Mezametara Chikashitsu!? – Chapter 119

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Failures happen, right?
Felice and Albert parted with Gai and went to the client.

“First is weeding, huh.” (Felice)

“There are three weeding requests, the place seems to be close.” (Albert)

“We have not formed a party yet, so do you want to do five each?” (Felice)

“Yeah. Let’s quickly finish so that we can rank up after completing ten of them.” (Albert)

The two arrived at the place of their first request while talking, so after knocking on the door, a sixty-year-old woman came out.


“Oh my, hello there. Do you need something?”

“I am adventurer Albert.”

“I am adventurer Felice. We have come to accept your weeding request.”

“Ahh. Thank you for coming. My name is Martha. May I take you to the back immediately?”


There were guided to the back where the weeds in the garden were overgrown.

“It’s usually taken care of by my husband, but he’s bedridden with bad back. My knees are also poor so I cannot squat and remove the weeds myself. Could I leave it to you?”

The woman said such and returned inside the house.
There two who were left behind started discussing about who will start.

“What do you want to do? Shall I mow it with magic?” (Albert)

“Hmm~… there are trees too, so it might be better to not use magic. Moreover, you would leave the stumps behind.” (Felice)

“You want to do it normally then?” (Albert)

“Wait, Al. Let’s use that!” (Felice)

“That?” (Albert)

“The magic tool we used to get magic stones and metal the other time.” (Felice)

“Ahh! The magic tool that makes use of transfer magic! However, didn’t Tousama punish us severely when we used too much strength and caved-in the ground?” (Albert)

“Yes, but he returned to me after I promised him to use it responsibly. I think we will be able to use it if we target only the weeds~” (Felice)

“How about trying it in a small scope first?” (Albert)

“Okay.” (Felice)

Felice took out a palm-sized black sphere and a two-meter rectangular box from her item box.
The sphere had four projections with uneven transparent magic stones at the tips.
When Felice pulled on two of them, a string came out. After she encircled a part of the garden with that string, she fixed another magic stone on the box in place.
Felice placed her hands on the magic stone and spoke up.

“Target: weeds, commence collection.”

At Felice words, the magic stone started shining and the encircled weeds disappeared.
When the two looked at the encirclement, there was no weed left.

“Yaay~!” (Felice)

“It took the roots too.” (Albert)

“With this, we can finish the entire garden in one go.” (Felice)

This time, Felice decided to enclose the entire garden with the string.
Eventually, they finished ten minutes after arriving at this house.

“That felt refreshing~” (Albert)

“Let’s call Martha-san.” (Felice)

When Felice called into the house, Martha came to the garden.

“What’s the matter, did something happen?” (Martha)

“It’s done!” (Felice)

“Eh?” (Martha)

Hearing Felice’s words, Martha looked at the garden and asked with a surprised voice.

“You two have done is so beatifully. Still, you finished quite fast, didn’t you?” (Martha)

“You are wrong.” (Albert)

“N?” (Martha)

“It wasn’t the two of us, Feli did it by herself.” (Albert)

“Haa!? … You, Albert was it, right? You let a girl do it all by herself?” (Martha)

Martha drew near Albert with an angry face, so Felice explained in panic.

“That’s not it! We have not registered the party yet, so we decided to take turns while doing requests.” (Felice)

“Not registered the party? Did you guys perhaps start today?” (Martha)


“Can you show me the receipt for a bit?” (Martha)


The two handed over the receipt while bewildered.
After scanning over the receipt, Martha looked at the two in exhaustion.

“As I thought. Isn’t there written ‘three people’ on it?” (Martha)


When Felice and Albert looked at the receipt, it certainly said it.

“I was positive I have written my request for up to three people, so there wouldn’t be a problem if you did it together. You have to confirm the receipts beforehand.” (Martha)

“”I am sorry.””

“Pay more attention to it next time.” (Martha)


While smiling wryly at the dejected two, Martha signed their receipt.
Felice who received it asked Martha after pondering for a bit.

“Umm, how is your husband’s condition?” (Felice)

“It’s nothing serious… is what I would like to say, but he quite doesn’t get any better. I had a Healer take a look on him, but it was apparently hopeless.” (Martha)

“Please let me take a look at him!” (Felice)

“You?” (Martha)

“Yes! I am… err, practicing magic. Therefore, umm…” (Felice)

“Feli’s magic is incredible, won’t you let her take a look at him?” (Albert)

Martha spoke with a gentle face to Felice who desperately tried to look for words and Albert who followed her up.

“An incredible trainee of magic, huh. Fufu… got it. Take a look at him by all means.” (Martha)

“Yes!” (Felice)

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