Mezametara Chikashitsu!? – Chapter 123

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Approaching danger.
Felice’s group that was taken to the jail had decided to listen to the stories of those who were imprisoned there before them.
They have decided to let Gai, who was acting as the party leader to ask. When Gai asked, a man with a good physique but exhausted face replied to him.

“Excuse me, I would like to talk to you. I am Gai. An adventurer. I am in a party with these two.”

“I am Felice.”

“I’m Albert.”

“I’m Yahar, a merchant that does business in Branca. These people are my family and employees of my shop. Those children are?” (Yahar)

“Ah~… we had not asked that yet. Sorry, but can you tell us who you are?” (Gai)

When Gai spoke to the four that were brought with them, the beastman boy replied.

“I, I am Gray. We are also adventurers and forming a party.”
“I’m Nick.”
“I am El.”
“I’m Rona.”

Gray and Rona were beastmen, while Nick and El were humans.
Gray seemed to be the party leader.

“Why are you here, Yahar… -san.” (Gai)

“You can call me Yahar. We were attacked by bandits on our way back.” (Yahar)

“Bandits, huh… are there others who got captured?” (Gai)

“Only us are here. However, there is another jail further inside, so I can’t say for sure.” (Yahar)

“I see. Why were you in that place, Gray?” (Gai)

“We went there for a babysitting request and got caught.” (Gray)

“Same as us, huh.” (Gai)

Within the gloomy silence, Felice talked via telepathy.

(I have a reaction from further inside. I think there are more prisoners over there. Also, there’s a large reaction of magical power coming from the deepest place.) (Felice)

(Oh, you are right. This size, is it a monster?) (Albert)

(However, how troublesome. I can’t make a connection with it because of others.) (Gai)

(First of all, let’s report… Al) (Felice)

(Indeed. Let’s inform them of what we know. Right… Al.) (Gai)

(… Do I have to?) (Albert)

((Of course.)) (Felice & Gai)

Albert, who was hesitating to contact Claude had finally connected the communication.

(To, Tousama~) (Albert)

(What is it, Al?) (Claude)

(You see… re, report~~) (Albert)

(I know.) (Claude)

(Eh?) (Albert)

(There are guys picking a fight with the Faust family, right?) (Claude)

(Err~… it’s a bit diff—) (Albert)

(Are you there?) (Claude)

(Y, yeah. But——) (Albert)

(Be at ease. We know your location. Listen well, alright? Don’t clean up on your own, understand? Those fellows are the prey of our entire Faust family, got it?) (Claude)

(Entire!? Tousama, as I was saying——) (Albert)

(We are departing immediately.) (Claude)

Albert who finished talking with Claude explained their exchange to Felice and Gai.

(Did Otousama really say ‘entire’?) (Felice)

(Yeah. He was not listening to my explanation at all.) (Albert)

(Anyhow, it would probably be better to contact Lewis, right? The opponents are bandits, after all.) (Gai)

(They have prisoners too, but Otousama and others might attack straight away.) (Felice)

(I had contact Tousama, so it’s Gai’s turn now, right!) (Albert)

(… I understand.) (Gai)

When Gai contacted Lewis with a reluctant expression, Lewis properly listened to the whole situation.

(Geez, why do you guys keep getting entangled in one incident after another?) (Lewis)

(We don’t do it because we like it, that’s for sure.) (Gai)

(I understand the situation. Claude is being accompanied by Austin and others, so I will explain the situation to them first. You guys stay as obedient as possible, please.) (Lewis)

(We will do our best, but I can’t promise anything.) (Gai)

(I won’t mind if you act when you or the other prisoners are in danger. Keep in touch.) (Lewis)

(Roger that.) (Gai)

Gai explained his exchange with Lewis to Felice and Albert.
The three who finished their telepathic session felt gazes on them, so when they turned towards them, Yahar and Gray’s group were looking at them with complicated expressions from a little further away than before, so Gai who found it weird inquired.

“Why had you taken a distance from us?” (Gai)

“It’s nothing…” (Yahar)

“N, no reason.” (Gray)

“If you have something to say, then say it.” (Gai)

After Yahar and Gray who heard Gai’s words exchanged glances, Yahar spoke up timidly.

“T, then… pardon my rudeness, but do you guys suffer from some kind of illness, Gai-dono?” (Yahar)


“N, no, it’s just your state was kind of… a little while ago.” (Yahar)

“State? We are not ill or anything.” (Gai)

“Even in the carriage, you guys were silently staring at each other while laughing or feeling down. To be honest, you are… err~” (Rona)

“Weird.” (Nick)

“Hey, Nick!” (El)

“Mentally ill.” (Rona)

“Rona!” (El)

They were told something rude.
However, Yahar and others must have thought so too, because they were nodding in agreement.
Felice’s group received a shock after hearing those words, but they decided to explain to Yahar and others to clear the misunderstanding.

“Sorry for startling you. We were contacting family and friend.” (Gai)

“Family and friend, is it? However, how?” (Yahar)

“We used a magic tool.” (Gai)

“A magic tool like that? However…” (Yahar)

“Have you really contacted them? They have sealed your magical power, so you can’t use magic tools either, no?” (Gray)

“It’s as Gray-kun said. You can’t use magical power with those shackles, right?” (Yahar)

“Ahh, this thingy here overwrites the shackles’ effect, so we can use magical power, no problem.” (Gai)

“”… Hah?”” (Gray & Yahar)

“Are they sick, after all?” (Nick)

“Nick!” (El)

“Fantasist.” (Rona)

“Rona!” (El)

They were told something rude.
Moreover, Yahar and others were nodding too.
Felice, Albert, and Gai each lit up a small flame on the tip of their index finger with their mouth cramping.
Yahar and others who had seen that stared at the flames with their eyes wide open.

“They really seem to be overwritten. However, why have you not put up resistance then?” (Yahar)

“… Is it perhaps because of us?” (Gray)

“No, if we were to do it, we would save you without having you suffer any injuries. But, we did not know their identity nor objective.I feel sorry to you guys, but that’s why we did not put up resistance.” (Gai)

“Come to think of it, that woman said you were a B-ranked adventurer.” (Gray)

“Yeah. I am sure she also said something about the nobility.” (Rona)

“Yeah. She certainly did say that.” (El)

“Faust Household.” (Nick)

“Did you say Faust Household!?” (Yahar)

“”””???”””” (Gray, El, Rona, Nick)

Yahar and others were shocked to hear the Faust family’s name here, but Gray’s group showed only bewilderement.
It appears that they do not know of the Faust family.

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