Mezametara Chikashitsu!? – Chapter 112

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Don’t Run Away
Albert who caught Felice who was running away desperately apologized to the sulking her.

“I’m sorry. I said something that hurt your feelings. Hey Feli, this expression of yours is also cute, but please fix your mood… okay?”

“I’m not angry or anything. Rather than that, where have you been?”

(She’s definitely angry.)
“I was called by Bernardo and Carlotta.”


“… Let’s go to your room before talking.”

“… Okay.”

Felice abided by the serious Albert while feeling uneasy.
After moving to the room and sitting on the bed, Albert began talking.

“The reason I was called over was that Bernardo and Carlotta have spotted that woman.”

“That woman?”

“Yeah. The one who was at that mansion… the Head Maid.”

“… Ah… Head… Maid… hyu!”


Hearing about the Head Maid, Felice started hyperventilating, so Albert rubbed her back in panic.

“Huu… hyuu-…”

“It’s fine, Feli! I have caught that woman already! I won’t let her touch you!”

Hearing Albert’s words, Felice’s breathing gradually calmed and a short while later, her hyperventilation was calmed.

“Al… I’m sorry. Even though I thought that I was already fine.”

“There’s no way you are fine. During the day… you felt an unpleasant gaze on you, no?”

“Yeah. Was it that person?”

“Correct. The people who assaulted this place were her companions.”

“I… caused everyone trouble.”

“No one is thinking that. I will now go talk with Tousama and others about the measures to take from now on.”


Albert told his idea of catching the Head Maid participating in the auction.

“With this method, we will be able to catch that woman legally. We cannot let those guys know of your situation. But… after this, the possibility of those guys knowing of your existence is not zero anymore.”

“Got it. Al… I don’t want to lose. I met you and got a family. I made friends. I have teachers. I… don’t want it to get snatched from me again. That’s why… I want to meet her.”


“The current me is being protected by you and the people around me. But, I cannot change the blood of the Bailey family flowing within me. I don’t want to run from that. One day, when I have to face them, I want to stand proud.”

“And you want to see that woman because of that? That woman has not changed. She will only hurt you. Seeing that happen in front of me, I don’t have the confidence to endure.”

“Yeah. That’s why… I will go alone.”

“I won’t let that happen! If you want to see her no matter what, then it will be together with me!”


“This talk is over. I’m going to speak with Tousama and others.”


Ignoring Felice, Albert transferred away.
Felice who was left behind muttered to herself with seemingly sad eyes.

“I won’t be able to become strong like this. I don’t want to turn into a spoilt child who is dependant on others… Al.”

Albert who transferred to Claude and others squatted in bewilderement.
Seeing him like that, Claude got down to his knees and spoke to him.

“What’s the matter, Al? Did something happen with Feli?” (Claude)

“… Why is it about Feli?” (Albert)

“The only reason for you to become like this is when it concerns Felice, no?” (Evan)

“Stop it, Evan.” (Lewis)

“Ouch! Owowow! Stop it, Lewis!” (Claude)

Lewis has pinched Claude’s cheek while sending a glare towards Evan. He then spoke to Albert.

“Don’t mind the fools, tell us what’s going on.” (Lewis)


Claude and others who heard Albert’s story couldn’t believe what they heard.

“Al, I understand your feelings but you should have yielded to Feli’s feelings there.” (Claude)

“Why? That would would have——” (Albert)

“Claude knows that too. Say, Albert, what do you want Felice to do?” (Evan)

“What, you ask… I don’t understand what you are saying, Evan.” (Albert)

“What I meant is, do you want Felice to be pampered and dependant upon you? Do you want her to be a human that can’t think and act for herself?” (Evan)

“Of course not! Feli won’t become like that.” (Albert)

“Indeed. Feli won’t become like that. But you see, Albert, if people get used to being provided for like that, they will start taking it as a natural thing to happen.” (Claude)

“Because Felice understands that, she’s acting in a way that wouldn’t make her become like that.” (Lewis)

“I just…” (Albert)

“Ahh~ stop being so irresolute! It’s making me mad! She certainly might get hurt if you listen to her wish, but you just have to support her after that!” (Evan)

“Evan.” (Albert)

“It’s as Evan said. Rely on us too. We are a family after all.” (Claude)

“Tousama.” (Albert)

“Of course, you can rely on us as well. You guys are our pupils and friends, all right?” (Lewis)

“Lewis… I got it. I will speak with Feli. But before that, will it be fine to catch her as a participant of the auction?” (Albert)

“Some adjustments are needed first. But, leave that to us. You go talk with Feli.” (Lewis)

“Thanks.” (Albert)

When Albert returned to the room, he didn’t see Felice but an imposingly smiling Samantha instead.
Seeing her unusual state, Albert took a step back.

“You returned earlier than I thought. Even though I planned to wait for you until you came back.”

“Ka, Kaasama? Ummm… where is Feli?”

“Feli is in my room.”

“I, is that so?”



“Looking at you, you seem to have reflected on your actions so I won’t say anything. Felice tired herself out from crying and fell asleep. If you want to talk then leave it for tomorrow. Understood?”

“Yes… thank you, Kaasama.”

“No need to thank me. You guys are my precious family. Rather than that, if you are feeling lonely, how about going to Miguel or Nathan?”

“Can’t I go to Feli? I want to apologize to her when she wakes up.”

“Can’t be helped. I will rest next door. You better not wake her up.”


Having received permission from Samantha, Albert was able to sleep together with Felice.

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