Mezametara Chikashitsu!? – Chapter 122.5

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Instincts are important.
In the meanwhile, a cold smile floated on the face of Claude who was having a tea break with Evan all of sudden.

“O, oy. What’s the matter, Claude?” (Evan)

“I feel that there is someone picking a fight with our household. Sorry, Evan. I am going home for today. Ah, I will be taking Miguel and Nathan with me.” (Claude)

“Umm, hey.” (Evan)

“Kukuku… I don’t know who it is, but at least I got a practice target after a long time. I am looking forward to exploring how much they can last for~” (Claude)

“………… Lewis! Lewis~! It’s a state of emergency!” (Evan)

Evan who saw Claude leave the room while muttering something improper had a bad premonition and shouted for Lewis.

“What is it, Evan? You are too noisy! A King shouldn’t lose his composure!” (Lewis)

“Now’s not the time for that! Some stupid fool had made a move on the Faust Household! ‘The Faust Household’s Banquet of Frenzy’ is about to happen!” (Evan)

“Surely not!? I can’t stay here. I have to find people to fill out for Claude!” (Lewis)

“Indeed. He did not come out for a month the last time… hey, that’s not it! Shouldn’t we stop him!?” (Evan)

“Stop him? How?” (Lewis)

“B, by persuasion?” (Evan)

“He became like that after Miguel got abducted the moment he got born. Even before we got noticed, Claude muttered ‘Welcome, practice target’ and disappeared. Were we able to stop him at that time?” (Lewis)

“We weren’t.” (Evan)

“Let’s not waste time on the impossible. However, it’s necessary to confirm the situation, so I better contact Austin and others. You shouldn’t think needlessly and do your job.” (Lewis)

“… Yes.” (Evan)

Claude who wasn’t able to contact Felice’s group already felt that something was going on and started acting.
Without being aware of that, Felice, Albert, and Gai were deciding via telepathy about who should be the one to report.

(I believe that Feli should be the one to report!) (Albert)

(Why!? G, Gai would be a much better choice! He’s a senior, after all!) (Felice)

(If we talking seniors then Al is the elderly here!) (Gai)

(What are you saying! I am only ten!) (Albert)

(Stop kidding with me, Gramps! You are older than me, aren’t you!?) (Gai)

(He will scold us anyway! In that case, it’s better for Feli to do it since it will end faster!) (Albert)

(No way! I won’t be able to withstand the silence in the beginning! Geez, let’s decide by rock-paper-scissors.) (Felice)

(Alright, no hard feelings, though.) (Albert)

(Only a single game, alright?) (Gai)

(((Rock, paper, scissors, shoot!)))

((Rock!)) (Scissors!)

As a result of the telepathic rock-paper-scissors, Felice and Gai played rock while Albert played scissors.

(……… This was just a practice round! Next one is the real one!) (Albert)

((No way~!)) (Felice & Gai)

(Darn~!) (Albert)

While the three were doing something worthless via telepathy and staring at each other silently, the children around them took a step back, but the three did not notice at all.
After a while of driving, they arrived at the place of destination as they were unloaded from the carriage.
The surroundings were filled with trees, and they were forced to walk into the cave before them.
Proceeding inside, they arrived at a spacious place where at least thirty dirty men and several women waited.

“Chief! We have returned!”

“Ohh! What, isn’t there too little?” (Chief)

“This time, we did not go for quantity but quality.”

“Yeah?” (Chief)

“This man is a B-rank adventurer and the two next to him are noble brats.”

“Hou… good. Throw them into the jail.” (Chief)

Moving again, they were put into jail with another ten handcuffed people.
Before going out, the woman who guided them there turned towards Felice and approached her.

“Right, Missy.”

“Eh?” (Felice)

The woman grasped a strand of Felice’s hair and cut it off with a knife.
At that moment, Albert and Gai’s bloodthirst exploded, but Felice stopped them.

“Ohh, scary. Well, you can’t do anything with the shackles, though.”

“”You bastard…”” (Albert & Gai)

“How lively~”

The woman smiled as if looking at fools and left with the stand of hair.

“Feli… “ (Albert)

“It’s fine. The hair will grow back. Thank you for enduring, you two.” (Felice)

“However, they are planning…” (Gai)

“They are going to send them Feli’s hair.” (Albert)


“… Anyhow, let’s verify the situation! Okay?” (Felice)

“I, indeed.” (Albert)

“A, alright.” (Gai)

The bad feeling they had grew stronger as they tried to escape from reality.
On the other hand, in the Faust family’s house, Samantha’s hand that was holding a cup of tea stopped.

“Is something the matter, Madam?” (Miranda)

“Yeah, Miranda. He is returning.” (Samantha)

“Master is? He’s quite early, isn’t he?” (Miranda)

“Yeah, he’s with Miguel and Nathan too. Miranda.” (Samantha)

“Yes.” (Miranda)

“Inform everyone to prepare for the ‘Banquet’.” (Samantha)

“!? Understood.” (Miranda)

“Just who has the guts? Fufu… fufufufufu.” (Samantha)

While laughing cheerfully, Samantha’s eyes grew cold.
Will Felice’s hair arrive first, or is Albert going to report before that?
Felice and others who were currently escaping from the reality were also escaping from reporting.

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