Mezametara Chikashitsu!? – Chapter 120

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Even though they had no intentions of standing out.
Felice was dumbfounded by the scene before her, while Albert was looking at Gai who opened his mouth in wonder.

“Whatever I do is not a business of yours. I have no reason to listen to instructions of cockroaches like you.” (Gai)

“Guh… w, we were… wrong… save me.” (Woman)

“Oy, stop it already!” (Man 1)

“You don’t have to go that far.” (Man 2)

“Somebody, call Guildmaster over!” (Man 3)

Even with the surroundings getting noisy, Gai did not loosen his hand.
Felice who was unable to watch anymore wanted to stop him, but Albert stopped her and spoke to Gai via telepathy.

(What are you doing? I don’t know what those guys did to you, but quickly put your hand away.) (Albert)

(Al? How rare. You worried about others?) (Gai)

(Haah? I naturally don’t give a damn about those guys. However, Feli is about to stop you! If she does that, we will stand out!) (Albert)

(Ahh, that wouldn¨t be good. Got it. Should I just go into the guild?) (Gai)

(That’s fine with me. You will have to give an explanation anyway.) (Albert)

(How bothersome.) (Gai)

When they finished speaking, Gai released his hand form the female adventurer and silently walked inside the guild.
The two also planned on going back inside, but a man who was pinning his head stood from the ground nearby.

“… Shit! Why me!” (Man)

“Umm, are you all right?” (Felice)

Felice who felt that the man was in danger on his unsteady feet reached out with her hand to help him, but the man carelessly struck her hand away.

“Shut up! Don’t touch me, brat!” (Man)

“Ouch!?” (Felice)

The moment Felice pulled her hand back, Dirk who came to see the situation shouted at her.

“Fueh, Missy! Stop those two!” (Dirk)

“Eh?” (Felice)

The moment Felice reacted, Albert already had a sword placed against the man’s throat, while Gai was grasping his head in a tight hold.

“Eh!? Wha——” (Felice)

“You bastard… you better be resolved to die.” (Albert)

“Of course he is. He has injured my Lor… this child, after all.” (Gai)

“Hii!?” (Man)

“I, I am not injured! I am not injured so stop it, you two! Look!” (Felice)

When Felice pulled her sleeve back and showed her hand, the two’s bloodthirst increased.

“Huh!? Why!” (Felice)

“Where are you not injured? There’s blood.” (Albert)

“Blood? … Ah, you are right. But, it’s only a scratch, so it’s nothing significant. See? It healed.” (Felice)

Gai turned towards Felice who healed her injury with magic.

“An injury is an injury. Besides, I won’t forgive even if it’s a small injury. What would you do if you got poisoned?” (Gai)

“Poison wouldn’t work so it’s fi——” (Felice)

“”That’s not the problem.”” (Albert & Gai)

“Au… I am sorry.” (Felice)

Felice tried to stop the two, but she instead felt despondent from getting scolded.
There, Dirk ran over.

“Cut it out already! Don’t cause any more problems! Oy, all of you who were involved in the accident before, go in the guild! Everyone! Be ready to get punished if you don’t go!” (Dirk)

Dirk shouted loudly to the surroundings and walked away after taking Felice’s hand.

“Hey! What are you doing! Release Feli’s hand!” (Albert)

“I will release her hand after you enter the guild.” (Dirk)

“What selfish thing are you saying… Gai, let’s go!” (Albert)

“Yeah.” (Gai)

Albert put back his sword and ran after Felice. Gai kept his grip on the man’s head as he tried to drag him along, but he decided to release him because he was too noisy.
They were making sure not to stand out, but they totally did and yet, luckily or unluckily, the three did not notice.
Dirk released Felice’s hand after entering the guild and ordered all involved to move to the practice grounds.
Felice and Albert wanted to wait, but they gone together with Gai to the practice grounds after being told to do so by Dirk.
While Albert and Gai were gloomily looking at the people who were whispering about them in the distance, a man entered the practice grounds with Dirk.

“Who is it?” (Felice)

“Err~ it should be the Guild Master… Hedro.” (Albert)

“… It’s Sandro, right?” (Gai)

“Ah, was that so?” (Albert)

“You have met him before, right Al?” (Felice)

“Yeah. I had false accusations plastered all over me at that time. How nostalgic~” (Albert)

While the three carefreely talked with each other, the Guild Master Sandro inquired from Gai.

“And so, you are… Gai, was it? What is the cause of the ruckus?” (Sandro)

“Those guys were too obstinate so I only tried to chase them away.” (Gai)

“Really?” (Sandro)

“We only tried to invite him!” (Woman)

“Yeah! Yeah!” (Man)

“Invite, huh. If I a am not mistaken, you were avoiding promotion quite vehemently since becoming C-rank, yeah? Even now, you are only receiving B and A-ranked requests, right?” (Sandro)

“I have freedom over whether I choose to sit for an examination or not, no?” (Gai)

“Normally, yes. However, it would be the guild’s loss for a strong person to stay at a low rank, so Guild Masters have the right to promote ranks in cases like that. Well, it’s a different story if you have a reason, though.” (Sandro)

Sandro glanced at Felcie and Albert.
Gai replied to him after thinking for a little.

“I have originally planned to form a party with these two. I intended to not get promoted until the two become adventurers.” (Gai)

“Those two registered today, right? In that case, you should be fine with receiving a promotion. Starting today, I promote you to B-rank. If you don’t want to keep getting invited, you better quickly form a party.” (Sandro)

“Got it.” (Gai)

“Alright! This matter is over. You guys, don’t be so forceful with the inviting the next time.” (Sandro)

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