!?)))) (Shelly, Katie, Monet, Rousseau)

Adam has apparently heard that mutter too as he shed tears in silence.

“Whoa!? What’s the matter, Adam-sama? Are you hurting somewhere?”

((((She’s not aware of what she said!?))))

“… Yeah… my heart is aching.”

“Heart? It would be serious if you are ill!” (Felice)

“It’s fine, Feli. That pain will be quickly resolved if only he talks honestly.” (Albert)

“is that so? Then, quickly speak up, Adam-sama!” (Felice)

Pressed by the innocence of Felice, Adam who had no place to escape said what he told Shelly and others.
After he finished talking, Albert endured with a pulsing vein on his forehead.

(Who is sleepwalking at the night and transferring outside to eat weird mushrooms and to bring weird creatures back?) (Albert)

(I mean, it cannot be helped, right! It would be too strange for a child to go outside so late at night!) (Adam)

(Even so, there’s a better way to explain!) (Albert)

(That was the first thing that came to my mind! Sorry!) (Adam)

(Kuh… I got it. I will thank you for once.) (Albert)

The others who watched the two’s silent exchange were feeling ominous, but they continued eating their breakfast without saying anything.

Two days later, when Miguel and others took a day off from school to join in on Felice and Albert’s training, a notice from the palace arrived.
The notice told that the kidnapped people were safely rescued, thus Shelly and others went to the Adventurer’s Guild.
Accompanied by Gai, Felice and Albert transferred to the palace.
Claude was waiting for them in his office.

“You came. Are you really all right with this, Feli?” (Claude)

“Yes. Please let me do it.” (Felice)

“Got it. Then, I will accompany you as planned. Al, Gai, you two stay here.” (Claude)

“Yeah.” (Albert)

“Roger.” (Gai)

Guided by Claude, Felice arrived in front of a certain room in a dungeon.

“She’s in here. She’s being restricted with a magic tool so she can’t use her magic or skills, but still, make sure to be careful.” (Claude)

“Understood. Thank you, Otousama.” (Felice)

Leaving Claude behind, Felice entered the room by herself.
Then, she has faced her.

“Why… why are you here!” (Amalia)

“Long time no see, Bailey family’s Head Maid, Amalia-san. This place reminds me of that place.” (Felice)

“Answer my question!” (Amalia)

“The reason I am here, is it? That’s because I asked to meet you.” (Felice)

“How are you alive! You were supposed to die in the magic tool experiment!” (Amalia)

“That’s because I escaped. I have no obligation to tell you the method, so I won’t tell. The reason I wanted to see you is that I wanted to thank you.” (Felice)

“Thank me? What nonsense are you spouting!” (Amalia)

“I… the current me is here only thanks to you. After leaving that place, I was named and I was able to gain a family as well. I made friends too… I even have someone special by my side.” (Felice)

“Fuh… there’s no way a jinx like you has something like that. That’s right, I was caught because of you. And because of you, the beasts have escaped! Because of you, the present has run away! That’s surely it! Do you know just how much that person has suffered after that? You should have been disposed of the moment you were born!” (Amalia)

“But, I am here. No matter what you think, what you say, I live here. I have found my happiness here. Therefore… I will fight anyone who tries to steal it from me. Farewell, Amalia-san.” (Felice)

“Stop right there! Let me out of here!” (Amalia)

Felice left the room without turning back.
She was hugged tightly by Claude who was waiting outside, so he started walking after she buried her face into his shoulder.
After returning to the office, Claude lowered her down so she was immediately hugged by Albert.
Gai also watcher her anxiously.

“Are you okay, Feli?” (Albert)

“Yup. I’m fine. I was able to say what I wanted to say, so I feel refreshed.” (Felice)

Just as the three felt relieved from seeing Felice’s beaming smile, Felice held her chest.


“Feli? Does it hurt!? Did something happen to you, after all!?” (Albert)

“That’s not it… I just felt some stinging. Let’s take a look at the Adventurer’s Guild.” (Felice)

“Wouldn’t it be better to have it looked at?” (Gai)

“I’m really fine, Gai. Thank you.” (Felice)

“… Shall we go then?” (Albert)

“Yeah. Thank you for today, Otousama.” (Felice)

“Don’t mind it. Be careful.” (Claude)

“”Yesss~”” (Felice & Albert)

“Leave them to me.” (Gai)

Felice and the rest waved their hands to Claude as they transferred away.
The guild was bustling with many people, so nobody noticed the three who appeared all of sudden.
After confirming that Miguel and others were warmly watching over the crying Shelly who was able to reunite with her family, Felice and the two returned to the mansion.
Since that day, Felice strived to train harder and grew up.

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