Mezametara Chikashitsu!? – Chapter 119.5

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Failures happen, right?
There was a man laying on the bed in the room Martha has guided us to.

“Dear.” (Martha)

“What is it, Martha? If it’s about food then I don’t want to eat.” (Man)

“Naturally! You have just eaten, didn’t you? A little healer came to see you.” (Martha)

“Yeah?” (Man)

The man who was looking at the ceiling looked at Martha only with his eyes.

“Nice to meet you, I am Felice.”

“Hello, I am Albert.”

“… I am Bosco. Oy, Martha. By a little healer, did you perhaps mean?” (Bosco)

“It’s this girly. She’s practicing magic, so let her look at you.” (Martha)

“Practicing? … Well, I might as well do that. I don’t mind. Practice as much as you want.” (Bosco)

“Thank you very much!” (Felice)

The lips of Bosco loosened when Felice smiled at him, but resignation was oozing from his face.

“Your back is hurting, right?” (Felice)

“Yeah, I had fallen off of a ladder while pruning.” (Bosco)

“I will examine you then.” (Felice)

(The Mind’s Eye… His spine is broken. Moreover, because fragments of the bones are caught in between, I have to remove them too. Huh? His liver is a bit inflamed. Let’s heal it for him too.)

Felice confirmed Bosco’s condition and activated her magic.

“Restoration.” (Felice)

“This is quite warm.” (Bosco)

After a while, the light subsided so Felice spoke to Bosco.

“I have finished. How is it?” (Felice)

“You done already? I have finally received treatment, but as I thought… as I thought? … This isn’t real, is it!?” (Bosco)

“Dear! If you rise so suddenly… you have risen!?”

Bosco who jumped up on his feet with a shocked voice was looking at Felice in bewilderement.
Martha who saw that stood frozen in place with her mouth wide open.

“Ah! Martha-san, you said that your knees were hurting very much, right?” (Felice)

“……” (Martha)

“Since she shows no reaction, why don’t you just do it?” (Albert)

“Okay.” (Felice)

(The Mind’s Eye… her cartilage is worn out, except that… she’s healthy.) (Felice)

“Restoration… alright, it’s done.” (Felice)

While the two were stunned, Felice also healed Martha’s knees.

“Ahh~ so warm~ my knees don’t hurt anymore when I bend them… or not! Just what have you done!?” (Martha)

“Treatment?” (Felice)

“Treatment, you say… my husbands back aside, I was told that my knees can’t be treated, you know?” (Martha)

“Didn’t I tell you before? Felice’s magic is amazing.” (Albert)

“… Right?” (Felice)

“”Eh?”” (Bosco & Martha)

Bosco who was dumbfounded until now started panicking all of sudden.

“We ought to pay! How much!” (Bosco)

“Indeed! We have given up, yet we got healed! We have to pay at the very least!” (Martha)

“I don’t want anything.” (Felice)

“”Haah!?”” (Bosco & Martha)

“I mean, I was only practicing, so I can’t accept the money.” (Felice)

“You healed something the Healers couldn’t and you say that you were just practicing!?” (Bosco)

“You guys… now then, is this crime of conscience? You did not intend on taking money from us right from the beginning, right?” (Martha)

“No way~” (Felice)

“”……”” (Bosco & Martha)

Albert had a proposal for Bosco and Martha who were staring at Felice.

“If you can’t agree to it, then just keep silent about Felice.” (Albert)

“You want to keep it secret?” (Martha)

“Why? With an incredible Healer like her, the patients won’t be troubled, no?” (Bosco)

“That is exactly why. Feli is not a Healer, she’s an adventurer.” (Albert)

“I will heal those who need it when I come across them. But, I have no intentions of becoming a Healer.” (Felice)

“It’s such a waste since you are so incredible~” (Martha)

“Don’t say that, Martha. Doing what you want to do is the most important, right?” (Bosco)

“Indeed. I got it. We will keep silent about Felice. However, if you don’t accept our gratefulness, then we won’t be able to settle.” (Martha)

“Certainly. If you don’t want money, what would you accept?” (Bosco)

“”Ehh~”” (Albert & Felice)

Because they couldn’t think of anything even after thinking for a while, Felice and Albert who promised to definitely receive it when they come up with something left towards their next client.
Although the clients of the next two weeding requests were startled by Felice and Albert’s speed, they safely gave them their approval. And so, when they went to the next request, baggage carrying, they were left standing outside the gate by a masculine man.

“Our request was to transport the merchandise! There’s no way little brats like you can do it!” (Masculine man)

“But, the request says it’s to carry baggage…” (Felice)

“Ahh? No way it’s like that! If you want to earn extra money then go to a different place!” (Masculine man)

“… Take a look at the receipt then.” (Albert)

Albert handed over the receipt while Felice was glaring at the masculine man.

“Ah? … This one is…” (Masculine man)

“Baggage carrying is properly written on there, isn’t it?” (Albert)

“Tsk… it certainly is, but you brats would be only a hindrance! Get lost!” (Masculine man)

“Hey!” (Felice)

“Wait, Feli. Let’s leave.” (Albert)

“But…” (Felice)

“Uncle, we will leave, but in return write here that there was an error in the request.” (Albert)

“What?” (Masculine man)

“We won’t leave if you don’t write it.” (Albert)

“Tch… here! Get lost at once!” (Masculine man)

Albert who took a glance at the receipt the man has written on took Felice’s hand and pulled her away.

“Was this all right?” (Felice)

“He was like that, so we better not waste our time with him. We have proper proof too.” (Albert)

“You mean because he wrote there was an error? But…” (Felice)

“I know. You have to push when it comes to shove with a fellow like that, so I have properly recorded our conversation~” (Albert)

“Ohh~ as expected of you!” (Felice)

“Let’s report first to the guild, just in case.” (Albert)

“Okay.” (Felice)

The two returned to the guild and went to Dirk who had no customers as usual.

“What, done already?” (Dirk)

“We have finished the weeding requests. Here, the receipts.” (Felice)

“… Indeed. Here, it’s 3 copper coins for a request, so here are 9 copper coins for you.” (Dirk)

“Thank you very much.” (Felice)

“Thanks.” (Albert)

“And so, why did you return back to the guild halfway?” (Dirk)

“Actually…” (Felice)

Felice and Albert told Dirk about their conversation with the client of the baggage carrying.

“I see. There is a penalty for not completing requests you have taken, but you guys are not at fault this time, so you should be fine. We will acknowledge the clients being at fault in cases like this.” (Dirk)

Rolling up the receipt Albert handed him, the grinning Dirk asked the two about what will they be doing after this.

“So, what about the other requests? All of your requests except the babysitting one have three day completion period, so you don’t really need to complete them today.” (Dirk)

“”Completion period?”” (Albert & Felice)

After being told so by Dirk, the two checked their requests again.

“Hmm~… how many request do we have again?” (Albert)

“Umm, you see~ one babysitting request, two walking with pet requests, two household chores requests, and one helping out a farming family request.” (Felice)

“The babysitting request is designated for tomorrow, shall we finish the others today then?” (Albert)

“Sure.” (Felice)

“Looks like you have decided. But, looking at your conversation just now, you guys have not grasped the contents of the requests yet, right?” (Dirk)

“”Ugh… yes.”” (Albert & Felice)

“Alright, listen here. You might be beginners, but make sure to check every nook and cranny of requests. If you don’t, you might accept requests you won’t be able to complete. You are lucky the baggage carrying request this time was an exception. If you don’t check the requests properly, you won’t cause troubles only for yourselves, but for the clients too. Understood?” (Dirk)

“”Yes.”” (Albert & Felice)

Just when Dirk was patting the heads of the two who obediently gave their replies, they heard the voice of an adventurer.

“S, someone, stop him! He is going to kill her otherwise!”

Reacting to the man’s words, several adventurers and Dirk rushed outside.
Felice and Albert who were startled by the sudden events were curious about what was happening also went over. They saw several adventurers surrounding Gai who was holding a female adventurer by her neck.

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