Mezametara Chikashitsu!? – Chapter 127.5

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Investigation Starts
“A small fry.” (Austin)

“A small fry, indeed. I was expecting a little from him, though.” (Nathan)

“It was easy thanks to that, no?” (Austin)

“Indeed. I wonder if Elder brother is doing well?” (Nathan)

“Blake is with him, so he should be fine.” (Austin)

“Yes.” (Nathan)

As Nathan nodded to Austin’s words, Zaran returned to the room and guided the two to the room he prepared for them.
On the other hand, Miguel and Blake were currently in the Adventurer’s Guild’s Guild Master’s office.
Miguel was concealing his face with a hood just in case as the Guild Master Sandro sat opposite to the two.

“Still, long time no see, Blake-dono.” (Sandro)

“Truly. I never thought you would become a Master.” (Blake)

“It doesn’t suit me anyhow! And so, what happened? Who is the hooded one?” (Sandro)

Blake nodded, so Miguel took off his hood and looked straight into Sandro’s eyes.

“My name is Miguel Faust. I want to apologize for the sudden visit.” (Miguel)

“Faust!?… I have been entrusted the position of the Branka’s Guild Master, Sandro is my name. So… umm…” (Sandro)

“I will get straight to the point. Our family members had been kidnapped.” (Miguel)

“Kidnapped?… Since you came to me, you must be speaking of Albert-sama, Felice-sama, and Gai? Do you want me to cooperate with the investigation?” (Sandro)

“It’s good that you are quick to understand, but the three had already rescued themselves.” (Miguel)

“Rescued themselves… and so, what is it then?” (Sandro)

“Sandro, this time’s kidnapping happened within the town. Moreover, the culprit were bandits who had been appearing frequently around here recently.” (Blake)

“Are you saying the truth, Blake-dono! However, why would bandits kidnap… besides, the bandits shouldn’t be able to get past the gate. Just how… surely not!” (Sandro)

“Correct. They had the cooperation of the gatekeepers. And, I dare say… the Feudal Lord.” (Blake)

“That Feudal Lord would be capable of something like that. However, why do you need my cooperation if you know so much?” (Sandro)

“We need your cooperation because of the request Al’s group accepted. Those children said that they were ambushed during a babysitting request.” (Miguel)

“Moreover, there was a party of orphan newbies who got caught before them.” (Blake)

“I see, it would be best to examine that request.” (Sandro)

“Yes, can I ask you to do it?” (Miguel)

“Of course. Those who commit a crime against the guild ought to pay the debt back properly. I will get to it immediately.” (Sandro)

“Sandro, I am sorry to you, but——” (Blake)

“I know. There might be a traitor among the staff members too, so I will leave it only to the minority I can trust.” (Sandro)

After finishing talking with Sandro, Miguel and Blake handed him a communication magic tool and moved to the next place.
By the way, Sandro who received the magic tool listened to the instructions of use with his mouth wide open, but the two did not mind it.
While Miguel and others were moving, the Fenrir Wilhelm was feeling his life at danger.

“Say Furball-kun, why are you shaking so much? Did I do something? I did not do anything, did I? I certainly think that your mofumofu fur is hateful. Ah, wouldn’t it be abominable instead? I just find it odious. But, I won’t do anything. Regardless of whether a male like you gets touched by my Feli, even if my Feli gets engrossed in a male like you, I won’t do anything at all.” (Albert)

“O, oy, lass!” (Wilhelm)

“”Lass?”” (Albert & Gai)

When Wilhelm called Felice lass in panic after hearing Albert words he spat out in a single breath, both Albert and Gai directed sharp gazes on Wilhelm.

“Hii! Y, young lady! Please get off of me!” (Wilhelm)

“… Mofumofu…” (Felice)

“No, I am no mofumofu!” (Wilhelm)

“… Furball, you better not be yelling at Feli, okay?” (Albert)

“Hii!… La, Lars-sama~” (Wilhelm)

Felice who had her head buried in Wilhelm side while her hands couldn’t stop didn’t hear his voice.
In the face of the dread that was Albert, Wilhelm looked at his Lord with teary eyes, but he could only scream after hearing Gai’s next words.

“V, I don’t want to spoil my Lord’s blissful time. There’s only one way for you to get saved.” (Gai)

“Please tell me!” (Wilhelm)

“Listen well! The only way to get yourself saved is… for you to become a female!” (Gai)

“A female, is it! Understood! I will do it immedia……… hey, as if I could do that~!!” (Wilhelm)

“… You have it hard.” (Zoe)

Zoe, who was watching the crying Wilhelm who couldn’t escape because of Felice, looked at him with sympathy, but she never tried to help.

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