Mezametara Chikashitsu!? – Chapter 121.5

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Too enthusiastic.
The three returned to harvesting crops in a harmonious mood.
Norman didn’t know.
That the fence that surrounds his own field has become a highly efficient magic tool.
And, Felice and Albert didn’t know.
That not only the wild boars that will come to storm the fields in the future but also the monsters will fall prey to the “Lightning” and will stand out way too much.
Finishing the request, the two who received several vegetables as thanks for the fence returned to the guild.
When they returned to the guild, they couldn’t pass through the crowd, so they inquired from the nearby adventurers about what’s going on.

“Excuse me. Did something happen?” (Felice)

“We have not heard the details either, but a newly promoted B-ranker has apparently taken down a big game.” (Female adventurer)

“A B-ranker?” (Felice)

“Big game… Gai, huh. Anyhow, let’s get going, Feli.” (Albert)

“Yeah. Thank you very much~” (Felice)

The two thanked the adventurer who spoke to them and they entered the guild while avoiding the people.
They did not see Gai inside, so they went to the reception desk to report their request completion to Dirk.

“Dirk-san, we are done.” (Felice)

“You were helping Norman, I see. The reward is 5 copper coins.” (Dirk)

“Thank you very much.” (Felice)

“Thanks. Hey, do you know where Gai is?” (Albert)

“That fellow was called to Guild Master’s office.” (Dirk)

“He got called?” (Felice)

“Why again?” (Albert)

“Because he defeated something outrageous.” (Dirk)

“”???”” (Albert & Felice)

“Shall I tell you?” (Woman)

While asking Dirk, Albert was all of sudden hugged from behind.

“Ah, the receptionist’s.” (Felice)

“It’s our first time talking, yeah? I am Fleur. Best regards… Ojousama.” (Fleur)

“!? … I’m Felice. Nice to meet you.” (Felice)

Felice somehow managed to reply to Fleur who was smiling but looking at her with cold eyes, but Albert had no reaction.

“What a great social status you have~ Waited upon by two men, moreover one who has a good face and strength and one that has a great promise. How envious~ Hey, give one of them to me.” (Fleur)

“Waited upon… umm, please let go of Al.” (Felice)

“Oh my, isn’t this just fine? You mustn’t monopolize him.” (Fleur)

“………” (Felice)

Dirk who was frowning when Fleur came looked at Albert’s face and told Fleur to let go of him.

“Fleur, what are you doing? Let go of that child.” (Dirk)

“My, why should I?” (Fleur)

“You idiot! I am——” (Dirk)

“…… Hey, let go of me.” (Albert)

“Fufu, are you being shy? Well, I do understand. You are being embraced by such a beautiful human as me.” (Fleur)
Fleur who did not notice Albert’s freezing voice was full of her own face, but she froze in place with Albert’s next words.

“I am telling you to let go of me. You are gross.” (Albert)

“Wha?” (Fleur)

“Only those whom I gave permission can touch me. I don’t recall ever giving you permission.” (Albert)

“Eh?” (Fleur)

Ignoring Fleur’s dull reaction, Albert slipped out of her arms and moved away from her.

“Ahh~ the smell… Clean.” (Albert)

“Al, are you okay?” (Felice)

“I’m fine.” (Albert)

“Sorry.” (Dirk)

“There’s really no need for you to apologize, Dirk, right?” (Albert)

“What are you guys doing?” (Gai)

When the three spoke while ignoring Fleur, Gai called out to them.

“We should be asking that, Gai.” (Albert)

“N? I subjugated a monster while on a request. When I reported about it, I was summoned by the Guild Master.” (Gai)

“What monster was it?” (Felice)

“A Chimera.” (Gai)

“”Hee~”” (Albert & Felice)

“Hee~… you guys, it’s a Chimera you know? A Chimera! A-rank monster, you know!” (Dirk)

“””Yeah?””” (Albert, Felice & Gai)

“… Never mind.” (Dirk)

“What a weird guy. Are you two going home for today?” (Gai)

“Probably. Are you fine with that, Al?” (Felice)

“I’m good~” (Albert)

Dirk let out a deep, deep sigh while watching Fleur who was glaring at the three who left the guild.
On the other hand, after Felice, Albert, and Gai transferred back to the mansion, they talked about their experiences from today to Claude and others who were waiting for them and they had a dinner, including the vegetables Albert and Felice got from Norman.
That night, Claude, Evan, Lewis, Austin, Meison, and Blake had a conversation with alcohol in one hand in Claude’s office.

“Time passes so fast, huh. Those two had already become adventurers.” (Claude)

“You were so worried you were loitering about, after all~” (Evan)

“It was the right call to take a day off from work.” (Lewis)

“Yeah, I am grateful to you guys. Thank you.” (Claude)

“However, it was the correct choice to have Gai register beforehand. It’s clear it would cause a ruckus if we escorted them ourselves.” (Austin)

“Indeed. However, Gai has become a B-ranker, right? He caused plenty of ruckus himself, no?” (Meison)

“He did not say anything, so everything probably went fine?” (Blake)

“You are naive~ Blake. You guys too.” (Evan)

“What is it, Evan? You grinning like that leaves a bad taste.” (Lewis)

“Bad taste!?” (Evan)

“Quiet down. And so, what did you want to say?” (Claude)

“Shit~… listen here, alright? First of all, Albert and Gai have a different definition for the word ruckus.” (Evan)

“””””…… Certainly.”””””

“As for Felice, she does not want to make us worry so she probably just decided not to tell us.” (Evan)


“You guys too, were too merry about your pupil’s growth, right?” (Evan)

“… Let’s ask Gai properly later.” (Claude)

“I will go confirm with Sandro too.” (Lewis)

“Alright! Let’s leave it at that and let’s drink!” (Evan)

The five of the six men continued drinking all night and went to sleep early in the morning.
However, one hour later, they were forcefully woken up by someone.
The moment the hungover five woke up, they silently kneeled on the floor, disregarding their drunkness.

“Have you woken up?” (Samantha)

“It seems that you had quite a lot of fun. (Andria)

“Drinking too much is not good for the body.” (Angela)

The five were woken up by Samantha, Andria, and Angela who had dazzling smiles on their faces.
That day, the King and Prime Minister worked in the royal castle on unsteady legs, but the men from the S-rank party could be seen just as unsteady in the Adventurer’s Guild.

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