Mezametara Chikashitsu!? – Chapter 125.5

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Appearing connections.
“””… Wha, you are here!?””” (Albert, Felice, Gai)

“… Amazing, just as I thought.” (Rona)

“Fufu, thank you very much. Something of this degree is only natural of maids.” (Olivia)


“As if! The Faust Household is special! Rather than that, what’s up? Did you catch them already?” (Meison)

“No, we actually met with unexpected difficulties. I was sent to get Albert-sama and Gai’s help.” (Olivia)

“Me and Al?” (Gai)

“Something beyond Tousama’s capabilities.” (Albert)

“Olivia, what happened?” (Felice)

“The guards of the slave trader are a bit troublesome.” (Olivia)

“””The guards?””” (Albert, Felice, Gai)

While everyone tilted their heads, Olivia started explaining.
We go back in time a little, just when Meison left towards the carriage and when Claude was considering how to deal with the bandits.

“Should I use the new drugs? Or that thing? But, the side effects are still… well, they are bandits so it should be fine? I will just tell Austin and others that it was an unfortunate accident, the problem is whom to use it on? Oy, is there a volunteer?” (Claude)


“None? Can’t be helped, then… let’s go with you.” (Claude)


The bandit Claude directed his gaze on was the woman that cut Felice’s hair.
The woman let out a shriek and tried to escape, but she wasn’t able to do that because of the restraints.

“Don’t worry. You won’t die. But, I can’t guarantee that you will stay sane.” (Claude)

“W, what are you planning to do!?”

“What, I am just going to use the newly developed truth serum on you. It still has some side effects, though. After use, you will experience hallucinations, full-body pain, cloudiness of consciousness, things like that.” (Claude)

“Y, you can’t do that to me! Didn’t the person before say that we are going to be judged!”

“Didn’t I say it too? That it’s an unfortunate accident.” (Claude)


The woman realized that Claude’s words were never a joke and was at a loss for words.
There, Olivia quietly appeared.

“Master, the slave trader is here. There are two guards and I sense several people in the carriage.” (Olivia)

“All right, let’s capture him alive as planned.” (Claude)

“Roger!” (Olivia)

Claude and Olivia used stealthing magic tool and concealed their figures.
The carriage approached and a man descended from the carriage before the restricted bandits.

“What is this!? Oy, Gurga, what happened!” (Slave trader)


“Say something!” (Slave trader)

The man spoke to the bandit chief, but he couldn’t talk because of Felice’s magic, and could only roll his eyes around.
The man who did not know about this called out to Gurga, but because Claude and others appeared at this moment, he quickly hid behind his guards in shock.

“W, who the hell are you!?” (Slave trader)

“So you are the slave trader who is in collaboration with the bandits? Let yourself get obediently captured.” (Claude)

“Capture, you say? Who do you think I am! I am the country’s best slaver trader, Kuzuo! I am backed up by the Feudal Lord of Branka and Feudal Lord of the neighboring Celsior! You have no place to put your hands on me!” (Kuzuo)

“Backed up by Feudal Lords… I see. Then, there’s a need to capture the Feudal Lords too.” (Claude)

“Hmph! As if you could even touch the Feudal Lords!” (Kuzuo)

“You keep thinking that if you wish. Capture them!” (Claude)

“Who do you want to capture!? Oy, protect me!” (Kuzuo)

Abiding by Kuzuo’s orders, the two guards stepped forward.
Looking at those two, Claude squinted his eyes.
One of the guards, a man, had silver ears and a fluffy tail, the other one was a woman a head shorter than the man, her skin was partly scaled, and she also had a lizard-ish tail.
The aura the two released obviously spelled that they are very powerful, but the people of the Faust Household who occasionally trained with Albert and Gai did not falter whatsoever. There was a different reason Claude squinted his eyes though.
The two had slave collars around their necks and their eyes had been heartlessly crushed.

“These guys may not see, but they won’t lose to the likes of you! After all, the man is a Beastman descended of Fenrir, the subordinate of the Demon Lord who got defeated by a Hero, and the woman is from a Dragon Gods-revering dragon race that is considered to be the strongest among the Beastmen! It was difficult getting my hands on them, but they are the strongest slaves!” (Kuzuo)

“A Hero that defeated a Demon Lord and Dragon King… they indeed seem difficult. We are on a limited time… Olivia.” (Claude)

“Yes, I will call them.” (Olivia)

“HA HA HA! Are you frightened now!” (Kuzuo)

Kuzuo who misunderstood Olivia’s disappearance for fear laughed out loudly with a superiority complex, but that would change soon.
Each person who listened to Olivia’s explanation had a different reaction.

“Your retainer, Gai?” (Albert)

“I was once a Demon Lord, after all~ Aren’t you revered too?” (Gai)

“Even if they said they revere the Dragon Gods, I am not the only one, so I have no idea.” (Albert)

“If I am not mistaken, Dragon Beastmen revere all Dragon Gods.” (Meison)

“I want to go too! A Fenrir! Mofumofu!” (Felice)

“… Can’t be helped. I will remain here, so you go with them.” (Meison)

“Yaaay~! Thank you, Meison-san!” (Felice)

Gai laughed at Albert who was watching Felice thank Meison with sparkly eyes.

“Kuh… how pitiful you are.” (Gai)

“Shuddup!” (Albert)

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