Mezametara Chikashitsu!? – Chapter 121

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Too enthusiastic.
The three who were eating Gai’s homemade lunchbox were talking about their afternoon plans.

“We have formed a party, but we had accepted E-rank requests, so it should be fine to work separately today, no?” (Felice)

“The babysitting is tomorrow, how about we go help at the farm?” (Albert)

“Yeah. I am fine with that. What are you going to do, Gai?” (Felice)

“I became B-rank, I wonder if I can accept an S-rank request~” (Gai)

“Were there any S-ranks request?” (Albert)

“Ah~ I will take on A-rank one if there aren’t any.” (Gai)

“Just be careful, Gai.” (Felice)

“Yeah, you two also take care.” (Gai)

Albert and Felice parted ways and went towards the farm.
The farm was in the outskirts of the town, and the two were able to find it without getting lost.
When they knocked on the door and called, a grandpa with a gentle smile came out.

“”Hello~ we came to complete a request~”” (Albert & Felice)

“Yes, yes. Thank you for coming.” (Grandpa)

When the grandpa guided Albert and Felice to the back of the house, a field of vegetables spread before their eyes.

“Wow~ Grandpa, all this… pardon me. Err, I am called Felice.”

“I am Albert.”

“I’m Norman. I won’t mind if you keep calling me Grandpa.”

“Nono! Do you grow all these vegetables yourself, Norman-san?” (Felice)

“Well~ my sons also work here, but they went to the neighboring town and have yet to return.” (Norman)

“How come?” (Felice)

“Bandits appeared nearby and so they weren’t permitted the passage because of danger.” (Norman)

“”Bandits?”” (Albert & Felice)

“It’s something I heard from soldiers and adventurers, but they weren’t apparently able to find their hideout, so it’s not possible to subjugate them.” (Norman)

“So that’s why you put up the request, huh.” (Felice)

“My crops would get spoiled at this rate, after all~ Sorry, but would you help me out?” (Norman)

“”Yes.”” (Albert & Felice)

This was their first time harvesting crops, so they were taught by Norman for a little, but because they quickly got used to it, they split up with Norman to work on their own.
While harvesting without problems, a loud sound resounded slightly further from the field, so Albert quickly transferred to Felice.

“Feli! Are you all right?” (Albert)

“I’m fine, but what was that sound?” (Felice)

“Ah~ looks like it came again~” (Norman)

Albert asked Norman who was slowly coming their way.

“What do you mean? What came?” (Albert)

“A wild boar. It’s not a monster so it’s simple to eliminate, but I am unable to do it on my own.” (Norman)

“… Boar meat hot pot is yummy~” (Felice)

“You want to eat it, Feli? I will get it then.” (Albert)

“It’s large, it’s out of the question for you.” (Norman)

“It’s fine, it’s fine! I’m going~” (Albert)

“Al~ you can’t use fireball, alright?” (Felice)

Albert ran towards the place where the sounds were coming from, and when he arrived, he came across a two meters large, three-headed boar that destroyed a wooden fence and was currently devouring the vegetables.

“Hmm~… since I can’t use fireball, I shouldn’t be using any fire magic. Besides, if I don’t drain the blood first, it will smell bad after cooking, right? Well, draining the blood should be fine after taking it back. Beam.”

The beam of light Albert projected from his index finger pierced one of the wild boar heads.
After quickly piercing the other two heads, he stored the corpse in his item ring and returned to Felice and Norman.

“I got it~” (Albert)

“Welcome back~” (Felice)

“You don’t seem injured, but where’s the wild boar?” (Norman)

“I put it in my item ri, item box. Want it?” (Albert)

“No, that is yours. You really helped me out by catching it.” (Norman)

“Don’t mind it. Rather than that, I am sure another one will break through that wooden fence.” (Albert)

“Unfortunately, that’s all we can do.” (Norman)

“We will make it for you then.” (Albert)

“However, I can’t ask for that much from you…” (Norman)

“The request was to help you on the farm, no? This can be also considered helping you.” (Albert)

“That’s right.” (Felice)

“In that case, I will leave it to you.” (Norman)

For now, Felice and Albert left the harvesting to Norman while they decided to work on the fence.

“Do you want to make it out of wood and a magic stone?” Albert)

“Hmm, if we use it, we better use it somewhere it can’t be seen, it might be too conspicuous otherwise.” (Felice)

“True. Let’s bury it in the ground then. As for the bestowal, would “Detection” and “Hardening” be good?” (Albert)

“Yeah. When “Detecting” malicious intent, it will “Harden” the logs, yes? Ah, should we use “Lightning” too? A weaker one.” (Felice)

“We might as well change the power depending on the target, no?” (Albert)

“Indeed. Why don’t we use “Automatic Repair” too? I will do the bestowal, why don’t you prepare the wood, Al?” (Felice)

“Leave it to me.” (Albert)

Felice took out a magic stone from her item ring, while Albert retrieved logs he had stored in his item ring for some reason, each then started working respectively.
Their work increased since they decided to surround the entire field, but still, their work ended in about ten minutes, and after burying the magic stone into the ground, they were done.
It wouldn’t be good if Norman got injured, so Al went to get him, just in case.
In the meantime, Felice removed the leftover fence, lifted the fence surrounding the field whole and stabbed it into the ground, erecting about a two-meter tall fence.

“It’s done~” (Felice)

“That’s amazing~” (Norman)

“There’s a proper entrance too, so you don’t have to worry.” (Albert)

“I really need to thank you guys.” (Norman)

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