Mezametara Chikashitsu!? – Chapter 120.5

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Even though they had no intentions of standing out.
Sandro tried to depart after saying that, but the adventurers who tried to invite Gai weren’t satisfied and started being noisy.

“Wait a moment! They must be E-rank since they registered just today, right?” (Man 1)

“Aren’t we far better than amateurs like those two!” (Woman)

“Why those two brats!” (Man 2)

“Just what is your relationship?” (Man 3)

Because they were too noisy, Albert replied in annoyance.

“We are Gai’s siblings——” (Albert)

“It’s childhood friends, right?” (Gai)

“… We are childhood friends that were raised as siblings.” (Felice)

“Childhood friends? Is our place of birth the same?” (Albert)

“Place of birth? Why do you——” (Gai)

“We are childhood friends, so it must be the same, right!” (Felice)

“Eh?… Ahh, right, right, it was the same.” (Albert)

“”… Al.”” (Gai & Felice)

“You are all over the place. What is with that ‘It was that kind of setting?’ face of yours?” (Sandro)

Felice and Gai followed-up Albert who made an error in the settings the three had come up with, but the other adventurers were thinking the same when Sandro pointed it out.

“Ahh~… anyhow, I have no intentions of grouping up with anyone but these two.” (Gai)

“Since the person in question is saying that, this talk is finished. Disperse.” (Sandro)

“Follow me to register your party then.” (Dirk)

“Yeah.” (Gai)
“”Ye~ss.”” (Albert & Felice)

Dirk urged the three to follow while the adventurers glared at Felice and Albert vexingly.
On the way, Gai spoke to Dirk, who led the group.

“Did you speak to the Guild Master about us?” (Gai)

“I went to report once I saw two’s background. Your name is quite well-known too, after all. I thought there would be a ruckus.” (Dirk)

“We are sorry for causing trouble.” (Felice)

“You don’t have to mind it. It will be noisy for a while, but adventurers recognize ability. You guys will surely shut them up before long.” (Dirk)

“You don’t think we are just nobles looking to kill time?” (Albert)

“I have been observing adventurers for a long time now. There were foolish nobles among them too, but you guys are different, right?” (Dirk)

“How can you tell?” (Felice)

“You have not used your social status among the ruckus, right? When something happens to those fools, they immediately flare their status around.” (Dirk)

“””Ahh~””” (Albert, Gai & Felice)

Recalling the foolish nobles they met up until now, they reached the receptionist counter while making faces that couldn’t disagree.

“Well then, fill the party application for me.” (Dirk)

“”Yee~s.”” (Albert & Felice)

“I will hand the card to you to safe keep, Gai. The party’s rank will get altered then.” (Dirk)

“Got it.” (Gai)

When the three looked at the form they received, they had to fill out the names, adventurer ranks, specify who is the leader, and also the name of the party.

“We are fine with Gai being the leader, right?” (Albert)

“That would be the safe choice.” (Felice)

“The problem is the party name. What should we go with?” (Albert)

“Weapons of Mass Destruction.” (Gai)

“Eh~ how about The Ultimate Weapons?” (Albert)

“We are not weapons.” (Felice)

“Kokuryuu.” (Albert)

“Isn’t that just your individual name? We could go with King of Anger then.” (Gai)

“That’s your nickname.” (Albert)

“Gee~ think about it seriously~” (Felice)

“You are saying that, but do you have an idea, Feli?” (Albert)

“Hmm~… we might as well insert our traits into the party name, no?” (Felice)

“Traits… I am Kokuryuu, so ‘Black’ and ‘Dragon’?” (Albert)

“I am Demon Lord… ‘Darkness’ and ‘Evil’?”

“From my names, we could take ‘Fortune/Happiness’ and ‘Night’, I think? It’s ‘Black’ ‘Darkness’ ‘Night’, do we put Dark in then?” (Felice)

“In that case, how about ‘Dark Fortune’?” (Gai)

“Dark Fortune, huh… sounds good to me.” (Albert)

“Yeah. I am fine with that too.” (Felice)

(It’s something I wasn’t able to feel in that place. The three of us being able to be together like this is my fortune.) (Felice)

(I did not think that I would be able to spend time with someone like this since that time. What I feel now is probably warmth…) (Albert)

(Come to think of it, that fellow’s name also meant ‘Fortune’ right? When I am with these two, I feel that I can understand the ‘Fortune’ you taught me of.) (Gai)

After filling out the party’s name, Dirk told Albert and Felice to present their cards as well, so they did as he told.

They were told to wait for a while, so they talked about their future plans in the meantime.

“What are we going to do after it’s done?” (Albert)

“I am hungry~” (Felice)

“Shall we have a lunchbox first then? I made your favorite things today.” (Gai)

“Yaa~y! The things you make are yummy, so I am really looking forward to it!” (Felice)

“How unexpected~ I did not think you would get into cooking~” (Albert)

“I fell in love with it after I was forced to cook as a punishment~” (Gai)

“The food at first looked dreadful, though.” (Felice)

“Right, right. I couldn’t tell who was being punished in the end, but the taste was good.” (Albert)

“You guys ate only after feeding it to Adam, though.” (Gai)

“I mean… right~” (Felice)

“As expected, that required courage… I thought Adam might be all right after tasting it.” (Albert)

“Only you guys would use a prince for poison tasting.” (Gai)

“Oy, it’s done.” (Dirk)

They heard Dirk calling for them, so they returned to the reception and received their cards.
On their cards, the party’s name was recorded.

“With this, the party registration is complete. I said this before, but it will get noisy for a while, so don’t do anything stupid.” (Dirk)

“That depends on the opponents, right?” (Gai)


Albert and Felice spoke to each other quietly as Dirk was stunned by Gai who showed a bloodthirsty grin.

“Look, Feli. This is the Demon Lord’s smile. It really is wicked, isn’t it~” (Albert)

“Gee~ stop it, Al.” (Felice)

“A~l~b~e~r~t.” (Gai)

“Ah, he heard me? Let’s go, Feli!” (Albert)

“Wha!? Stop pulling me~” (Felice)

“Wait! Or I won’t let you eat your favorite dish!” (Gai)

Seeing Gai chase after the escaping two, Dirk let out a sigh.

“That bloodthirst… just who is he? Moreover, the two didn’t even flinch after experiencing that bloodthirst. It seems that trouble will arise.” (Dirk)

Dirk muttered as he looked at his hands.
His hand continued trembling for a while.

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